Qin Lan Rejects Wei Daxun’s Marriage Proposal?

Chinese actor, Wei Daxun (魏大勛), 34, has shown his preference for dating older women.  After being linked with Yang Mi (楊冪), he was sighted vacationing in Hainan with actress Qin Lan (秦嵐) who is 10 years his senior. Wanting to fulfill his parents’ dreams of having grandchildren, Daxun allegedly proposed to Qin Lan. Unfortunately, she turned him down and they are now supposedly at the brink of breaking up!

It is said that they started dating after filming Dr. Tang <關於唐醫生的一切>. Although they were seen many times by the paparazzi, the pair has never confirmed nor denied the rumors. On reality show Yes, I Do 4 <喜歡你我也是>, Qin Lan coyly replied, “My current status is what everyone can see. Let’s take it slow!”

It is said that Qin Lan has many ambitions for her career and is not satisfied with becoming someone’s wife.  Wei Daxun’s proposal was not the first one Qin Lan had rejected, as the actress rejected four of director Lu Chuan’s (陸川) proposals! In the end, he ended up marrying Hu Die (胡蝶), a news anchor on China Central Television.

Although the rumors are not verified, it makes sense that Daxun would be in a hurry to start a family. He is the only son from a wealthy family with nine companies worth more than 10 billion Chinese yuan. Last year, his parents appeared on a reality show and expressed they are eager to have as many grandchildren as possible. They also said it would be better to have a daughter-in-law from the entertainment industry so she would get along better with Daxun.

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