Q BoBo’s Wife Still Unable to Get HKSAR Passport

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Earlier, the Hong Kong Immigration Department refused to issue an HKSAR passport to the wife of TVB Indian actor, Q BoBo (喬寶寶). Both were permanent Hong Kong residents. Unless there is a sudden turn of events, BoBo said he and his wife will move to Scotland permanently to take care of their son after his contract with TVB ends in April 2013.

The 43-year-old Indian actor exclaimed, “I don’t want to leave! I don’t know why her application was rejected. I’ve read the details. They said that as long as you have a permanent identity card and have stayed in Hong Kong for seven years, you will be applicable for a HKSAR passport. My Indians friends that were in a similar situation to my wife could apply for one! But my wife, who is willing to give up her Indian citizenship for a Chinese citizenship, could not!”

BoBo’s second son, 9-year-old Arvin, is diagnosed with spondylosis and ADHD. In order for Arvin to live under a better-suited environment for his health conditions, BoBo decided to have Arvin stay in Scotland permanently. To take care of Arvin, BoBo’s wife applied for an HKSAR passport to ease up traveling difficulties between Hong Kong and Scotland, but the Hong Kong Immigration Department declined her application for unknown reasons.

In August, BoBo and his wife will go to Scotland to apply for permanent residency and British citizenship. BoBo will also end his businesses in Hong Kong and move them to Scotland. BoBo said, “I’m at the peak of my career right now, and I really don’t want to leave Hong Kong! My oldest son is also attending college in Scotland, and I want to stay here longer to earn more money for my family. I don’t think I can do that anymore.”

However, BoBo does not wish to completely give up his Hong Kong entertainment career. He expressed that after he settles down in Scotland, he hopes TVB will renew his contract so he can continue to stay in Hong Kong.

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  • 7 comments to Q BoBo’s Wife Still Unable to Get HKSAR Passport

    1. HeTieShou says:

      I think he can still work in HK even if he may live there all the time. Many TVB artists lived in Canada but still worked for TvB. Therefore, I think BoBo still can.. Hope that his wife will be able to get a passport and still do not understand why she can’t. I hope that it is not a case of racial discrimination.

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    2. y2k says:

      Her wife could already have HKSAR passport have a wife a White race ,HK used to workship white while discrimination against fellow asian like Indian ,Filipinos ,Thai ,Nepal and Mainland Chinese who HK refer as Ah Chan ,Pak Ku ,Dai Yuen Chai ,Chinaman etc ,however HK workship fellow rich Asian like Korean and Japanese .

      Login or Register before you can reply to y2k
    3. Critics says:

      The HK Govt is racist and bias.
      They give mainland chinese PR status but not him and wife.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Critics
    4. yuaida says:

      It’s a shame to see this happen but I do admire him for the sacrifice he’s making in order to look after his family…….a man at 43 years of age is at a risky time of his career and a bad move can mean things going downhill after that…….Good Luck and all the best to Q Bobo…….you’re a good man.

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    5. cinsin says:

      Why can’t his wife just stay in Scotland permanently since their sons are both there on a permanent basis?

      There really isn’t a need to apply for a HKSAR passport if she isn’t really going to be travelling back and forth that much. Plus it’s not hard to get into HK.

      Login or Register before you can reply to cinsin
      • Nicole replied:

        Which is what they are trying to do now. However, if you want to stay there permanently, you need documents. But I believe Qbobo’s wife is not working. Thus there will probably be some work or investment related requirement for them to apply for residence, thus QBobo will have to go along with her.

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    6. aptos says:

      Question to Jaynestars bloggers, does HK permanent resident lack certain HK government social or financial benefit if they do not have a HKSAR passport? What type of HKSAR visa and stay duration can a visitor apply for and how long is the approval process if they choose to work in HK? Does the employer initiates this process?

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