Rich Businessman: “Him Law Has a Small Package! Benjamin Yuen Has a Strong Sex Drive!”

Wealthy businessman, Lau Ding Sing’s (劉定成) “camera conquest” list of young male actors has become the hottest gossip in town. Whether the actors kept their pants on while modeling for the gay 62-year-old was the latest controversy. Experienced in photographing muscular men since the 1970s, Mr. Lau spoke excitedly about past photo subjects. Mr. Lau  said that Him Law (羅仲謙) possessed a small lower package, while praising Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) for his beautiful body and sexual openness!

Mr. Lau confirmed Next Magazine’s list of 35 men who had posed in the pictures to be correct. This list included Him Law, Benjamin Yuen,  Bryon Pang (彭冠期), and Stanley Cheung (張景淳), encompassing 13 actors (of which 8 were former Mr. Hong Kong participants) and 22 Hong Kong policemen. Allegedly, Mr. Lau paid the men generously for the private photo sessions, as much as 6 to 7 figure sums!

Him Law Caught in Lie

When Him Law and Benjamin Yuen were first reported to have posed for Mr. Lau’s photo collection, they denied knowing Mr. Lau. Yesterday, Him retracted his words, admitting that he had assisted the police with their investigation in Mr. Lau’s indecent assault and intimidation case. Benjamin Yuen has shied away from the media in recent days.

Mr. Lau did not mind that the majority of the 35 men chose to distance themselves from the photo scandal. However, Mr. Lau found it ludicrous that their denials can be easily exposed if photo evidence surfaced later that they did in fact know him.

“Him Law Is Not Big!”

Mr. Lau found the male body to be a beautiful form and was especially excited when coming across muscular men who also possessed brains. He discussed his past photo subjects and the size of their “lower packages” excitedly.

Asked who had the most impressive size among his photo subjects, Mr. Lau remarked, “Wah! Many men did ! You cannot guess in many instances. You cannot correlate size to their height. Among the men who are average in height, 60% of them are impressive! Among the tall men, only 20% are big! Many muscular men are small below!”

Asked about Him Law’s size, Mr. Lau spread the span of his fingers to illustrate. He stated, “He’s not big!” Asked how Mr. Lau knew Him, he said, “Him’s friend (Sammy Shum 沈震軒), made the introductions; he is also on the list.”

Mr. Lau met Him Law many years ago, before his current popularity level. Mr. Lau said, “Him had bad luck then. His figure was not good until meeting an expert to pump up his chest size. When speaking of this big TV personality, you can completedly describe him as being greedy for fame and money!” Asked how much money Him had received from Mr. Lau, he said, “It was not only money! There were many other things, such as job leads and how to help him.”

Mr. Lau elaborated, “I had tea with Him on several occasions. He came to my house to take some photos in casual clothing. He kept asking whether there would be any clothing sponsorship. Afterward, he often used company envelopes to mail some movie promotional merchandise to me. He even signed, ‘Him’ on the package,” Mr. Lau felt that there was nothing to hide in such gestures.

“Benjamin Yuen Has a Beautiful Body!”

Benjamin Yuen left an especially deep impression in Mr. Lau’s mind. “Benjamin has a beauitful body. His sex drive is strong, but each person’s standard is different. Benjamin is (sexually) open; it depends on whom he is with!”

Mr. Lau added, “Francois Wong (黃長發) is the same, needing it three times in one day! Stefan Wong (黃長興) does not need it as much. He is a nice person. I met them when they applied for the Mr. Hong Kong Pageant.”

Young Kong Wah Posed for Mr. Lau

Complimenting former TVB actor, Kong Wah (江華), for his handsomeness earlier, Mr. Lau revealed, “When Kong Wah was young, he also took these photos. Of course, he did not take them now! He had a very fit body when he was young! He is not as fat as his wife!”

Virginia Lok Caused Trouble

Since 8 Mr. Hong Kong participants had allegedly taken photos for Mr. Lau’s private pleasure, TVB held an urgent management meeting over the scandal in 2008, when the police started a full-fledged investigation.

Mr. Lau said, “Virginia Lok (樂易玲) encouraged the involved actors to actively participate in the investigation and give their statements to the police. Some people decided not to go, but there were a dozen to twenty people who went to the police station. That year, TVB had a big meeting on the 8th floor, which shook heaven and earth! The actors were urged to be good responsible citizens. Did they think of the consequences? After the statements were left with the police, the court has summoned their appearances. You have to think of how to handle the situation now!”

Who Wore Pants?

