Queenie Chu Gets Married

Earlier this month, Queenie Chu (朱慧敏) had officially submitted documents for marriage registration with renowned cardiologist Jason Chan. Getting married today at a hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui, the couple only invited 20 friends and family due to the pandemic, but the ceremony was still full of warmth and love.

The most memorable moment of the wedding was when Jason lightly kissed Queenie’s forehead. The bride and groom were not allowed to take off their face masks during the signing, exchange of rings, and kiss because of pandemic restrictions. So Jason lightly kissed her forehead after lifting her veil, and Queenie felt that it was a very heartwarming moment.

Bob Lam Was Matchmaker

The couple was introduced through Bob Lam (林盛斌), who was Jason’s former patient, so it was only fitting that the actor stepped in place of Queenie’s father and led her down the aisle. He also had the important task of lifting her veil. Queenie shared, “When he lifted my veil, I started to feel emotional and started crying. I could see that he was emotional too ,but was trying to control himself. I really want to thank Bob for agreeing to take on this role, and giving my hand to Jason. I asked him to lead me down the aisle because he was the one to introduce Jason to me.”

If it were not for Bob’s efforts, the couple may not have grown close, as Queenie revealed, “I had known Jason for seven to eight months before we started dating officially. Bob put in a lot of effort trying to match make us. Bob would ask how I felt about Jason, and then he would tell Jason that Queenie is a good person so he needs to work hard. He would also ask Jason if he had asked me out to the movies…. I am really thankful towards Bob and his wife Pearl because they gave me a lot of support during the past few years. Our relationship has already surpassed superficial small talk–I can really feel their sincerity. I told them that they can treat this wedding as a practice run for their three daughters!”

Bob felt honored, but also a bit nervous to walk Queenie down the aisle. As for his merits as the newlyweds’ matchmaker, Bob said, “They met because of my arrangement, but the subsequent paths they chose were up to them. I was concerned about their development, so I would say good things to both of them. I am very happy that they ended up getting married!”

Another important guest at the wedding is Vinci Wong (王賢誌),  who witnessed the beginnings of the couple’s relationship, as he accompanied Queenie and Jason on a vacation to Tibet and Canada.  Grateful to have such a close friend whom she regards as a brother, Queenie said, “He will always take care of me. Before I started dating Jason, Vinci would ask how I felt about him. If he saw that I was unsure or had reservations, he would patiently help me analyze the situation.”

Since Bob and Vinci are very important friends to Queenie, she planned a surprise for them at the wedding. During the tea ceremony, the bride and groom served tea to their close friends as a gesture of gratitude in having them as a part of their lives.

Sees Husband As Soulmate

Hoping to involve more of their family members, Queenie asked Jason’s mother to be their witness at the marriage registration. “It was my idea because Jason’s parents have been very nice to me since the beginning. They really treat me like their own daughter. After dating for a month, Jason’s mother already asked him when he was going to get married, and would urge him to quickly establish a family. She would also tell him that I must have a lot of pursuers.”

Despite the couple’s small and intimate wedding, Queenie expressed her happiness in walking down the aisle with her loved ones by her side. She has always pursued a simple life, and she feels that it is a blessing to have found a soulmate to spend the rest of her life with.

Sources: On.cc; Sing Tao

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Queenie Chu to Marry Doctor Boyfriend

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