Q Bobo and Friend Give Away 20,000 Masks to Seniors

As the number of coronavirus cases continue to grow in staggering numbers, the world has been experiencing a shortage of face masks in which many celebrities stepped up to make generous donations. Former TVB Indian actor Gill Mohinderpaul Singh, fondly known as Q BoBo (喬寶寶) by Hong Kongers, is also standing up to help those in need. With the help of his restaurateur friend, BoBo distributed 20,000 masks to the elderly in Hong Kong on February 8.

Last year, BoBo immigrated to Scotland since his wife couldn’t apply for a HKSAR passport. However, after living in Hong Kong for many years, he already regarded the city as his home. Seeing the anxiety over the shortage of masks, BoBo reached out to his friend to offer help to local seniors.

BoBo’s Indian friend, owner of Curry Leaf restaurant in the Jordan district, had already ordered 30,000 masks for use in his restaurant. Since the masks have to go through India and Saudi Arabia before arriving in Hong Kong, he only received his first batch of 20,000 masks in which he immediately decided to give away to the public. When the remaining masks arrive, they will also be distributed to the needy.

BoBo and his friend stood outside the restaurant on Saturday for two hours to hand out the masks, giving each senior five masks.

“I don’t agree with raising the prices of these masks in a time of need. Our society has a lot of people from lower economic statuses, especially seniors with low incomes, who cannot afford these high prices. I hope through this event, we [can help people] regardless of their race,” BoBo said.

Compassionate towards local Hong Kongers in their fight against the coronavirus, he later wrote on Facebook, “I am just the volunteer! Under this heavenly sky, we are one family! Love is the only solution.”

He also noted that Indian people usually eat at home so the chances of the virus spreading are low. However, as a precaution, they also use personal and communal utensils.

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This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i think he looks like a f uk lok shou. he’s got the happy, lovable, and friendly look.

  2. I’m surprised he’s so kind to others because I usually find India people are being very cheap especially when they eat out with a big group and they don’t tips much on the table.

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