The public was extremely interested in the level of nudity found among the 35 men who had willingly posed in Mr. Lau’s photo collection. According to East Weekly, the below list include the men who had allegedly posed for Mr. Lau, as well as their attire in the photos:


01. Him Law 羅仲謙(casual clothes)
02. Bryon Pang 彭冠期(Topless in thong)
03. Benjamin Yuen 袁偉豪(Topless in shorts)
04. Kelvin Lam 林卓峰(Topless in shorts)
05. Sze Wah Fung 施華烽(Topless in shorts)
06. Wu Chi Wai 胡志偉(Topless in shorts)
07. Jacky Lei 李善恒(Topless in thong)
08. Stanley Cheung 張景淳(casual clothing)
09. Hugo Wong 黃子衡(Topless in thong)
10. Leo Lee 李 豪(Topless in thong)
11. Shum Ho Ming 沈浩明(Topless in thong)
12. Raymond Sin 單俊偉(Topless in thong)
13. Cheung Wing Hong 張穎康(fishnet shirt and jean shorts)
14. Au Tze Kit 區子傑(Topless in shorts)

Hong Kong Policemen

15. Lee Man Rui 李文銳(Topless in shorts)
16. To Wai Lun 杜偉麟(Topless in shorts)
17. Chui Ka Chung 趙家聰(Topless in shorts)
18. Chow Lai Ho 周禮浩(Topless in shorts)
19. Ng Wung Hin 伍宏軒(Topless in shorts)
20. Wong Chi Ming 江志明(Topless in shorts)
21. Leung Hoi Ching 梁海程(Topless in shorts)
22. Yeung Ming Kei 楊銘基(Topless in shorts)
23. Leung Man Lung 梁文龍(Topless in shorts)
24. Ng Chi Fai 吳志輝(Topless in shorts)
25. Sun Chun Ho 孫俊豪(Topless in shorts)
26. Kwan Tik Bong 關鐵邦(Topless in shorts)
27. Lee Chi Wai 李子偉(Topless in shorts)
28. Ng Kwoon Zhao 吳冠釗(Topless in shorts)
29. Yu Jue Zhang 于玨章(Topless in shorts)
30. Ng Lok Chun 吳樂俊(Topless in shorts)
31. Wong Hoi Fai 黃海輝(Topless in shorts)
32. Fu Wai Hang 傅偉恒(Topless in shorts)
33. Wong Mao Hung 黃茂亨(Topless in shorts)
34. Pang Kui Ming 彭鉅明(Topless in shorts)
35. Le Wing Bo 李永寶(Topless in shorts)

Source: Next Magazine #1159 via, East Weekly #456 via

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Jayne: Mr. Lau will not stop talking! Will what he has to say next leave a permanent scar in some young actor’s career? He does not have anything flattering to say about Him Law, due to Him’s initial reaction in the scandal.

As to East Weekly’s purported list of “Who Wore What” in Mr. Lau’s photo collection, it is difficult to assess its accuracy. Unless an insider at the Hong Kong Police Department has been examining the photo evidence and calling reporters with a detailed description of the outfits the men had worn.

On a side note, I find Sammy Shum to be totally hot! His eyes remind me very much of Aaron Kwok!

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  1. i second your side-note; sammy shum is totally hot!!!

    1. Agreed Sammy Sum look hot! Why is TVB hiding him? Give him series to act so we can look at his hotness!

      1. Vivien,
        Sammy Shum has been making headlines for his upcoming movie, Lan Kwai Fong 2. He has some daring make out scenes in the movie.

        How long has he been at TVB? Sammy looks good, but TVB has many men in his age range of late 20s to pick from, such as Benjamin Yuen, Matthew Ko, Jason Chan, etc. who appears to be preferred.

        Sammy has a bit of a wild edge to him, so playing off-the-beaten path characters and villains might not be a bad idea for now.

      2. What series did Sammy acted in TVB? I didn’t really notice or was he a small kehlefeh without dialogues?

      3. I wonder if there’s a same list for MHK such as Kate and all with wealthy businessman or directors. In LOO Kate slept with her boss to exchange of favour and I cant help wonder if she did so in real life to get promoted fast and get money LOL

      4. Does anyone have a pic of Sammy Shum? I want to be roasted, lol

        This Lau guy is definitely a pervert, but his statements are hilarious. How would he know about sizes and sexual drives unless he has done it with them?

      5. @Vivien:

        Didn’t u notice Bosco’s beloved boy Bao dung in “lives of omission”? That was Sammy’s most prominent role to me. Then he was one of the cops in FH3 but that was pretty klf. And most recently in sitcom “til love do us lie”, he was the doctor that LF cousin girl dumped (for Benjamin yuen).

      6. @josie

        you’re right! I remembered this guy now in LOO he’s the gay right hand man and FH3 the cop! ROFL maybe i should rewatched those series again and pay attention to him this time LOL

      7. So that’s Sammy Shum! He looks like a slightly smaller version of Tsui Wing.

      8. @Vivien Yes. Sammy’s biggest role is as Bosco’s beloved sidekick in LOO. Is he still in his 20’s? He doesn’t look younger than Bosco, Kate or Fala, but he’s good looking. However not that tall I assume since his height is only on par with Bosco. Vincent Wong might be taller.

