Qin Lan on Romance with Wang Hedi in “The Rational Life”

Female-centered Chinese drama The Rational Life <理智派生活> starring 41-year-old actress Qin Lan (秦岚) and 22-year-old actor Dylan Wang Hedi (王鹤棣) shows that love has no boundaries. With their 19-year age gap falling under particular scrutiny, viewers are curious how their onscreen romance will unfold and the challenges they face from work, family, and friends.

The Rational Life follows calm and logical professional Shen Ruoxin (Qin Lan) on fighting her way through the workplace and breaking the glass ceiling. While she is immersed in her job, she slowly finds herself entangled with two different men, her boss Xu Mingjie (Li Zonghan 李宗翰) and the reliable young assistant Qi Xiao (Wang Hedi). An internal struggle surfaces as she is torn on whether to choose the man in which society considers appropriate, or follow as her heart’s desires and be with the younger Qi Xiao.

Wants To Diversify Her Acting

Playing a career woman, Qin Lan honestly shared that the reason why she accepted the offer was because she wanted to challenge herself. “I’m not good at sweet and cheesy romances, but as a passionate actress, I am willing to try different genres,” she said.

As the storyline takes it a step further with a significant age gap between the main couple, this appears to be not only a challenge for the artistes but also for viewers. When asked if this can put pressure on her performance, Qin Lan candidly expressed, “Yes, I definitely sensed some pressure when I heard Hedi will be my partner. Playing sweet romantic scenes is already tough for me–doing it with someone almost 20 years younger is no doubt more difficult and riskier.”

Playing The Role Helped Her Grow

While there were initial worries, Qin Lan discovered new insights after filming. She has grown to embrace more styles of expression alongside broadening her outlooks on both her family and love life.

Upon similarities with her character, Qin Lan considers their perspectives to be quite the same in that they pursue pure emotions of love, and believe relationships should involve mutual sincerity and respect for each other. She believes that age is not a concern in the world of love. While not the type to take the initiative for love, she admires women who have the confidence to do so.

Source: Baidu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @hohliu OMG, this is the pair I was talking about on the The Long Ballad thread. I thought it was 18 but it’s actually 19 year diff. No way can I get into the drama even knowing it’s just acting and all fake. haha lol…

  1. Qin Lan is so pretty, I would watch the drama just for her. If anything Qin Lan can pull off the age gap, she does not look 41

  2. Before watching this drama I was thinking the age gap is too big also. Actually it’s not that bad. Qin Lan is so pretty and she looks very young in this drama. I like it so far and I’m already up to episode #22. You should give it a try.

  3. Other people might be comfortable with the age gap but not for me… 19 years is the gap between my sister and our dad lol. It’s too much. You gotta count in the mental maturity and life experienced. Not saying it doesn’t work but it’s rare. Doesn’t matter to me if the genders are reversed either.

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