Phoebe Spills the Dark Secret Lives of Hong Kong Models

Hong Kong’s Sudden Weekly revealed that an unnamed 25-year-old model was once drugged and raped by a 34-year-old Taiwanese man. The incident immediately reminded the public of Taiwanese socialite, Justin Lee (李宗瑞), who was charged with drug rape, and brought to light the dark secret lives of Hong Kong’s lengmo models.

Drug Rape Victim

Sudden Weekly drew up a suspect list of the lengmos who may be the rape victim, referring to the possible victims by their initials. The tabloid pointed to lengmos with English names beginning with “L” and “I” with the surname “Chung”. An E-cup model with the surname “Yeung” was also included, and a sweet-faced lengmo with the surname “Ding”.

When the news report was released, it caused a stir among the public. It was reported that the model has been in the industry for 3 years and has written a memoir. Lengmos, Lavina Chung (鍾蕙芝), Iris Chung (钟采羲), Carol Yeung (杨焉), Naomi,  Ding Ding (丁樂鍶), and Wylien Chiu (赵硕之) were suspected to be the victim and pestered by the media.

Who are These Pseudo Models?

These pseudo models, or more commonly known as “lengmo” when there was a demand for pretty young girls to attract the crowds in shows and exhibitions. They do not go through professional modeling training unlike their catwalk counterparts. The best known lengmos are Angelababy and Janice Man (文詠珊), who became successful film actresses. Out of these, the “tender” models are born. These are the more well-endowed peers of the lengmo, and are well known for their lack of inhibitions to flaunt their assets, including Chrissy Chau (周秀娜), Dada Chen (陳靜) and Phoebe Hui (许颖).

The outspoken 24-year-old Phoebe Hui, who had starred in Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) I Love Hong Kong <我愛 HK開心萬歲>, spilled the dark secret lives of these lengmos, including the fact that several had prostituted themselves for fame and money.

Sex in Exchange for Money

Sharing her own experience, Phoebe related, “One time, my manager accompanied me to a hotel in Hong Kong for an audition. Once in the room, the man sent my manager away and told me he wants me to go to bed with him. Then he threw $10,000 HKD on the bed, saying the money is mine as long as I sleep with him. I rejected him right away and left the room.” Fortunately for her,  Phoebe got away unscathed.

Phoebe also let on that once a second-generation rich man wanted to keep her as his mistress in a mansion. She elaborated, “Through friends, I met this rich guy. He did not look too bad. But he does not want me to be his girlfriend. He wanted to give me a mansion so that he can keep me as his mistress. I rejected him right away. I now heard he has an actress for a kept woman.”

Models’ Secret Prostitute Lives

Phoebe acknowledged that she has heard of models being raped but as the girls were afraid of getting their identities exposed, they have to instead chose to keep quiet. Phoebe personally knew of several models who had exchanged sex for money and fame. Here, she gives the lowdown on the most scandalous actions in the industry.

Model Who Sleeps With Producers

Phoebe said, “Everyone in the industry knows that she has been prostituting herself. Once I saw her and a producer come out of a hotel in Lan Kwai Fong; their hair was still soaking wet so they couldn’t be in the hotel for a chat only. I know she has ‘entertained’ many producers and directors in exchange for roles in movies. She wants to appear in movies so that she can gain more publicity and as a result, have more clients.”

Singer-Model Entertains in China

Phoebe spoke about the model who started out as a singer, but now has carved a “career” in mainland China. “This girl specializes in mainland China clients. Her service is very good. She is often in China for filming but at the same time, she often tells her manager that it’s not necessary to help her book a hotel room. So where do you think she goes to?”

Model Who Targets Mainland Clients

Phoebe said, “This one has a clear target. She has been hard at work these few years. She has ‘entertained’ many clients but most of them are mainland Chinese clients, because they can afford to pay. As she does not want to be exposed, she often ‘deals’ outside of Hong Kong, charging as much as $150,000 HKD for two days.”

Model Who Doesn’t Work

Phoebe said, “This one doesn’t have much work. But she still stays in the industry so that she can maintain her reputation. For about $20,000 HKD, you can spend a few nights with her.”

