Raymond Lam Reportedly Did Not Add Wife’s Name to New Property

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Raymond Lam Reportedly Did Not Add Wife’s Name to New Property

Although Raymond Lam (林峯) and his wife, Carina Zhang (張馨月), tried to keep their relationship and marriage low key, the media never stopped sharing their speculations and thoughts about Raymond’s mysterious other half. From claims that Carina had consulted a witch to win Raymond’s heart, to allegations that Carina recently sought out the help of a traditional Chinese doctor to get pregnant, there is one thing that will stay true—Carina’s going to be staying here for the long run.

On New Year’s Eve 2019, Raymond announced on social media that he is officially married to Carina, who he had been dating since 2018. Prior to dating Raymond, Carina worked as a model, and appeared in a few commercials and promotional clips that netizens have managed to loot up from the Interweb.

Recently, netizens discovered a clip, filmed around the time of Carina’s debut, featuring a “nude” Carina running around a city. The nudity was conveniently bracketed. Many anti-fans had attempted to use the clip as proof of Carina’s promiscuous past and her obsession of getting famous, but Carina had clarified in an old TV interview that she was not nude in the clip, and that the clip was used as promotion for a talent search program.

But the gossip surrounding Carina, who is quiet about her private life, is never-ending. A Hong Kong tabloid magazine reported that Raymond had purchased a home with a market price of HK$106 million, but he did not add Carina’s name to the property. The tabloids are speculating that Raymond may add Carina’s name to the property after she becomes pregnant.

Source: 163.com

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  • 6 comments to Raymond Lam Reportedly Did Not Add Wife’s Name to New Property

    1. annebee says:

      Well she did film they kind of projects before. But hey if Raymond doesn’t mind that who are we to say otherwise? If one is willing to be abused, and one wants to abuse, let them be. It’s his money not ours.

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    2. jingxi2943 says:

      Badly written article…. poor engrish and composition.. hee

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    3. cutie777 says:

      Carina still young so there’s plenty of time to get pregnant unless there’s something wrong with her body. Tavia just got pregnant at the age 40 she can do it so Carina can do it. I’m not sure if it’s true Carina name not on the property but usually a married couple a man had already added their wife name no? I remember Wong Cho Lam did add Leanne name after they got married.

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      • coralie replied:

        @cutie777 it might not be so much for her, but for him since he’s getting up there in age. I’m sure babysitting is a moot point since they’ll probably have babysitters around, but maybe he wants to enjoy the feeling of kids while young rather than deal with it when he’s much older.

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    4. karina says:

      I wonder if Carina can speak Cantonese but then again Raymond speaks fluent Mandarin so there shouldn’t be any communication problems…

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    5. potatochip says:

      She looks really cute. It is a shame that people are such bullies just because she married someone’s idol. And even if she were nude, it is none of their business since Raymond must have known and married her anyway. Stop the “women must be innocent virgins” nonsense.

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