Priscilla Wong Resembles “Walking Dead” Character?

By on July 28, 2015 in NEWS, TV Dramas

Priscilla Wong Resembles “Walking Dead” Character?

Come Home Love 2 <愛.回家> star, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), was earlier spotted filming the romantic sitcom at TVB City in Tseung Kwan O. With her head wrapped in white bandage and with a large piece of gauze stuck on each side of her face, Priscilla’s boyfriend Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) jokingly claimed she resembles a character from Walking Dead.

Priscilla explained that her unpleasant look for the day is a requirement for a scene. “I get into an argument with Louis Cheung (張繼聰) and we both hate each other. We go hiking, get stung by bees, and roll off the mountain. Luckily, both of us survive and we find deeper meaning in life.” Priscilla further revealed that her relationship with Louis in the series becomes strained due to a lie between them.

On the other hand, Priscilla served as a host for the first time yesterday in TVB’s game show, The Million Dollar Minute <超強選擇1分鐘>. Through the “TVB Fun” application, local audience are able to actively interact in the 30-minute game show that is broadcast live every weekday from 10:30p.m. to 11:00p.m. Priscilla admitted being extremely nervous and that she had taken medication to treat her tracheitis in order to speak properly.


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