Model With Memoir

Phoebe said, “This one got famous after she released her memoir. After that, she started ‘entertaining’ clients. At one time, she had so many clients that she had a long-term hotel room in Central. However, recently, she has started dating so she hasn’t been ‘active’ much.”

Model With Powerful Connections

Phoebe said, “This model has a godsister in the financial sector. The godsister always introduces big names from the financial sector to her. In return, the godsister will get a commission out of these transactions. To make sure she will get a regular income, her godsister has even borrowed money to pay for the model’s plastic surgery. I heard the godsister is deeply in debt, so the model has no choice but to continue her “work”.


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  1. Phoebe Hui, not the smartest of gals.

    Models selling their bodies for career opportunities has been happening for almost 50 years now.

    In other news, the world is flat, gravity exists and all the ladies love me.

    OK I made the last one up.

    1. Wait…wait….new development. My publicist has informed me that the world *isn’t* flat.

      I must alert the universities.

      1. super *LIKE* 😛

        and frankly, not just lengmos…. but even some marriages these days should be considered a ‘contract’ for legalized prostitution; with so many women trying to woo men into a binding contract using fake boobs, fake eyelashes/everything etc.

  2. women selling their bodies for fame and fortune? I am shocked! Now which model would I like tonight…hmmmm

  3. So messed up and sick. I once heard many models.actresses. and singers does that. So long ago before KellyChen was a diva. Kelly has done such work too. Rich and fame really matters? From plastic surgery to disrespecting your body. rich and fame. at the end of your life it’s all fake and will fade away. When your dead whats there to remember about that person!? That you’re a hooker? If you have talents I believe you will suceed if you have none. go find your talent…HK and China. ..a mess up society!

    1. sadly some models are really just glorified hookers and it’s not just hk or china. Look at Kim Karadashian, she is a glorified porn star.

    2. Let’s get something straight here: models, especially these pseudo-model “leng mo’s” sell sex through vogue pictures.

      They’re like one step below prostitution. Look at the article picture and tell me I’m wrong.

      1. i think some ‘leng mo’ are just two steps above prostitution,like high class call-girls,selling their body’s for a high price.

      2. No wonder back in the days, entertainers were often really looked down on and were considered of the lowest status in society.

    3. It is not just talent, but you need connections,luck,etc… I think none of us should be shocked because this has been going on for a long time already. It’s just that many do not openly share it like this. All of this fame, money,etc… will all just go down the drain when you die. It’s not like you can bring it all with you. What is most important I think is to try to live the best life that you can in a positive way and to help as many people as you can so when you die, that is what people will remember you for…

      1. amen to that, although spoken like someone who has never gotten famous or rich =)

      2. Thanks but I don’t need to be famous or rich because the higher you climb, the more it hurts when you fall…

      3. Assuming you fall? The part about death making anything redundant kind of applies to anything and everything, not really just money. some ppl find meaning and purpose in money…

      4. No offense but if your really famous your legacy is gonna stay in a lot of people minds is not gonna fade away. Ex. Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley. I personally think if they choose to sell themselves we have no right to judge them. They want to get success in the entertainment world they want to get to the top no matter what. Life doesn’t always go the way you want.

      5. “That is most important I think is to try to live the best life that you can in a positive way and to help as many people as you can so when you die, that is what people will remember you for…”

        It’s on the book.

        Ppl always have different views on things, so you think you did positive things, ppl still can think otherwise. So don’t have to think that ppl rmb you or not, just do the things you have to do and fate let you to do.

      6. True and it’s not like it matters if people remember or not since I would be long gone… I just feel that we should all that we can while can. It would be great if they remember but not a big deal if they don’t.

        Honestly, how many people out there can be like Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley,etc?? Not many at all…I totally agree with you that life usually does not go as you want it too. Everyone has a different fate and some are just luckier than others…

      7. It’s all about the connections really. Look at Jessica C. She can’t speak a lick of Cantonese and her acting is horrid, but look at how popular she is right now.

      8. I think it’s better to live our lives, honest to ourselves and throw all the comments of other ppl we don’t know out of the window.

