Raymond Lam and Rumored Girlfriend, Rose Chan, to Costar in Film Together

Since being romantically linked with Raymond Lam (林峯) in March 2011, 18-year-old, Rose Chan’s (陳嘉桓) recognition level soared. Every other day, Rose appeared at vendor promotional events. Rose recently appeared in film, The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake <競雄女俠——秋瑾>, which also featured Huang Yi (黃奕).

With her roots as an action star, the 5-feet-9-inch Rose possessed a pair of 43-inch legs and did not have any difficulty in handling action scenes. Paco Wong (黃柏高) allegedly was impressed by Rose’s sweet exterior and intended to ask Patrick Kong (葉念琛) to direct a romantic comedy  featuring Rose and rumored love interest, Raymond Lam!

Rose Chan Earns a Stunning $3.25 Million

Since being rumored as the third party in Raymond Lam and ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan’s (潘霜霜) relationship, Rose Chan’s popularity soared. Year-to-date, Rose appeared in 65 vendor shows and had exposure almost every week. Currently, Rose’s [appearance fee] was $50,000 HKD; a conservative estimate for her earnings was $3.25 million HKD year-to-date!

Earlier, Rose was spotted looking at a luxury condo apartment, to which she admitted possessing enough savings for a down payment. “I would like to move to a bigger apartment, to allow my mother and 4 dogs to live in greater comfort. The building facilities would allow me to work out at the gym and go swimming in private! I will hand all my earnings over to my mother. Since I am not a big spender, I have saved enough for a down payment. However, it is only a small apartment unit. I will need to continue to work harder if I wish to buy a bigger house!”

Rose Chan: The Next Queen of Romantic Comedy?

In the entertainment industry for two years, Rose was heavily promoted by her boss, Sin Kwok Lam (冼國林). Rose appeared in films such as The Legend Is Born <葉問前傳>, Autumn Gem <秋瑾> and other titles.  Recently, Rose parked herself by Director Patrick Kong’s side, appearing as a cameo in Love is the Only Answer <人約離婚後>. In Patrick’s new project, Hong Kong Ghost Stories <猛鬼愛情故事>, Rose was the lead actress.

It was confirmed that Rose will again be leading in Patrick’s new movie, which will be financed by Paco Wong. The male lead was alleged to be Rose’s rumored love interest, Raymond Lam. Patrick Kong said, “Rose’s face has a great affinity with the audience. Since she is only 18-years-old, she is very suitable for romantic comedies. Although she filmed action roles in the past, I was surprised that she also possessed a comedic streak! Although the script has not been completed yet, Rose should not have as many bed scenes as Chrissie Chau (周秀娜).” Although Rose did not have to sell her body, selling her youth also worked!


Excerpt from Face Magazine

Jayne: It may be very possible that Raymond Lam will indeed lead in Paco Wong’s new romantic comedy. It would be great promotion for the new film.

Rose’s look is very cute and elegant. Her 43-inch long legs, cute dimples, and long hair seem to meet Raymond’s preference too!


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  1. Looks like Linda! All these hot by connection. Blah! Can she act? If yes I have no comment.

    1. Look more healthy and stronger than Linda.

      Just watch her a little in Ip Man 2. She can fight. Maybe the role dun have anything for her to show the acting.

      1. fight? really? I need to watch that then… cause it definately didn’t look like it when she went on a TVB variety show and the host asked her to ‘show 2 moves’

      1. Well,even though that she is younger it doesn’t means that everybody have to say she is prettier than Linda.I think we should not judge them and stick to our own opinion!

      2. @CatherineLe: well, other’s opinions are ‘she looks younger and prettier than Linda’.

  2. It’s odd seeing a girl my age (she’s almost 19) accomplishing so much at such a young age. I’m not saying there aren’t other teen entertainers that make it, it’s just that I’m finally at the age when there are a lot of young people (lang mo’s) who join the HK industry. I can’t imagine flaunting around in my bikini and acting older than I am. Like I saw that movie ‘Love is the Only Answer’ and Rose’s cameo character is this chick who’s married to a rich guy. She can definitely play roles much older than her since she looks a lot more mature…

    1. when there are a lot of young people my age who join the HK industry*

      1. Some flowers bloom late, and these flowers may bloom the longest. Entertainment world is a world where youth is an advantage especially for women. What has she accomplished really? Don’t underestimate yourself. in 10 years’ time you may have accomplished more with real worthy accomplishments.

      2. Agreed. Youth and beauty sells in entertainment circle. Rose has it both.

      3. @ Funn Lim – Haha well I wasn’t implying that I feel unaccomplished compared to them. I just feel like that’s so much work to take on at a young age. I guess some people are made for the HK industry. I don’t care for money or fame. A simple life is fine.

