Raymond Lam’s Fire Hot 2010 Concert

Raymond Lam Fung’s concert series, “Come 2 Me Beauty Live On Stage,” kicked off last night. He changed into several sets of costumes and danced sexily with Kate Tsui Chi San and other female dancers. He even invited female fans to join him on the onstage bed while singing love songs.

Dying his hair white on the sides, Raymond wore a shiny jacket and white pants while opening the concert performance with the song, “Hello.” Accompanied by four sexy female dancers, Raymond made his entrance by driving a silver sports car onstage. One of the dancers, Chung Hei Man, resembled Kate Tsui. The other female dancers touched Raymond’s chest boldly while engaged in a hot dance sequence.

Kate’s Sexy Performance Set Off Climax

Kate Tsui joined Raymond onstage next. He touched Kate’s back and waist freely and even ripped off her outer jacket, revealing a metallic bra top underneath. Kate often arched her back during the hot dance sequence, causing the audience to scream in excitement. Ron Ng Cheuk Hei joined the pair onstage and had a dance-off with Raymond. Afterwards, Raymond said, “I want to thank my two brothers, Ron and Kate. I do not treat Kate as a girl because she has such a straight-forward personality!”

Singing Joey Yung’s Tender Love Songs

Suddenly a bed was brought forth on the stage. Raymond invited female fans to join him on the bed, while singing and hovering over them. Four female dancers changed into black underwear and the theme became heavily S & M. After the scintillating dance, Raymond sang several of Joey Yung Cho Yi and and Janice Vidal’s tender love songs.

Kelly Chen Wai Lam was the VIP special guest and performed together with Raymond while holding hands. Sharing a deep embrace afterwards, Raymond joked, “Kelly, thank you for wearing flat shoes tonight!” Kelly said, “I’m afraid there would be leaking water on the stage!”

As the concert continued, Raymond played with fire and water and set the performance to a high point. During the encore session, Wong Cho Lam came onstage and quipped, “When I was growing up, I set Raymond as my target. Whatever he did, I wanted to do. But his concert kept adding more performances and I didn’t even tell my gags yet!” Cho Lam assumed the role of Angelababy and Chrissie Chow Sau Na’s fans and  told several gag jokes. “In the past, I mistakenly called Raymond Lam as Famma. This year, I mistakenly called Kate Tsui Chi San as Tsui San [phonetically similar to ‘chui sam’ which means ‘take off clothes].”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Raymond’s dance with Kate Tsui looks hot…wonder if there is a video clip somewhere. Although Kate is not exactly voluptuous (she’s on the skinny side), she does give off a tremendous sexuality when she is dancing. She carries herself very well and along with the exotic eyes (tilted slightly at the corners) and pouty lips, she can look very smothering with right make-up.

Btw, I don’t like Raymond’s white hair at the concert.

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  1. I agree, Kate looks stunning in the pictures 🙂 I can’t wait to see the concert, hopefully there will be clips or the concert dvd coming out soon.. even though the concert was just yesterday. lol

  2. kate tsui and joyce cheng does show some resemblence when they both have that pouty look and try too be sexy

  3. does he have to resort to those antics to grab the audience attention??!! i feel it’d be better for him to showcase his singing prowess or musical abilities rather than showing so much of his skin..

  4. I think it is fine to have a bit of gimmick and a bit of show stuff since it highlights showmanship. Can’t have a 3 hour concert with him standing in the middle and just sing. Unless with an instrument. He wants to project a sexy image but Kate has such a fierce look. She looks angry in some pictures. Maybe she always look that way.

  5. Hmm, I’m fine with the gimmicks, just not exactly fond of the inviting a fan on to a bed onstage thing. I personally just think that that’s a bit lacking propriety. JMHO.

  6. I think overall, Ray is a very naturally talented individual and with his concerts, it’s nice that he is diversifying and trying different venues, but it just does not feel like it’s him. The hair in both concerts just drives me nut but I suppose it goes with the show. As for Kate, she is a good dancer but tired of her fiery eyes and pouty lip, seduction turning to sluttyness (if there is such word).

  7. Reminds me of Grasshopper’s concert which is equally sexed up and titillating, and very enjoyable too.

    This sexy image is very different from Raymond’s usual good boy image.

    The Ron/Ray dance off reminds me of his first concert where he danced off with Michael Tse. Is he going to have a dance off with a male guest for his every concert? 😛
    This first concert is also quite titillating with the homoerotic tone he has with Michael.

    Glad that his best buddy, Ron, could be his guest this time.

  8. Since its a concert, its normal to step out of the comfort zone or out of the norm…Otherwise, we as the audience will think the concert / shows will be boring (Oh, its just another raymond lam.) That goes to show he is a talented individual. So, I can totally accept this.

    As for Kate… good dancer, sexy is fine.. but… dunno… don’t have much to say about her.. don’t really like her.

  9. I think its great concert. I agree with you guys Ray is a very naturally talented individual and for a concert an artist should step forward beyond the usual and have gimmicks to make audience enjoy the concert. His dancing, singing, stage setup and guest selections are amazing.

    Kate has problems in acting because of her limited expressions range. I think she’s also trying too hard to be sexy.

  10. Since many are always complain that Ray is always a ‘good handsome boy’ stepping out with a sexily handsome image will show Ray’s talent in versatility 🙂

  11. Why versatility has to equate to sexy image? I don’t understand , like female stars who says they’re all grown up and so dress sexily and poses sexily.

  12. I’m afraid I’ve not had the opportunity to be at or view any of Raymond Lam’s concerts. What I would just like to comment is that a good singer, who also has good rapport with his audience certainly does not require special make-up or depend on ‘special’ props as aids to his singing. He certainly doesn’t need those twirling maidens smothering him with their long flowing dresses. All those are no help at all , infact, I feel they are a distraction to the audience.Focus should mainly be on the singer.

  13. yes, ray is good singer and good actor, and nobody can take away his talent, hi is super star.

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