        I didn’t watch the sitcom. It must be the one with Benjamin Yuen as the second lead.

      9. Lol,
        Sammy is allegedly 5 feet 11 inches, which is the same height as Bosco. TVB must have helped Sammy secure a role in Wilson Chin’s “Lan Kwai Fong 2” movie, so he is not totally neglected. He’s 29 and looks his age.

      10. The height is ok I suppose.

        And ladies, I think Sammy is with JJ Jia now based on rumours. Eat your heart out.

      11. Thanks Jayne. I noticed him in Lives of Omission but did not know his name. He does remind me of Tsui Wing.

        As they like to say in TVB dramas, he’s not my cup of tea. Too hairy, lol! I do find Ben Yuen gorgeous though. Matthew Ko is nice too, in a wholesome way.

  2. this man has a odd fetish when it comes to the males chest. he said Benjamin Yuen has a strong sex drive…maybe they had sex???
    as for Francois Wong needing it 3 times a day….maybe they have done it too?? :S

    1. i know that is so weird. how would he know such things? ahhaha LOL the men are not gay i would assume and he is an old perverted gay dude haahhaa…how can he tell their sex drives? ahhaahah OMG awww gross old man

    2. Well, it doesn’t suprised me if they have done that before..I mean s.e.x with that old pervert. Some artists may need his help to get leading roles,endorsements and etc. So i won’t blame them.

  3. Even Kong Wah?? Nooooooooooooo!!!

    And is he suggesting Benjamin Yuen is err… you know… both ways?

    Poor Him Law. Tavia, quickly, praise him!!

    1. i know let’s see if tavia yeung will still calling him cutie him him and all that praising now hahah

      1. She might run as far as possible from cutie Himhim.

    2. Hahha!I dun even think that virigina lok would allow tavia to make such a comment at this time.(;

    3. Maybe Him him don’t feel excited sexually at Mr Lau and explained the size

      1. It actually sucks that this old man has some weird fetish over hot guys..and not hot girls hahaha because I’d love to see pics and names revealation of those hot girls that have posed for him ‘IF’ Lau was interested in girls n not guys….

      2. also sucks that only him him and benjamin are popular enough in the list while others are not famous and only klf.

    1. He posed for casual clothes and only ask for clothing sponsorhip opportunities from Mr Lau. Its not like Him him us selling his body

  4. This Lau person is really flaunting his power over all these men. He is despicable.

      1. totally agree, but he’s a billionair so those guy will do it if they want fame n money

  5. Wah this old man def got attention disorder. Is that above pic show him give out Him’s measurement with his hand?. No word to decribe him, and you thought hugh hefner was bad hahaha.

    1. lol hahahaha hugh hefner? this pervert old dude can definitely compare hahaha…omg..sickos

  6. This guy is embarassing himself and everyone. STOP it just STOP.

    What were those people thinking, posing for this dude…

  7. If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

    1. Maybe Him Law is not Gay and he was not comfortable in front of men, so he didn’t get fully excited so it looks small, LOL!!!!!!!!

      1. Whether Him is gay or pervert, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is the size of his package which is insultingly small and useless who can even stand to impress a gal with high taste towards big package….

        I strongly believe Him needs to inject botox or pump in steroid to grow his package consistent with the size of his chest.

      2. @ tony,

        lol…his body is nice but nothing standout like someone who took steroid….

  8. I don’t understand why he is doing this while investigation is still underway. In a way, he is flaunting his power over them, hellbent on ruining their careers if they dared to ‘betray’ him like Him did.

  9. Mr Lau is so proud of himself. Wonder if Benjamin had sex with Mr Lau? as Mr Lau have said Benjamin has a strong sex drive.

    1. What do you expect from a gay? A guy like Mr Lau is also a human being and as you know human being also needs sex…….

      If this sex crazy gay doesn’t like to have sex with a female, then the answer is pretty well understood……..

      Him and Benjamin therefore are no exceptions. For the sake of money, I believe there’s nothing wrong for them to offer their body in exchange for more job opportunities.

      If there are so many females celebrities going up to fame by this humiliatingly cheap but easy mean, I don’t see there’s anything wrong why male celebrities doing so…..

  10. Mr Lau is pretty upfront about his experience with all his subjects, i don’t find him to being weird or disgusting since it was all agreed apond both parties. Him Law size seems very normal 🙂

    1. In fact many asian guys’ size is also very normal………… unless they inject something or consuming an enhancement pill to boost the asset up permanently

  11. Aww he had to bring Kong Wah into this ><

    Honestly, in the point of view of these guys… it doesn't seem that bad. That much money for just topless photos – basically what they reveal in Mr HK or even less. Besides, considering his connections as well, it seems like something understandable for people trying to get into the entertainment business. Honestly, you hear worse stories about men and women having sex with people for opportunities so just taking photos doesn't surprise me. The articles leading up to this seemed to blow everything out of proportion.