    2. It sounds like Patrick Kong is in process making Rose the next popular movie star and getting LF who’s very popular might work out.

  3. LF is going a a great stride. Movies non stop for him! What will this LF and Rose movie be about? Last time Charmaine was with Him Law in Patrick Kong’s movie.

      1. Article also said but what story? Any way romantic comedy + Patrick Kong = sells

      2. Love, breakup, reunion. Some misunderstandings in the middle. End up with a happy ending.

      3. HK people seem to like Patrick Kong’s formula. He made a star out of Stephy back then and after Stephy ppularity went down it’s Chrissie Chau

      4. Uhm, I dun know how successful Marriage is so I won’t comment.

        However, in Hong Kong Ghost Stories, there is a part a girl in the group say that she watches TVB series for LF. Lol. Maybe it’s a hint of Paco to use LF in his next project. Last time there was a plan for him to be in Paco-Patrick movie but it dun come to an end (LF + Kay Tse). Hope this time LF + Rose will be true one.

      5. I dunno if this one can happen or not. Now look like his next project is the 霹雳神探.

      6. Fox,
        Aside from Raymond, who else is in 霹雳神探.? When will he start on the project?

      7. Donnie Yen, Miriam Yeung, Eva Huang and Li Xin confirmed. Rumoured to have LF, Huang Xiao Ming, Wen Zhang, Zi Qi and Leung Xiao Long (sent invitation). Planned to film in mid Oct but have to delay now because the schedule of the artists. Tony Ching is the director as Snake. Same company with Snake, too.

      8. Forget Vincent Zhao in rumoured cast. It will have 7 men and 4 women, 11 big stars in total.

      9. Fox,
        Sounds like a huge star-studded ensemble cast. Maybe even too crowded. That was the problem I felt the “X-Men” films had, too many characters, not enough screen time to demonstrate their powers and special traits.

        It may sound great on paper, but limited screen time may limit challenges.

        On the other hand, Patrick Kong’s movies seem to feature a lot of gratuitous sex scenes lately.

      10. It will pull the fans to the cinema and it’s the purpose of the company. Lol, and it is happening everyday in every movie :P.

        Xmen wat? If you are mentioning of Xmen First Class, it’s an awesome movie! In my opinion. The plot, the acting, both are so good. I love Mr. Xavier the young guy :P. His acting is so good and his eyes are the point.

        Patrick Kong’s sex scenes are the only reason I want LF to join Patrick’s movie, haha.

      11. Fox,
        Spiderman is still the best superhero film installments IMO. Toby Maguire gave his superhero much depth and proved that it’s more than muscle than makes a hero.

      12. I think Spiderman is boring, haha. Superhero Movie 2008 (a comedy that covered most of superhero movies and make it in comedy way) is the best superhero movie to me :P. It has the depth and the laugh.

      13. Superheroes Movie is one of the better XXX Movies (started with Scary Movie). Not as inanely silly as the other XXX Movie and actually has a decent plot. But, to say it’s the best superhero movie? I hope you are joking, Fox.

      14. But Spiderman 3 was so bad, I can’t remember seeing tobey maguire since.

        Fox, not always happy ending. Alex fong died very bloody in “L for love, L for lies”.

    1. Rose is very pretty but yes, it would help if she learns to soften her voice. Her deep voice maybe the reason I thought she was older.

      I thought she might be a good match for ray but 19 is too young for serious relationship w/ him. A fling is probably okay though.

      1. It’s just a movie and not a real-life relationship (ahem) so if they look compatible, then it should be okay.

    1. I wonder if it’s current trend to date with much younger girl;with so many gap of years after Jay Chou and Hannah,anyway I also will always support if they are dating,as long as they are both happy with the relationship.

      *I always seem hard to accept if a men date with a much older women

      1. You say this to Nic Tse’s father. He is dating a girl in her early 20s. From 20 to 50 years different, I consider it as an age gap problem. The guy is older than the girl 5-15 years old? Too normal in the social then it isn’t a new trend :P.

        Men and older women relationship is hard to accept by the social.

      2. Fox,
        “You say this to Nic Tse’s father. He is dating a girl in her early 20s. From 20 to 50 years different, I consider it as an age gap problem.”

        They say some men never age mentally and lack immaturity. Perhaps this is due to the desire to always have fun and live young, which is the impression I get from Patrick Tse through his dress style. As long as he is mentally young, perhaps this decreases the mental age gap he has with his much younger girlfriend, Coco, whom I believe is 30 to 32 in age. Patrick must be in his 70s.

