“Novoland: Eagle Flag” Pulled from Broadcast Last Minute

By on June 5, 2019 in NEWS, TV Dramas

“Novoland: Eagle Flag” Pulled from Broadcast Last Minute

The Chinese historical fantasy drama Novoland: Eagle Flag <九州·缥缈录> was pulled from broadcast last minute.

Originally slated to premiere through Zhejiang TV, Youku, and Tencent Video on Monday night, the show—set in the fictional world of Novoland—was pulled off-air literally moments before its scheduled premiere time. Rumors said the sudden pull was not decided until 40 minutes before airtime. Another article reported that it wasn’t pulled until 10 minutes before airtime.

According to rumors, the National Radio and Television Administration had deemed the content of Eagle Flag to be “unhealthy” for society, which contributes to the long-running speculation that the NRTA had been closely monitoring historically unrealistic dramas, along with attempts to desaturate the Chinese television industry from an overload of historical-era dramas.

Tencent Video released a statement on social media, confirming that the plug was pulled on Eagle Flag. It said, “Dearest users, we are deeply sorry to notify you that Novoland: Eagle Flag will not be able to air on its scheduled time. Thank you for your understanding.”

Novoland: Eagle Flag stars Turbo Liu (刘昊然), Lareina Song (宋祖儿), and Chen Ruoxuan (陈若轩). It is one of the many spin-off series set in the fictional world of Novoland, which began with 2016’s Novoland: The Castle in the Sky <九州·天空城>.

Source: On.cc

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  • 2 comments to “Novoland: Eagle Flag” Pulled from Broadcast Last Minute

    1. m0m0 says:

      omg, soon chinese people will be watching drama with repetitive storylines b/c writers will only be writing something that has been deemed healthy. what a great way to foster creativity.

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      • kidd replied:


        ‘healthy’ + no time travel + not adaptation from the 4 classics + historically accurate + no palace intrigue + ‘not against the whims-of-the-moment of the some high officials’.

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