Queenie Chu Inspired by Angelina Jolie to Perform Mastectomy

Breast cancer kills over 450,000 people every year globally and those with faulty breast cancer genes are five times more likely to develop breast cancer. This was the case with popular Oscar-winning actress, Angelina Jolie, who announced this morning that she has undergone a double mastectomy. Due to her hereditary genes putting her at an 87 percent risk for breast cancer, Angelina made the choice to undergo the surgical process and though it was not easy, she said, “I don’t feel any less like a woman. I know I made the right choice and I feel empowered by my decision.”

Serving as an inspiration to women, many have voiced their support and praised Angelina for her courage and willingness to share the information with the public. Queenie Chu (朱慧敏), one of the lead stars in the popular sitcom, Come Home Love <愛·回家>, was inspired by Angelina’s courage in facing the disease. Queenie also comes from a family with the faulty genes and lost her mother and aunt to breast cancer.

Mastectomy is a Definite Option

Queenie said, “I’ve thought about getting the surgery when I was in my early twenties.” Queenie told the press. Queenie’s mother passed away in 2005 from breast cancer, so she understands the pain of losing someone from this disease and does not wish to suffer such painful experiences. That is why Queenie considered getting a mastectomy to significantly lower the chances of actually developing the cancer. Queenie, who visits the doctor every six months for a checkup, replied, “I did think about it when I was younger, but now I want to wait until I’m married with children. Besides, today’s technology is highly advanced so implants look very natural and realistic!”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Many popular stars have been affected by this ordeal; since they discovered it during the earlier stages, many have survived. These survivors include, Cantopop singer Frances Yip (葉麗儀), Liza Wang (汪明荃), Tsai Chin (蔡琴), Esther Wan (溫裕紅), Mandy Lam (林淑敏), and Fanny Sit (薛芷倫).

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Really? She only has one expression and quite unnatural…IMO.

      1. I find her a good actress who can play those strong type. Unfortunately if everyone is moaning how under promoted Nancy is, imagine Queenie Chu. She deserves the promotion.

      2. Funn,

        I disagree. Nancy’s acting is much better than Queenie’s, but yet still gets the same kind of roles. Only recently did Nancy get some meatier roles.

    2. She’s one of my favourite actresses as well. Maybe it’s because she has the same real name as me. Haha.

      But sigh, i’m sad to learn the news but I hope she decides the best for her.

      And I agree with Funn that she deserves to be promoted.

  1. She stood out to me in You’re Hired & esp. YSSS as Linda’s sister great work

  2. If your mom, sister, aunt, grandma and every female in your family died from breast cancer then it is perhaps a sensible option. I was shocked by Angelina Jolie’s declaration but then I thought sad isn’t it, that a woman going through double masectomy became national news. Brave, yes but seriously, it is a personal option. There are other bigger issues. More so when Angelina Jolie technically went for cosmetic surgery and got a pair of breasts again, albeit not the original. Imagine the other women who can’t afford such surgical enhancement. I read the test to detect that DNA gene itself is beyond the income of many women.

    But it is a necessity. Unless you’re TVB. Remember Friendly Fire? What a stupid ending.

    1. Genetic testing rates should drop considerably as it becomes more mainstream.
      Angelina did it because she wanted to be around for all of her kids, which is understandable.

      1. Of course, if not why would she have done it? It is a preventive measure.

      2. Gosh, I just hope there’s no false-positive (?) test results. That would be awful.

    2. If one of yr family member past away due to cancer than I am sure you will know the pain and understand the situation better. Its a very slim chance that you can be cure even aft sutgery and chemo .
      The pain is unbearable.

    3. Angelina’s decision to be so public could inspire other people who is hesitating. At the very least, she’s inspiring people to talk about something some people consider taboo – such as Queenie speaking up. That means more people will know and be informed about it, and not feel ashamed. She could be saving lives, so this is most definitely an important “bigger” issue.

      1. Agree with you Advo. I think Angelina Jolie made it public to create awareness and to tell all women to be strong and love their life more than maintaining a pair of breasts.