    Btw, how did he know Him's size when he only took photos in casual clothes? Hmm..

    1. Alot of thing Mr lau didn’t elaborate very clearly but we guys understand what that means……..Paying money only just to have this slave (HIM) to shoot photos with him, that’s just plain stupid and it’s a huge insult to the power of money he casts on all his slaves.

      The same does to a male photographer who pays a top dollar to shoot photos with a female model who hunger for fame. Will he just asks her to only strip naked just for the sake of satisfaction his urge?

      1. Well.. view it like a business transaction really. They all consented to taking the photos. To them, they are receiving money to take off their tops and model. I doubt many will find this different to posing topless for a magazine, given that they are in the entertainment industry. To him, he has the money, he likes collecting photos of topless guys so he pays them to pose topless. Its been said that it starts off with clothes, then eventually they take off their clothes and being adults, they had the ability to stop when they reached their limits.

        I don’t think these men could be considered naive, and frankly, they are not as vulnerable as females in the same position because they were all muscular and strong guys, could fight off Lau anytime they wanted if they chose to. So I dont really find anything wrong about the issue, except that it was perverted and distasteful and not my thing, but each to their own.

        However, it was wrong was for Lau to coerce those unwilling and grope/molest them esp if it was not explicitly stated as part of the deal.

      2. If I’m not mistaken Him was paid more than 50k? Wow! That’s alot yah….Was the fee just for (naked) photo taking? Who was Him at that time that deserve so much of money? Even a one night stand with a legal handsome well-built American gigalo also not cost that much!

        So, it’s pretty understood that the deal should include the provision of professional services of more than just any form of photo taking that is required from a worse than a kelefe dirt like Him because nobody really knew him at that time.

  12. “Stefan Wong (黃長興) does not need it as much. He is a nice person.”

    This statement is funny. So, does he mean

    Not needing it as much = nice person?


    1. Haha, I know! I guess he’s saying Stefan can control himself.

      1. If stefan can’t control himself, that simply says that he’s a gay but he’s not………he’ll only lose control if the target is a very pretty sexy female undress herself infront of him; not an old man in front of him.

  13. I find that (10. Leo Lee) on the list to be weird. He looks really skinny to me and not as muscular as the others Mr. Hong Kong. It’s funny how Mr. Lau is keep picking on Him.

  14. Any celebrities who are too influential or too hot for the police to handle not mentioned on the above list.

    1. I thought Lau revealed that Daniel wu.and Stephen fung took off shirt for him too..Why they not in the list.

  15. doesnt matter. so long as these young actors’ skills improve, their ability will out-shadow their past! Shu-Qi is the typical example.wats more these young chaps merely posed for private collections! If they let this to happer their spirits, i think they have failed to do justice to themselves. REDEEM YOURSELF!!!!

    1. Audience will forget about this in a few months or when new gossips come. Whichever faster

  16. Other than Him Law, the list of actors are not particularly famous… I wonder if this guy ever tried to get Ron or Bosco to pose for him. I think he’ll find Raymond too skinny but who knows…

    This old man is such a creep.

  17. so according to that list (if its true), noone posed nude…. just topless with shorts lol

    and if virginia lok didn’t persuade them to cooperate with police, then this scandal wouldn’t have come out

  18. dear mr. lau,

    please ask Edison Chen to post for you. ^^

  19. Wow! Since he is under investigation and can’t get off on his pictures anymore. Talking about people’s packages and sex drive give him a high. He really needs to shut up. This will definitely ruins people lives. I won’t believe anything until I see pictures.

  20. fr the string of attempts to go public with these young guys and their “apparatus” sizes, i sense that this old guy isnt too happy but going all out esp. towards Him Law. What made that oldman so dissapointed tt he is taking all his anger out? Is it bcoz Him denied knwoing him?( bt tts the natural things most guys would do as it is embarassing)

  21. I’m sorry but if Mr. Lau is telling the truth then these men will have to reap what they have sown. Unless they had a gun pointed to the head during the photo-shoot, this is a choice they’ll have to be accounted for.

  22. This isn’t Playgirl, more like Sports Illustrated Men’s Edition. What is all the fuss?!?!?!?

  23. I think what Lau did not say is when the weight lifters exercise their upper parts, they tend to have a relatively smaller appearance on the lower part of their body. In most instances that part even shrink in size in response to the remarkable mass gained on the upper part.

    I thought that big hulks by appearance are often disappointing in bed is already a well talked gossip and nothing surprising or new. blah.

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