        From my current perspective, do I find a man physically attractive in his 70s? No, but perhaps there are other elements that may make him more mentally attractive, such as his status, power, talent, fame, etc. Some women find a man with such qualities to be attractive and perhaps makes up for the dramatic age gap. Or perhaps she has Electra complex and longs for daddy figure. Money would be too simple an answer hehehe.

      3. @Jayne: Yes, that’s rite. The old man has the attractive of the old man. Their experience, their power, their manly smell (as they has experience) and even their daddy feel, can make the young girls go crazy. The old men know how to treat a girl than the young boys. And some of them are still “strong”. You know wat I mean.

        Hobbies and young look dun be considered in maturity to me. It’s how he thinks, how he reacts and how he treats ppl to define he is a mature guy or not.

        Uhm, but I still think woman is always wiser than man, just woman wanna show or not.

      4. Fox,
        “es, that’s rite. The old man has the attractive of the old man. Their experience, their power, their manly smell (as they has experience) and even their daddy feel, can make the young girls go crazy.”

        Hehe are you talking about Michael Douglas? 🙂 Will he remain an everlasting sex symbol?

      5. Oh until when I still feel he is attractive.

        Honesty, I dun find Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise attractive :P.

      6. Most of Holywood men I know I dun rmb name, bad that :P.

        Off topic: I’m watching Walking dead and the main guy is kinda attractive.

  4. Googled some of her pictures. Very similar to Linda at first glance but her general face shape and features are more thinner/slender. Lol, I feel old now knowing her age. 😛

  5. okay, seriously, 19, way mature than she supposed to be. and lf and her dating would be awkward 20 years later (if they were still dating), they would have a brother-sister relationship. but there are other celebs that are married or dating still have a huge age gap between. she looks slender and tall, cute

    1. 20 years later, she is 39, he is 52, still in the perfect age to a love. Notice that men have sex demand until 60-80 while women dun have this demand when they go to the age of 45-50. That’s why you still can see that some 60++ men date 20++ girls.

      And only the elder sister-younger brother relationship is complained in the social. Older brother – younger sister relationship is … too normal and happen everyday.

      In fact, the best age gap to a man and a woman is 10 years. They explained that because man’s mind is always younger than their age for 4-5 years while girl’s mind is older than their age 4-5 years so with 10 year gap, their mind will meet at the same age. And girls often like guys with mature mind because they can lean on the guys.

      It’s a general talk. Everything have exception.

      1. yes, that is true, but in society, its still consider old if youre in u.s. but there are exceptional, and i dont know why people object to older sister-young brother relationship and they like vice versa. where did you get the analogy of best age gap between man and woman of 10 years apart, i never knew that their mind will meet at the same moment. there are exception like marco ngai and his wife, about 20 years his junior(i still think it’s way too old)
        Yup, everything does have exception.

      2. So I guess the 10 year gap is good or just right, but even though rose is 19, she’s acting more mature than her age and Ray who’s 31 or 32 is so much like a little kid. He still loves video games and toys and so playful. Maybe Rose and Ray might not work out after all!

        Why does everyone say Rose looks like Linda? I totally disagree even during the first time I saw Rose in ray’s MV and even when the actual news about them being alike came out!

      3. Loving video games and toys does not mean someone is immature. These are just hobbies. No different from other hobbies like collecting stamps or playing tennis.

      4. Lol, I have a belief that most of ppl in the age of 19 like to act mature and then in the age of 30, they want to act young.

      5. @ Fox, interesting theory of 10 years age gap the best. Did you read it somewhere or it’s your own theory?

        Thinking about interacting with guys 10 years older than me, it seems true. It is nice to interact with them because they are mature and have life experiences.

        But on the flip side of the coin, men generally have a shorter lifespan than women, so what if your other half goes off many years ahead of the younger woman… the woman will be left alone for many years.

      6. Canto,
        “But on the flip side of the coin, men generally have a shorter lifespan than women, so what if your other half goes off many years ahead of the younger woman… the woman will be left alone for many years.”

        If you are happy with the man and he complements and inspires you to be a better person, why not? It’s difficult to think along the scenario of “What if I’m hit by a bus tomorrow?” as there are too many unfortunate possibilities that can happen that we cannot predict.

        “the woman will be left alone for many years.”

        Is marriage for security? Is the longevity as important as the actual marital experience versus the good times you’ve had together? In the end, we all have to let go of loved ones because it’s not our choice.

      7. in my belief, people object older-sister-younger-brother relationship because men is like a leading stone in life and woman is a backup or they follow the mens lead or something like that, so if older woman dates younger men, people tends to feel that it is weird and abnormal because men are supposed to be the one who would lead the way. IMO

      8. @Canto: It’s like mother tells daughter, daughter tells daughter of daughter and so on, lol. Also like girls tell girls. Not my theory or an academic theory. It’s a social mind. You see it, you know it, and you know a lot of ppl around you think it’s true, too.

