Rainie Yang and Prince Ended Relationship?

Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) and boy band JPM‘s Prince (王子) may have called it quits after nearly two years together.

Rainie and Prince’s rumored romance began in late 2012 after Prince was seen staying at Rainie’s house for nine hours. The two soon denied the speculations but many seemed convinced that they were indeed an item. The gossips were re-ignited when they were spotted together in Hawaii, both staying at the same hotel which had a private beach. After photos of their trip were exposed, Rainie and Prince once again clarified their relationship, explaining that they were vacationing with a small group of friends. Later reports alleged that Prince had invited Rainie’s family to Hawaii, and that their friends were simply there to cover up their romantic getaway.

Despite their five-year age gap, their relationship seemed to be going well, both interacting regularly on social platforms. However, recent rumors claimed that the two may be going through a rough patch. When asked to comment on May 28, Rainie flat-out declared, “I am single!” implying that she and Prince have broken up.

Currently filming romantic movie, Endless Nights in Aurora <極光之愛>, Rainie finds her character’s views on love similar to those of her own. While she was more ambitious and sensible as a teen, she admitted that her perspective has transformed during her twenties. Turning thirty on June 4, Rainie is perhaps once again experiencing a new shift in attitude and is re-evaluating her priorities.

While a few are mourning the break up of one of Taiwan’s top idol couples, others remain skeptical about their alleged romance. Some also believe that Rainie and Prince may be trying to turn their relationship into an underground romance, expressing their support and hope that they may one day reconcile.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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