“Nothing But Thirty” to Get Korean Remake

Nothing But Thirty <三十而已> was one of the biggest dramas in China in 2020. Airing to critical praise, the series follows the story of three different urban women, portrayed by Jiang Shuying (江疏影), Tong Yao (童瑤), and Mao Xiaotong (毛曉彤), who face challenges at crucial stages in their lives as they enter their 30s. The hit will be getting a Korean remake, and JTBC is already in talks to acquire the copyrights to the drama.

Fans of the drama are ecstatic about the potential of a Korean remake. JTBC, which released popular dramas Itaewon Class and The World of the Married, will no doubt put forth a high-quality remake of Nothing But Thirty with a Korean twist.

Moreover, it has gotten fans heatedly discussing which actresses would be most suitable to play the roles. One fan suggested that Crash Landing on You star, Son Ye Jin, play the part of Wang Manni. Surprisingly, actress Jiang Shuying, who played role in the original Chinese version, also agreed about the Korean casting suggestion and commented, “Play the role! Play the role! I unilaterally agree to this on my end. Whatever is mine is hers, and whatever is hers is…”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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