Caught in Sanya: Qin Lan Falls for Younger Costar, Wei Daxun

Age is a not a barrier for Qin Lan (秦嵐), who believes love is most important and younger men can provide a “pure love” feeling. Given her beliefs, no wonder the 43-year old actress accepted Wei Daxun‘s (魏大勛), 33, pursuit! The couple was spotted vacationing together in Sanya, Hainan in early December.

Qin Lan is known for her famous ex-boyfriends, as she had dated Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) in 2003 and director Lu Chuan (陸川) in 2008. Since her breakout role in Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>, Qin Lan starred in two romantic dramas where she was paired with younger male leads, first with Dylan Wang Hedi (王鹤棣) in The Rational Life <理智派生活> and then with Wei Daxun in Dr. Tang <關於唐醫生的一切>. Due to her attractive looks, many netizens see Qin Lan as a “dateable older sister.”

On December 9, the Chinese paparazzi caught Qin Lan and Wei Daxun linking arms while vacationing together in Hainan. The actor was seen driving Qin Lan to a restaurant. They appeared to be staying at the same hotel and were spotted strolling outside together the next day.

Although Qin Lan did not officially acknowledge her relationship with Wei Daxun, it is obvious they are dating. In the past, she revealed her openness in dating younger men. In an old interview, she said the most attractive aspect of such a relationship is that “the older woman knows how to take care of people, and the younger man is also well behaved. In many dramas, younger men are very sensible and versatile. I feel this is what female viewers want. In real life, younger men are more simple and innocent. If you fall for a younger man, it is what it is. He can offer a pure love feeling.”

This is not the first time Wei Daxun is known to be dating an older actress.  In the industry for a number of years, he  possesses a humorous and charismatic personality which easily charms female costars. He is best known for his past relationship with Yang Mi (杨幂). Although they were spotted wearing matching couples clothing in 2019, the pair reportedly broke up last year. Prior to dating Yang Mi, Wei Daxun was said to be married to actress Ma Su (馬蘇), although both parties were quick to deny the rumors.

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  1. Good for her loving a younger man. Some folks will say she is so much older, what a silly exaggeration. It is not like she is 25, 30, or 35 years his senior, cause that then is much older. Even if a man Is 3 Years older than a woman, or vice versa, Asia goes hog wild apes.
    At least him or her are not married, and she is not old enough to be his mother. I hope the PappaRats leave them alone.

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