Breast Cancer Runs in Queenie Chu’s Family

The actress faces the future bravely and looks forward to marriage and having kids.

Actress Queenie Chu’s (朱慧敏) grandmother, mother, and aunt all passed away from breast cancer. Despite having once fallen into depression upon finding out that she has the mutated BRCA gene, which means that she will face an increased risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer, Queenie now embraces life positively, adding that being able to inherit everything from her mother is in fact “the best gift ever”.

Fell into Depression

Falling into depression years ago when she realized her condition, Queenie’s faith in Buddhism helped her out. The actress picked up self-talk and learned that “there is a time for life and death, everything on earth has its own rhythm.” After accepting death as a natural part of life, she was able to face the future bravely.

“My mom was a very capable, beautiful and kind power lady. To be able to inherit everything from her is the best gift for me. Many people say I resemble her, but I don’t agree. I feel that I am more alike in how we both love to smile.”

As for the risk that the mutated BRCA gene brings, Queenie feels it is important to live in the moment. “I prepared myself mentally to face (the test) with an ordinary heart. Cancer may happen to anyone. I think that as long as you have the right mindset, take care of your body and mind, and go for regular checkups, there’s no need to be worried and afraid.”

Prevention Through Restrictive Diet

To deal with the test results, Queenie has already taken pre-emptive steps through her diet, by staying away from cold beverages and going vegetarian. “For the past 10 years, I have avoided red meats and hormone-rich products like bird’s nest or hasma. Going vegetarian has made my skin more radiant and also (seemed to) reverse aging as I feel more youthful,” shared the 37 year-old.

During the interview, Queenie actress also took the chance to share items of significance to her, which include a photo with her mom, a cotton blanket her grandmother gave her when she was born, and the 2004 Miss Hong Kong runner-up title she won. “When I was taking part in Miss Hong Kong, Mom discovered she had cancer, but hid her condition from me for fear of affecting my performance. When I realized she had cancer, it was already in a late stage.”

Keen to Set Up Her Own Family

Despite having a high chance of spreading the inherited gene to the next generation, Queenie still wants to start a family. “Maybe in the future, the kids will get those genes from their father. I believe in inculcating the right values in them, and will teach them to appreciate what they have.”

As for her love life, Queenie revealed that she does not lack suitors. “I’d love to date. If you ask me when I want to get married, I’d say now as the traditional Chinese wedding gown is really gorgeous; I always wanted to try it on.” Despite this, the actress is adamant she will not lower her standards when it comes to choosing a life partner just for the sake of settling down.

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  1. I admire her courage in facing her biological obstacles.

    And it doesn’t hurt that at 37, she’s still such a stunner!

  2. Don’t be depressed, continue living life to the fullest so don’t have any regret. My aunt had breast cancer, operated both breast many years ago and still alive

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