  4. I have a hard time believing she turn down an offer of a free mansion and keep as a mistress. Sorry but most these “lengmo” dress very provocatively at event they promoting, so it not shocking that most will do “side” job for $. I mean would you rather parade around half naked in the public and making barely nothing or become a mistress of a rich guy? I would choose the later.

  5. I am not surprised. This happens all the time. That’s why many parents opposed the idea of their children joining showbiz business cuz they understand that not everyone can be successful.

    1. Yea, especially girls… MY cousin once said that he would let his boys enter the circle, but no girls…

      1. True but their risk is not as high as a girls. At least they can’t get pregnant..

      2. But it also means they are not protected as much as the girls.

    1. I think you got it reversed man, it’s 2 models every 1 night

      1. and a different STD each time eh? better to have a steady gf and know where she’s been than to expose yourself to such risk with loose women.

      2. no dude…2 models every one night would be too much…i can’t afford it…i need to model every two night would be enough for me hahahah

      3. How about one in the morning and one at night?

        It’s like eating a whole cake — you wouldn’t eat it all at once. Instead, you’d cut it in half, eat each half at different times.

      4. @ dd,

        I’m not a morning person hahahahah….i like to rest afterward..not going to work…

  6. not surprising, but damn these girls are stupid. demonic hoes.

    1. Lay off of them. People make mistakes and they probably don’t have anybody to get them out of such a lifestyle.

  7. The most unsurprising part of her reveal, is of course how she is totally innocent herself.

    1. she does not look innocent at all but she is not smart.. promoting herself in this manner

      1. she does not look innocent and not a smart girl to promote herself at other people’s expense, by the way, she’s not pretty too

  8. Phoebe shouldn’t have expose so much pretty sure one of the models will be pissed since pretty much described it in detail
    Cat fight!

    1. But she did not mention names so you still don’t know for sure who they are…

      1. She and media want a witch-hunt, for example a large house in Central.

  9. Phoebe is telling everybody that everyone and anyone in the industry are doing it except herself, the most righteous, moral and sane one.

    You believe her?????

  10. Josie Ho once said lengmos were low class people. Her dad probably was one of the clients and she witnessed the incident herself.

  11. 丁樂鍶 turns a lengmo? I always thought she turned to HKTV.

  12. All with fake boobs!! Lol.
    Don’tunderstand they pay money to get the taste of the fake boobs?

  13. “This is brand new information!” – Phoebe from Friends

  14. This is not related but I have a question.

    A guy met this girl online and asked her out several times. The girl was also interested in the guy but she told the guy that she was busy. She had time and agreed to the date. 2 days before the date she told the guy that she needed to postpone the date due to personal reason. The guy got very upset and told the girl that he would not call her again. He also said that when she was ready, then she could call him and then they could meet. After a month, the girl called the guy, and guy said some mean things to her because he thought she was playing games with him. They argued over the phone. Even though he acted like he didn’t care, he still agreed to see her. The girl felt bad so she decided to get him an apology gift. When they met, the guy did a 180 degree turn. He was nice to her and didn’t say anything mean to her unlike what he said on the phone. They talked for 2 hrs even though there were moments when they both were silent. Before leaving, she gave him the wrapped gift and there was note inside. She wrote: I wanted to say sorry again. I truly wish you health and happiness.

    After that the guy never called her again. Do you think it was because of the gift and note? Does the note make it sound like she didn’t want to see him again?

    1. Wow, so roundabout. Clearly the guy was never interested. Or maybe he just wanted to see her and then leave her to humiliate her. Either way the girl should move on.

      But was it because of the gift? I doubt it. He sounds like a very siu hei kinda guy.

    2. You could have just said it was you instead of “this girl”. It would have made it much easier to read.

    3. I don’t see a connection between the article and the comment.

      Anyway, the guy is not into you.

    4. yeah, it was the note, you should have wrote, “i wanted to say sorry and i really like you”, you can call him again, meet up with him, this time round leave a personal book of yours in his car, pretend to have forgoten about the book but write into that book that you like him..

  15. Im surprised at how little men have to pay for these LengMos….OK its a lot more than normal prostitutes, but still its not exactly worth sleeping with old ugly men over.

  16. is it embarrassing for rich men to have to pay for it instead of just being attractive enough on their own?

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