“Remembrance of Things Past’s” Authentic Realism Wins Rave Reviews

Female-centered urban drama, Remembrance of Things Past <我在他乡挺好的>, is receiving strong acclaim with a Douban score of 8.2 points. With a unique portrayal of life in Beijing revolving around the hopes and struggles of young adulthood, the drama resonated emotionally with many viewers.

Remembrance of Things Past tells a story centered on three women Ji Nanjia (Ren Suxi 任素汐Suxi), Zhou Yutong (周雨彤), and Xu Yan (Sun Qian (孙千) finding solace in each other’s arms as they grieve over the death of their best friend Hu Jingjing (Jin Jing 金婧). Forever remembering her in their hearts, they chase their dreams living in Beijing while encountering challenges relating to family, career, and romance.

At the start of the series, Jingjing commits suicide by jumping off a bridge. Flashbacks slowly unveil the reason behind her tragic death, which  embodies the black void of space -when life appears hopeless.

Xichen is the shadow of most young women who move to the big city for job opportunities and attempt to build new lives. Responsible and hard-working, Xichen does her best to avoid being culled during company layoffs. Life takes a rough turn when her real estate agent runs off with half of her annual rent deposit, which results in the owner kicking her out of the house. Falling into a downward spiral, she is further heartbroken when her best friend, Jingjing, passes away.

Nanjia represents the new middle class with her successful entrepreneurship. She faces multiple concerns such as a business operational crisis and not having enough money to buy a home in Beijing. While her family urges her to marry, her health is also flashing red signals.

Xu Yan is a spoiled and fun-loving woman who frequently throws tantrums and enjoys branded goods. She reflects a mentality of many people living in big cities where they “never conceal their vanity or desires, but are willing to make efforts with their partner to fight for their goals.” 

What Makes It So Compelling to Watch?

The main reason why viewers are so hooked to the story, which is noted to be similar to Ode of Joy <欢乐颂> and Nothing But Thirty <三十而已>, is because they find the drama to be realistic, authentic, and down-to-earth.

With no intentions to depress the audience, screenwriter Guo Shuang (虢爽) explained that she wanted viewers to recognize that “this is life.” While there are ups and downs, “ I hope audiences can understand that there is a long way to life and there is warmth even from a stranger, so there it is unnecessary to always try to live life perfectly.”

She concluded, “Rest when you’re tired and cry when you’re sad, but there is always a way ahead, so grit your teeth and charge forward.”

“Remembrance of Things Past” Trailer

Source: Sohu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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