“Reborn Rich” Premieres to Warm Reception

Fantasy K-drama Reborn Rich <財閥家的小兒子> achieves 6.058% ratings in its first episode, the second highest rating ever for JTBC, only narrowly behind sensational family drama The World of the Married <夫妻的世界>.

Premiering to positive reception, viewers complimented the quality cinematography and called it one of the best dramas in the recent second half of the year. Praising the concise storytelling in episode one, they are in awe of 37-year-old Song Joong-ki‘s youthful looks and think he will have no problems portraying a college student in later episodes.

Playing two characters – Yoon Hyun-woo and Jin Do Joon, the actor portrayed the confusion and fear and hatred which Yoon Hyun-woo felt in a layered performance, pushing to an all-time high viewers’ anticipation of his upcoming appearance as Jin Do Joon, and their curiosity of how the plot will unfold.

Revenge on Chaebol Family

Centered on loyal employee of Sunyang Group Yoon Hyun-woo who gets brutally murdered but is later reincarnated as the youngest grandson of the group Jin Do Joon, the story fleshes how Hyun-woo plots revenge with his knowledge and memories of the events in the future, to takeover the chaebol by force, and enact punishment on those who caused his death.

Besides the trust he has in the drama’s scriptwriter Kim Tae-Hee whom he collaborated with in coming-of-age drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, the prospect of working with established veteran actor Lee Sung Min further convinced Song Joong-ki to come onboard the project. Lee, who plays the merciless, cold-blooded group chairman Jin Yang Chul, also has good words for the lead actor as he calls Song Joong Ki a dependable brother who “feels just like the reliable eldest son”.

Source: Upmedia

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