Rising Star, Venus Wong, Takes Acting Seriously

Twenty-two-year old Venus Wong (王敏奕) was determined to become an actress when she was only twelve years old. Starting her career in 2006, she first appeared in the mini show, Y2K Series <過渡青春>. Later in 2008, she took part in the movie, Winds of September <烈日當空>. Soon afterwards, Venus began working on numerous music videos and commercials. However, it was not until she was cast as the teenage version of Rachel Lee’s (李麗珍) character in Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>, did Venus finally make her breakthrough.

With her beautiful looks, Venus successfully stood out from the group of M-Club girls in Never Dance Alone.  She also received a lot of praise for her acting abilities. With an increase of 2000 Instagram followers aside, Venus gained a lot of fans overnight. Viewers are able to recognize her in a crowd when she steps outside. “A lot more people are noticing me, and I’ve received positive feedback and messages. Many people praised my acting skills. As an actress, compliments make me really happy. I’m very thankful!”

In 2012, Venus bravely travelled to New York by herself for a month in order to take up acting classes. She recalled that she had to practice auditions on the first day. Being unprepared, Venus admitted that her acting for George Clooney’s Up in the Air, was ridiculously bad. Quickly catching on, Venus realized that acting in front of classmates and directors helped her gain valuable experience. When she was younger, acting was only a game, but now that she has gained more experience, Venus realized that becoming an actor is no easy feat. She will continue to strive towards achieving her dreams in acting.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She looks so different in the above photo. She can act. I find her acting the best among the young girls, mostly because her character is probably the hardest to play.

    1. Yes, I also think Julie (no matter if it is the younger – or the older version) is the hardest to play. In a magazine featuring the young M club girls most of them said if they could decide they would like to play Julie.

    2. Dislike Venus, nothing like Rachel. Thoee mature actresses and guys are the high of the series. The young M’s are a waste of time, loud garbage. Venus’ is boring,dislike her role, looks, voice. Her connection mybe her steping stone but ain’t no talent without makin’ efforts in the tough industy.”

      1. Good video link. Never knew her background. I just remembered her in teenager movies and recently in ICAC. I didn’t even recognize her in MClub until I saw her name. I heard she’s dating Eric Tsang’s son. Lucky guy.

      2. Shut up before you say anything about her acting. Yes, it’s your opinion you dislike it but really? You state your opinion loud and proud like it’s a fact. I think Venus is amazing and puts up great effort.

      3. Thanks for posting the video link to watch Venus Wong.

        However, based on the reporting of her family background and financial conditions, I was a bit surprised that she could afford to take a 1-month acting course (expensive course fees + travelling expenses + living expenses + pocket money) in New York.

        Perhaps she had been able to make good money few years before Year 2012 because it would cost her a fortune to do it.

  2. I wish people would recognise Winki Lai (younger version of Angie Cheong) more! Having had no experience in the industry previously, i think shes done pretty well and comes across very natural on screen

    1. I agree, she’s the best out of the 6. Like her presence.

    2. Winki’s not a complete novice. She’s a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and I think she’s done some presenting before (not for tvb).

  3. I thought her and the younger version of Angie Cheong stood out the most.

  4. yes I agreed, the young version of Angie Cheong is the most stood out. she has very natural on screen

  5. I find that the younger version of Angie stand out most.

  6. She’s got the looks and she can act. But I really can’t stand her voice.

  7. Venus Wong has pure talent. She was pretty good in the first episode of the latest ICAC Investigator’s drama.

  8. Although Venus is very pretty, I disagree with her ‘standing out’ from the rest.
    The other girls have their individual qualities but have not had as much screen time compared to young Carmen and young Julie.
    I also think Winki is brilliant-really natural in conveying that carefree, feisty character. She also showed her emotions really well with the scenes involving her mother and Benny (although he was awful!)

    Also, maybe it’s just me but I can only see the personalities of ‘Jenny’ and ‘Fei Choi’ carried across the two versions of the characters more naturally.

    Venus – seems really naive and timid but Rachel is then vain and definitely not timid! Although things happen to her character-she definitely turns into a completely different person!

    Fennie Yuen’s character-was super bubbly then goes really serious. Maybe I haven’t watched enough but what happened to her?!

    Ah Lun. The young version:calm, collected, easy going. Lawrence Ng… ? Was it intentional to make his character age…badly? Because Lawrence can do calm and collected. Not sure what happened there.

    All in all, I really like this series. It’s fun and reminds me of my own friends. Love the ladies and hope they had as much fun filming as I have watching the series!

    1. Venus/Rachel’s character-She became more self independent and selfish because she was lonely.

      Cheronna/Fennie’s character-She used to talk a lot and just say things straight out without thinking about it, but she stopped because she realized her big mouth could lead to trouble, she shuts herself out basically. Also, she has a job in the government so she has to keep the information confidential. It helped her stay quiet.

      Alan (Lawrence’s character)-He got sick of women because Dan Dan was very attached to him and because of their divorce.

      1. Good analyses. People have to watch every episode to see the development of the characters. It is no good to make comments after watching a few episodes.

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