Patrick Tang Caught on a Movie Date with Kayi Cheung

Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) was officially single again after breaking up with his girlfriend of two years, Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), last year. But his single status did not last very long, for it seems that Patrick has finally found another romantic interest to ease his heartbroken heart – Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒).

The 38-year-old Patrick and 29-year-old Kayi allegedly became close friends after working together in last year’s Tiger Cubs <飛虎>. Patrick was often Kayi’s driver during their four-month collaboration.

Patrick is well-known as the industry’s “Miss Hong Kong killer.” He dated War of the Genders <男親女愛> star, Marsha Yuan (原子鏸), who was the first runner-up for the crown of 1999’s Miss Hong Kong pageant, for four years before breaking up in 2004. The ex-flames insisted that they are still good friends, and have remained in contact in the years after their break-up.

Patrick then dated Selena Li (李詩韻), a former 2003 Miss Hong Kong contestant, for about five years. The couple broke up in 2009. A year later, Patrick and Katy Kung began dating; their relationship formally ended in the summer of 2012.

As the winner of the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant, Kayi appears to be exactly Patrick’s type. On Sunday night, Kayi and Patrick were caught on a movie date together. The couple, along with a female friend, went to watch the film, The Impossible, at the Golden Harvest Cinemas in Hung Hom.

After the movie ended, the trio immediately proceeded to the parking lot to pick up their car. Patrick stayed a distance behind Kayi, who covered her face with her jacket collar, after he noticed that he was getting recognized by onlookers.

When Patrick went to pay for the parking lot fee, Kayi and her female friend went to Burger King. Kayi, however, did not go in the fast food restaurant, and waited for Patrick outside before walking in with him.

The trio left Hung Hom in Patrick’s blue Mini Cooper half an hour later, with Kayi being the driver. Kayi first dropped off their female friend in the Tsui Ping Estate. Afterwards, Kayi drove to Tsuen Wan, where Patrick lives.

Patrick and Kayi appeared to have discovered the paparazzi trailing behind, and instead of parking in the Tsuen Wan parking lot, Kayi chose to park in an alleyway behind the building. After a few minutes of conversation, Kayi left the car and proceeded to enter the building through the backdoor. Patrick then drove the Mini Cooper to the parking lot.

Patrick looked stoned upon seeing the paparazzi waiting for him inside the parking lot. Asked if he was currently in a relationship, Patrick mumbled, “No.” When the reporters asked where his girlfriend was, Patrick immediately asked, “What are you talking about?”

A female security guard saw the commotion and immediately helped Patrick enter the apartment complex.

In a phone interview with Kayi yesterday, she denied her dating rumors with Patrick. “Sitting in my colleague’s car is nothing out of the ordinary, I’ve sat in Wu Fung’s (胡楓) car four times! It’s called being a gentleman.”

She also denied that she stayed in Patrick’s house for the night, “I never went to his house. I’ll rather date someone who is not in the circle. Patrick is a friend. I will ask him to introduce more of his friends that are not in the circle to me.”


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    1. She is not bad, even at Miss Hong Kong Pageant competition though many people might have disagreed.

      1. She is nice. Better than Patrick’s previous gf at the very least. That girl was ugly and all bones.

    2. i agree, she isnt pretty but still better than he is thou. he is just below average to me and yet he manages to find cute girls.

    1. Agree. Patrick Tang is not handsome at all. Don’t know why so many pretty girls fell for him. Perhaps he is good in sweet talks.

      1. Won’t shoot…..see where your coming from.

        Don’t find him cute nor do I find interest in his acting. Kind of surprised the young girlies like him so much….even w/a sweet mouth….if I had these girl’s looks I’d just look at his mug and I’d walk away. 😛

      2. my thoughts exactly, he’s quite homey actually. perhaps, he has a great personality or whatever b/c ex selena li certainly is pretty.

    2. There is way more to a person than just looks and physical attraction.

    3. For this case even if we don’t base on looks…then lets look at his track record. Still a “No..No” to me.

  1. maybe he is sweet talker & can perform very well… anyway, he consider ok average type…what u expect in looking for a relationship? u expect someone looking good & rich like raymond or kevin type is it?

  2. Is it me or does Katy look a bit like Charmaine in the above photo?

    1. Uh, that’s Kayi in the pic above. Katy is his young ex-gf w/ the long nose. And no, I don’t see the similarity w/ Charmaine for either girl.

  3. Patrick is in no way handsome, but for some reason I find him quite attractive looks-wise. I can see how all the girls would fall for him.

  4. I don’t watch TVB so I only know him from his magical performance as a GIGOLO in “Whispers and Moans” which got me yelled at because it used a lot of filthy language that I wasn’t acculturated enough to mind.

    His character fell in love with a pre-op transexual!

    Kekekkekekek to Infinity!

