No Pressure Ratings for Dayo Wong

This year has been a rough year for the television industry in Hong Kong – most notably those affected by the free-to-air license controversy. After HKTV failed to obtain their license, more than 300 employees at the station will now face unemployment. While many people protested against the unjust ruling from the court, robbing them of HKTV’s high-quality programs, others called viewers to stop watching TVB productions and turn off their television sets.

Dayo Wong is the Secret Weapon

To regain viewers’ favor,  TVB brought back big names such as Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), and Dayo Wong (黃子華). Relying on Dayo to generate a ratings boost, TVB aired Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> on November 25.

“Because of the recent issues with the television stations, I suddenly turned from a bystander to someone who’s involved. I have no pressure with regards to ratings; I do my best every time I’m participating in something. I can only try my hardest, so if you want an absolute guarantee on this, I can’t give you that.”

Although he has not filmed a drama for four years, Dayo did not hesitate to defend TVB. He voiced his confusion as to why citizens are complaining that the quality of dramas have been dropping, especially when Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> and You’re Hired <絕代商驕> were well received.

Dayo hopes HKTV will eventually get their license. That way, Ricky Wong (王維基) will know how difficult it is to film a series that will cater to everyone’s preferences.

HKTV Approached Dayo

Dayo revealed that Ricky Wong had also contacted him previously to have Dayo film for the station.

“I will not avoid this topic since someone from Ricky Wong approached my manager. However, right off the bat, this person said that the station had no money and had a lot of problems. My manager even footed the bill. We didn’t even make a request yet, so how do they expect us to work for them like this? Apparently, a lot of people refused too, and I believe in myself – when deciding on what to film, I look at the overall production and script. Filming series doesn’t do a lot for me, I have no miscellaneous side businesses and I don’t put on shows, but I do put in a lot of time and effort in work. My only wish is for the audience members enjoy the show. I don’t even know when I’m going to film again.”

The Single Life and Personal Health

While Dayo was highly cooperative when talking work, he dodged relationship questions. When asked about what type of woman he likes, Dayo jokingly stated that he was displeased that he was not rumoured with pretty girls like Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼). He also mentioned that he is very hard to get along with, and spends most of his time at home.

Since filming for Bounty Lady, netizens have wondered about Dayo’s weight loss. The 53-year-old actor disclosed that he has to keep up with the exercise routines and control his eating for better health in the future.


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  1. Wow he is so talented but he should fatten up some.
    seriously, he looks so skinny and bony now.

  2. I actually enjoy Bounty Lady. Kate isn’t my fav actress, but surprisingly she is pretty good in this series. Or maybe because Dayo brings out the funny side of her. I find this better than On Call 36. I have stopped watching on call 36. boring to the max

    1. WAtching BL atm too- but I have to say my opinion of Kate’s acting in BL differ from yours..I find that comedy is definitely not something she does well in :S !

    2. I agree with you, SY. I think she can act in comedy dramas. Her serious mode is meh, not nice 😛

    3. Nope, I can not stand Kate in this drama. After watching the first 2 episodes, I’m gonna skip it.

    4. I thought I’m the only one who think Kate is meh in episode 1 and 2. I can’t connect with her comedy timing. I still think she’s at her best in the tragic drug addict role last year. I’m going to put this series on hold too. Right now I’m more interested in Tracy Chu and Crystal Li in OC2.

    5. I understand that this is suppose to be slapstick comedy-drama, but Kate is overexaggerating her performances to the point of appearing very forced which I dont find funny at all.

      Dayo is okay in some scenes, but I really dont find most of the jokes laughable. Perhaps HK audiences would beg to differ.

      1. IMO Kate is exaggerating because she’s not a natural comedy actress. That makes her comedic timing off and unable to connect to the comical chords in audience, worse when she resorts to exaggeration to make her jokes.

      2. I dont know, afterall it is her first time comedy apparently, although she has done comedy in film before..I cant connect with the comedic performance she’s delivering in BL. Others may think otherwise. But I do like the performance coming from May Chan. She’s quite funny haha.

      3. I can’t fault May Chan too. She has a natural knack for comedy.

  3. I watched whole episode 1 of “My bounty Lady;” honestly I did not see anything funny at all.

  4. Kinda childish though 6 years old gonna enjoy it, I still like Kate Tsui anyways.

    1. HAHA yes of course. we fans will FOREVER love kate tsui right? Haha but I think this series is okay, quite funny & Kate’s acting was awesome, she wasn’t “exaggerating” like what all the comments are saying lol

  5. I don’t know, maybe others are loving the jokes I don’t enjoy the ‘jokes’ much or find them that funny in episode 1 and 2. The story is very fast faced so HK might love this. I think Dayo and Kate are only average so far, and Dayo is looking too frail. I still like You’re Hired and TCTU better and find those are more enjoyable and have better acting.

