Police Press Charges Against Amigo Chui

Amigo Chui was arrested in December 2009 for physically assaulting model girlfriend, Elizabete Kwong. Since Amigo initially did not want their relationship to surface publicly, Amigo allegedly restrained Elizabete by the neck while deleting the former couple’s photos on her cell phone.

The police will be pressing formal charges against Amigo for physical assault. TVB executive, Stephen Chan, told the Sun newspaper that TVB had anticipated that charges would be filed against Amigo.

Will TVB assist Amigo in the case? Stephen Chan said, “No, Amigo will find his own lawyer. Earlier, he already came back to TVB to settle matters. He regretted that this incident lead to delays in the projects he is currently involved in.”

Mr. Chan also noted that Amigo will be assigned to a project in Africa later. “TVB had already decided on the project prior to this assault incident. We will continue to use Amigo.”

Source: the Sun

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  1. What a douchebag, hope he goes to jail. Lol at the headline photo though, it looks somewhat comical even though it’s a serious situation lols.

  2. LOL. He looks at though he’s trying to sexually assault her in the comic =/

    But in all seriousness, I feel sorry for Elizabete Kwong. Nobody deserves to be beaten up or abused.

  3. What if she did something bad that caused him to? We all don’t know the whole story…

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