  5. He should have stuck with Selena. Then again, it’s probably best for Selena that he moved on 😛

    1. Agree Selena deserves someone better instead of this serial dater

  6. I thought she was dating Kum Kong (the short bald taiwanese guy)

  7. I know everyone has their fans and haters, but I’m surprised Patrick is constantly under fire and receiving all these harsh comments. He’s not the most handsome or best actor/singer, but he’s far from the ugliest or the worst, which makes all this negative feedback feel so unnecessary and undeserved and makes me wonder why that is.

    In terms of him being a player, sure it’s a bit surprising all his ex girlfriends are very pretty and sweet girls. But all these relationships were long term and rather serious, and just because they all ended and he moved on doesn’t mean he’s a playboy. There are so many other ways the relationship could’ve failed (I.e. presumably outside pressure with Selena, and character differences with Katy). In the last 12 years or so, he’s had 3 relationships. It’s not just a few, but it’s far from a lot compared to others. If he didn’t date girls that were so pretty, considered “out of his league”, and also celebrities, I highly doubt he’d get the same critical response from people. Relationships are complex and personal. One of my closest friends has dated several girls in the past, but that doesn’t make him a womanizer. He takes initiative, has made a lot of mistakes, learns from them, but sometimes, a relationship may still not work out though it’s not either person’s fault. And also, since Patrick isn’t overly good looking but still managed to date these girls, why does that automatically make him a flirty sweet talker to all these people? Can’t he just have a good personality or be a nice and likable guy? We’re told to not judge a book by it’s cover and some girls claim that they can like a guy even if he’s not handsome if he has the personality. So why is it not brought up here? From his interviews, messages, music, etc, Patrick seems like a down to earth, friendly, and sweet guy and feels more real to me than many other artists. He knows he’s not the most popular and well-liked, but makes the most of the opportunities given to him. When he first formed his band SirV and created a Weibo page for them, he personally messaged me and other fans thanking me for following them and showing support, then responded to me again afterward. It’s not something a lot of artists take the time to do.

    There are plenty of people less talented, less good looking, with less desirable personalities than him. So what makes him the target of so many more hateful comments than other artists? Sure, Patrick is a celebrity and public figure which means unavoidable loss of privacy and judgement from people who don’t know him. But at the end of the day, he’s still human. We can judge and make assumptions, but there comes a point where his personal life should just be left at that – personal. We don’t actually know celebrities like Patrick, so a line should be drawn to not make such strong yet unjustified conclusions about his character. I know this is a long post, but I’ve been wondering about the oddly strong general dislike of Patrick, and just about the thinking of people themselves.

    As for the article, it’s funny how the words “caught” have been used to describe stories on Patrick and Kayi. What exactly have they been “caught” doing? Going to a movie and a fast food restaurant with another friend? Doesn’t scream “date” to me. If they are indeed dating, good for them. If they’re just friends, reporters need to give them a break.

    1. Celebrities, whether famous, infamous, popular, or simply anyone who finds a couple of minutes at the spotlight will always be brought down. Sadly, that’s why they’re celebrities, they’re the talk of the town, no matter what they do, what they don’t do, say or don’t say, they’ll ALWAYS be judged.

      All the best for Patrick and hope he continues to work harder. Personally, with some additional vocal training, he might make it as a singer. Once again, all the best 🙂

      1. Sadly, you’re right. I’m just surprised that I see practically no positivity amongst the bad about Patrick on JS.

        Yeah, he actually has a good strong voice with decent range, he just needs to work on his control. 🙂 Hope he’ll find success and happiness.

    2. Very well written.

      There are so many negative comments on Patrick when most of them are illogical, thoughtless, and opinion-based. Although I don’t follow Patrick’s news outside of Jayne Stars, from all the recent articles I’ve read of his and his relationships, readers tend to comment on his looks the most and how he doesn’t match most of his ex-girlfriends (aka his gf’s are too good for him).

      Personally, I find that Patrick has a decent facial circumference and acceptable features. His eyes may make him look dead, expressionless at times. If he has a nice and clean haircut, he looks like the average guy. Nothing breath-taking, nothing handsome, but still average and acceptable. Now, I didn’t know he dated Marsha, which is quite beautiful at her MHK days, but to be honest, Selena and Katy are slightly above average in the looks department too (only because their celebs). I don’t see anything mismatching.

      “As for the article, it’s funny how the words “caught” have been used to describe stories on Patrick and Kayi. What exactly have they been “caught” doing? Going to a movie and a fast food restaurant with another friend? Doesn’t scream “date” to me.”

      So true. This is exactly my thoughts.

  8. I don’t think Patrick Tang is handsome and famous at all; but he had so many girl friends…all of them are young and pretty…but I can’t say he is bad or playboy because none of his x-girl friend said bad thing about him after break up…may be he is very nice to treat his girl friends?!

  9. Rumor has it that Patrick has a 9 incher and thats why he is so popular.

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