Oscar Leung Wants TVB Most Improved Actor Award

Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) is confident that his stellar performances this year will help him pocket the Most Improved Male Award at the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards, which will be held on December 17.

Having been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, Oscar feels that now is the right time for him to win an award.

A Very Confident Oscar

Oscar bagged the My Favorite Promising Male Actor award recently at the 2012 Astro On Demand Favorites Awards in Malaysia. This boosted Oscar’s confidence for the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards. This year, he is nominated for 2 awards – Best Supporting Actor for his role as Kwan Yi Gor in L’Escargot <缺宅男女> and Most Improved Actor award. Of the two, Oscar is hopeful he will win the Most Improved Actor award.

An Amazing Year

Coupled with his colleagues’ votes of confidence, Oscar is hopeful in winning this year’s Most Improved Actor award. He is satisfied with his performances this year, namely as Kwan Yi Gor in L’Escargot and Chong Cheuk Yuen in Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, which left deep impressions with  audiences. Oscar is also happy with his performance as Emperor Tongzhi in The Confidant <大太監>.

Oscar’s report card this year not only boasts of numerous television series such as L’Escargot, The Confidant, Queen of Hearts and Diamonds <東西宮略>, House of Harmony and Vengeance <耀舞長安> and Tiger Cubs, he also had a chance to dapple in hosting  Big Boys Club <兄弟幫> and filming Young and Dangerous: Reloaded <古惑仔:江湖新秩序>. He also had the opportunity to showcase his other talents such as dancing and singing in other large-scale performances.

Grateful for Veteran Actors’ Support

In spite of his confidence in getting the Most Improved Actor award, Oscar was less certain over the the Best Supporting Actor award as he feels there is stiff competition. Koo Ming Wah (古明華), another strong contender for the Best Supporting Actor award, praised Oscar for his great improvement and hard work this year. He felt that Oscar has a big chance at winning the Best Supporting Actor.

Oscar was noticeably elated but humbled. He said, “For such a senior to tell me that, it has raised my confidence. But I’m already happy being nominated for that award.”

Oscar is grateful for the many opportunities that TVB has provided him with all these years. He is also thankful for the help and support he has received from his past veteran costars such as Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Michelle Yim (米雪), Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and Felix Wong (黃日華).  He credits the support of his friends for his progress and achievements today.

Oscar’s Prediction

Like many of his colleagues, Oscar predicts that the awards for the main categories will go to his costars. He especially has admiration for Roger Kwok in his role as the emperor in Queen of Hearts and Diamonds. Oscar feels that Roger has grasped the essence of Emperor Qixuan very well. As such, he has even used Roger as a model for his role as Tongzhi.

Without a doubt, Oscar believes the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards should go respectively to Michelle Yim and Nancy Wu (胡定欣), his costars in The Confidant. Oscar praised Nancy for her hard work and her commitment to perfect the role in Gloves Come Off <拳王> as a deaf and mute female boxer. For Best Supporting Actor, he hopes that both Elliot Yue (岳華) and Power Chan (陳國邦) can both win the same award!

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. hands down power chan and Koo Ming Wah are the top contenders for the best supporting actors. Unfortunately Him Law hasn’t worked in this industry long enough me to respect his acting. He needs to keep working at it. I must admit, Nancy Wu’s performance was good this year. Best Supporting Actress should go to her! Best Actress is a rough battle between Michelle Yim and Tavia Yeung.

    1. Him Law might win despite his mediocre acting. Since he is in TVBs favor and is dating Tavia I feel like he will win the award.

      Oscar worked really hard to get to this position so I really want him to win same with Koo Ming Wah and Power Chan!

      1. I doubt Him would win Most Improved. Alot of people in the circle seem to be rooting for Oscar for Most improved and Koo Ming Wah for Best Supporting.

        To be honest, I actually quite like Him’s acting. I think he has a lot of potential, but as mentioned, he hasnt been in the industry long enough to do show his versitility, compared to others who are nominated along side him.

        Just because he’s dating Tavia, doesn’t mean he’d get the nods for taking home the gold imo. I hope Oscar takes it home instead 🙂

  2. wish he was nominated for favorite male character for his role in tiger cubs.

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