      9. @Jayne: Your comment reminds me of a quote that I like in Sidney Seldon’s “If tomorrow comes”: “We live for today because we don’t know how is tomorrow”. And Scarlett O’Hara’s famous quote: “After all, tomorrow is another day!”

    2. Hey, good idea! Raymond always looks good as an older brother! I think it’ll be better for rose, a 19 year old to look her age or maybe 3 or 4 years older and be Ray’s little sis! If Ray and Rose are gonna be a couple in this movie, they will be 10 years apart! It’s kinda ok cause Ray’s the older one, but still a bit too far apart!!

      1. if you look it in a glance, you can kind of see the remsemblance of both of them. but if you look at her closely, she wouldnt look like linda.

      2. Normally, girls like to date older men. Especially 19-25 girls. These girls feel tired with guys around their ages because they think the guys are not mature enough (as well as a considerable economic background).

        And I dun understand why but when men get older, they still want young girls :P.

      3. Fox,
        “And I dun understand why but when men get older, they still want young girls”

        From a man’s standpoint, wouldn’t young girls aged 18 to 25 have the best, firm bodies? Or younger in age, simpler in demand perhaps? Before thinking about settling down and dwelling too much upon marriage and kids.

        Japanese men, apparently older middle-aged men, have a fetish for teenage schoolgirls. Does a girl’s innocence make a man feel more masculine, experienced, and assured?

      4. Fox,
        Yes, prepubescent or older teenage schoolgirls. I was initially referring to age 16 to 18 in my initial comment.

      5. @ Jayne and Fox

        Who doesn’t like a nubile 18-19 years old? The skin is fresh, the breasts are perky. Even the modelling industry likes them.

        Maybe it’s the curse of the search for eternal youth. Maybe older men think that by sleeping with young nubile women, they preserve their youth. Something like the mid-life crisis… where a man nearly fifty suddenly wants to go off motorbiking in danagerous region… reliving the hell raising days of his youth.

        But yeah, too young, like below the legal age of 16, it becomes creepy and perverse.

      6. Canto,
        I have another theory on male and female preferences in attraction based on the definition and different forms of “beauty.”

        Men of all ages apparently prefer and are highly attracted to young women (18 to 25). Men seem to value physical beauty more, thus they are chasing an eternally prime form of physical beauty.

        Women seemingly may be impressed by a more sublime form of beauty, a formless type of beauty which is not limited by physical boundary and inspires wonder. This may include greatness in intellectual capability. So women usually prefer an older man, as she may disregard the physical form of beauty over other forms which she finds to be of greater importance. Thus she chooses a more mature man rather than forever lusting after young teenage age men.

        So a beautiful mind or a beautiful body? A lasting beauty or a beauty easily ravaged by time? Women seem to make the wiser choice. 🙂

      7. The Lolicons refers to the guys who like the girls from 6-15 years old (the lolitas). Mostly primary and secondary high school girls . They dun like girls which are older than 16 or some changes to 18. That’s why I think they are sick.

  6. She looks fresh n cute.

    Hope she doesn’t like taking self-cam and weibo though. 😉

    1. Yeah, she has a sweet smile.

      No, I don’t think she and Linda looks alike. Linda has a more fleshy nose.

      Rose’ smile is sweeter, like candy sweet. I prefer her to Mavis’ image.

      Linda’ smile is sweet, but good-girl sweet.

  7. I’m interested in watching this movie. Just read about the protagonist. Very interesting woman. Brave and idealistic. But, like many who strive for their ideals in those harsh period, she did not have a good end.


  8. I’ve watched ‘The Legend Is Born’ but I don’t remember who Rose played in the movie.

  9. jayne you are right. raymond does like tall girls with one dimple. he’s such a lucky guy getting linked to so many pretty girls. she’s only 18???? i thought she was older. hong kong all about big boobs, bed scenes, 40″ above legs i think every girl is beautiful in their own special way….tvb needs to start reality shows so they can get some ppl in the industry with talent and non-model looking….mayb that might help…they should give everybody a chance to stardom. so you got to have big boobs and long legs to make big money and get to buy luxury homes. what about short girls or girls that have extra meat?

    1. Short girl siu yee became a DJ.
      Most girls are already skinny when they enter showbiz. The only girl I can think of that is still meaty is lam yee mun.
      But even guys are pressured to lose weight too. Just look at siu fei and MC Jin.

      1. Siu Yee is also a TV host. The cooking show “Neighborhood Chef” she co-hosted with King Kong is a huge hit in HK.

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