    4. I never knew about this until this article came along. And friendly fire did not have a stupid ending. Bullet Brain had a stupid ending.

      1. Letting the baby breastfeed is consider a good ending?

      2. I never said it was a good ending. A “stupid” ending is quite different from a “crazy” ending, “bad” ending.

        Don’t put words into my mouth when I didn’t say it.

      3. Have you even saw the Friendly Fire ending? It is stupid.

  3. why is she having children if there is known high risk of developing breast cancer?

    1. Being pregnant actually lowers the risk of breast cancer.

  4. quit dieting, eat organic, no junk and canned food or drinks, abstain from alcohol and smoking, better still live in the mountains and be happy
    queenie doesn’t need mastectomy, to me, angelina jolie is a attention seeker

    1. @speak,

      I don’t know if you are a man or woman, but if breast cancer is in your DNA, you can’t ‘change’ that by the things you mentioned. It helps if you don’t smoke, have a normal weight etc, but it is not true that those things prevent you having breast cancer. I too have multiple female family members who had breast cancer and I too have a higher risk of having the disease. Your message makes me kind of mad: if you don’t know what you are talking about, you shouldn’t say ridiculous things like ‘she is an attention seeker’. I am glad that she sets the example for other women who have of will get the disease (with a risk of 87%). It is her life, she has to deal with the cancer, so I think she is a great example for all of us for making it public!

    2. angelina jolie’s always sticking her legs out of her armani dresses.. does she not notice that there are people who are actually laughing at her?

  5. no shes not an attention seeker. Shes actually a very kind, brave and caring women. No one wants that kind of attention and she has all the attention already. So no need for u to doubt her.

    1. I don’t know, at one end, what she did is brave and good, at the other end, it’s a news that take ppls’s attention away from her anorexia, also as Funn pointed out she went straight for a cosmetic procedure that not only give her much better looking boobs than her current body state could have, but also help her look healthier and more womanly?
      All in all, I just wished she deal with her demons, instead of bringing a big news to combat anorexia/weight news.
      I don’t think she’s an attention seeker, but I do think she has some serious issues that she needs to deal with

  6. everything hints at breakthroughs in manipulating our genes and our cells to fix all our illnesses so what if tomorrow, they find a cure and Angelina Jolie is out her breasts and her ovaries?

    In any case, I agree with the Lesbian warrior attitude to discarding body parts to survive but Merle Dixon could have saved his hand and just removed or broken some of his fingers to get out of those handcuffs on the roof in Season 1 of The Walking Dead.

    just sayin’ ….

    Anyhoo, yesterday’s news made me wonder – did we all get cancer from the two atomic bombings that forced Japan to surrender? And are we all going to get MORE cancer after Chernobyl and now Fukushima?

    They’d BETTER release a cure for cancer soon or at least quietly vaccinate the Einsteins of the world because Fukushima could be the killing blow to humankind.

  7. I wonder if she would have chosen to not have biological children if she had discovered her genetic risks.

    1. ooo… this didn’t cross my mind until you brought it up. Maybe she’s hoping by the time her biological children grow up, there may be cure or better alternative to treat cancer.
      I think Angelina already has plans to undergo mastectomy and removal of ovaries, but it takes much courage (in addition to $) to take that step until she is ready mentally and physically. She gives the impression of being an attention seeker, what with wearing vials of blood, kissing her own brother, etc.. But by publicising this, I think she has done good as it creates awareness and gives courage to women facing similar situations.

      1. Agreed, her past may be questionable. But, I think they wanted biological children together regardless and didn’t think too far off into the future. Besides, it may be possible for them to take the “designer baby” route where the healthiest embryo is selected. I’m not sure whether it’s possible to screen for embryos without gene mutation though.

        Anybody know?

      2. @MW
        Screening for embryos without gene mutation? Hm…. maybe the scientists are already experimenting with it and we don’t know. Does cloning count? Somehow it seems like humans wanting to play God.

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