  6. So far I like it. Much much better than most series I’ve watched in 2013. Dayo is providing a good performance like always in comedy and Kate is quite ok. Now I support Dayo to win BA because he is good :). If Txb can be less biased to give awards the non-biological sons, Dayo is a really good candidate.

    1. I think differently, I think Dayo is average and one note so far and I don’t see him worthy yet. I can’t connect with Dayo yet unlike in YH and TCTU. Ruco Chan is still having the best role and best acting so far.

      At least maybe Dayo is still better than one note Moses or same as usual Wayne.

      1. I only watched a part of BK and it isn’t my type. I find it’s kinda boring with Linda’s bad performance. I have the feeling she tried too hard to be cute, so I stopped. For Wayne and Moses, I haven’t finished Will Power but I don’t find Wayne is that good as a witty lawyer at all, hence I like Dayo with his natural funny expressions in BL more.

      2. I don’t like the Brother’s Keeper drama, but I like Ruco and Kristal characters in the drama.

        I also think his character is good for competing BA this year. But I don’t hear any noises from the media or TVB entertainment news. All news are about Kenneth, Moses, Chilam, Dayo, and Wayne. It’s weird.

      3. Overall, BK is a very good drama which i enjoyed from start to finish. However, there’re certain episodes where the pace may be a little slow and some people are divided about the Macau and HK storylines. I prefer the faster-pace HK line but others prefer the Macau lines cos they find it to be different from the typical TVB fare. To be fair, the Macau lines are not too bad, if only there wasn’t so much focus on Law Shun kei inventing his peanut candy and things to do with that; it gets kind of boring when it’s repeated too often, also feel that it’s a bit of an advertisement for the sponsor Koi Kei. My fave episodes which i recommend to anyone who wants to see some good acting, not just by Ruco but by supporting cast like Timothy Cheng, Joseph Lee and Louis Cheung are #5,12,17, 18, 19, 29, 30, 31 and 32. Out of all these, #18 where KO Sir meets his downfall and later commits suicide has to be one of the most poignant moments in this drama, great acting by Timothy Cheng. Many have commented that the scenes betw Ruco and Timothy and those betw Ruco and Louis have a “movie” feel to it, something like watching Infernal Affairs.

      4. BK is not a great drama but is the best from other TVB series this year, most importantly Ruco’s line and partly Kristal. Ruco is absolutely the best actor this year but he is severely underrated by TVB and HK press and is not mentioned as a top contender. Ruco deserves better treatment than this.

  7. I watched 2 eps so far. Dayo, and super senior, and the big female actress make me laugh. They are funny in the drama.

    Kate & Sharon characters are average.

    1. kate wasn’t “average”, I think her acting was great, considering this is her first comedy! But I think she suits police officer roles better, or her drug addict role in highs & lows! but her acting in this series was really good too, definitely above average!

  8. just watch the first 2 episodes of Bounty lady. I think it’s not the best comedy ever but it’s entertaining, I think it’s more interesting than most of the series I’ve watched this year. And some of the jokes I quite don’t understand – watching with English sub has its own disadvantage.
    I personally think Dayo is a good writer for comedy, there are some scene very funny, but I think his acting is Ok, not outstanding. And Kate, I like her approach to this character – it suits my taste, like the scene she’s trying to calm dowm at her house and the scene which she want to take Dayo’s phone to delete the video in his phone in the hospital. though some of the scenes I think she is not dramatic enough, but it’s her first comedy hope that everyone could go easy on her 😀

    1. yepp I agree! but I actually think that Kate’s acting was awesome in this series and it was pretty funny. I think the only reason why people are saying that Bounty Lady isn’t funny is because they support other actresses/actors besides kate & dayo, so they are trying to put them down lol. they’re just jealous.

  9. I think DoDo will do a better job than Kate. I like watching it. Judy did an awesome job. She’s a pretty good actress, for a newbies.

    Btw, what is a Lemo? Are they wanna be models??

  10. Dayo Wong has the wittiest one-liners, it’s so worth watching just to catch those one-liners!

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