“Come Home Love” Cast Has No Love in Reality?

Broadcast for over three years, TVB’s modern sitcom series Come Home Love <爱.回家> has become a part of many viewers’ lives. With a total of 804 episodes, the series finally wrapped up when its finale aired last Friday evening. Despite its lighthearted comedic storylines, much drama has reportedly been circulating in real life among the cast.

Lai Lok Yi Was Extremely Rude to Queenie Chu?

One of the biggest highlights in the series is the romantic relationship between Lai Lok Yi (黎诺懿) and Queenie Chu’s (朱慧敏) characters. However, there are rumors that the two share a terrible relationship off-camera and are labeled to be more foes than friends. Once, while they were shooting a scene together, Queenie asked Lok Yi to start the dialogue in order to get her into character. According to reports, Lok Yi unexpectedly retorted, “You’ve been acting for so many years and don’t even know how to masturbate?” Queenie was left utterly embarrassed, while the entire cast and crew stared in shock.

Both Lok Yi and Queenie denied their rumors of discord when questioned. Lok Yi responded yesterday, “I wouldn’t say that to her. After all, she’s a woman and she’s my work partner.” Queenie added that she had a great time filming the drama with her coworkers and hopes there will be future collaborations.

Florence Kwok Yelled at Yvonne Lam?

Lok Yi and Queenie were not the only ones reported to be involved in drama behind the scenes. Despite eating dinner together onscreen, Florence Kwok (郭少芸) and Yvonne Lam (林漪娸) allegedly did not even talk once the cameras stopped rolling. According to tabloids, Florence once left her purse behind after finishing her makeup and Yvonne brought it to her afterwards. Instead of being grateful, Florence reportedly yelled, “Trying to be friends with me? It’s a Céline purse!” Again, both Florence and Yvonne denied the reports when confronted.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “You’ve been acting for so many years and don’t even know how to masturbate?”

    Is there a mistranslation somewhere?

    And imagine that; B list actor telling that to a C list actress. Imagine what A list actor will tell the same C list?

    1. @funnlim It was reported that Queenie had to leave the show because of her diva attitude. Lots of artists on this show were being divas so they have to get rid of them and hence they moved to the new law firm. All B and Cs bickering and pretending to be A list because of the popularity of the show at the time.

  2. What is this show about and why is it so ridiculously long? I saw the trailers a few times and don’t see any familiar faces so I never watched it. But I’ve always been wondering why it’s too long and people seem to like it.

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