Yang Mi and Wei Daxun Share a Meal Together at Home

Nothing can escape the eyes and radar of netizens, as a fan of Yang Mi (杨幂) and Wei Daxun (魏大勋) realized that both shared a meal together at home. He pointed to photos posted on the stars’ social media which showed the same bowl design.

Not only that, the same netizen added that even the table color and design in the photos coincided with each other, and suggested that this could be made clearer by simply adjusting the brightness levels of the images.

Food Photos Posted Some Time Apart

Yang Mi had previously posted a bowl of soup she had, while Wei Daxun updated his social feed with a photo of spicy wontons at a different timing a while back. Cheekily punning on Yang Mi’s name (‘Mi’ is a homonym for “secret”), another fan commented that there are more likely to be “more sweet secrets lurking” between them.

Will They Go Official Soon?

Fans also pointed to recent Weibo posts promoting Yang Mi’s new drama from Vin Zhang (张彬彬) and Wayne Liu (刘芮麟). The bizarre link of including Daxun’s song “Pipa Xing” <琵琶行> in the teaser left fans perplexed and wondering if this could foreshadow Yang Mi and Daxun’s official dating announcement.

Source: Netease

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Lol, if these are the photos netizens based on for thei observation, hat off to them xD it’s a plain white bowl >_> n 1 picture is so dark, by lighten it up, any colour is possible when matching with again pretty plain looking bench top >_>

  2. I’m trying to understand what the red circle is indicating , I think they’re emphasizing the gold rimming on the white bowl …with similar soup contents. Can’t see much from tabletop, but overall I’m convinced. Lol

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