Roger Kwok, Elvina Kong Collaborate Again After 27 Years

Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Elvina Kong (江欣燕) are currently filming TVB drama, 24 Hours of Amnesia <失憶24小時>. Playing a taxi driver, Elena boasted about her skills and how she had obtained her license on her first try. Roger however claimed that he feared sitting in her car and joked about having to disperse the people nearby.

“His Looks Haven’t Changed Much”

Along with Anthony Ho (何遠東), the two were filming an outdoor scene in Sha Tin for 24 Hours of Amnesia. Playing three siblings, Roger and Elvina were searching for the missing Anthony in the scene. Since their last collaboration in 1992 for Road for the Heroes <闖蕩江湖>, Elvina and Roger have not seen each other and are very excited about their current collaboration.

Laughing, Roger commented that it was his first time sitting in a car driven by Elvina. “I know she can drive, but I’m even more scared than her, seeing her drive so nervously. There were many filming cameras blocking the path; I told the people there hurry and move away!”

Expressing the opposite opinion, Elvina felt that her driving skills were up to mark. “I got my driving license at 18 and passed on the first try, and also have a van license! I’m not so familiar with driving taxis, and also had to say my lines and act while driving. There are two other cars close by and the speed is real slow, so it’s pretty safe.”

Despite not having seen each other for many years, the two quickly nurtured family-like feelings. Elvina described her opinion of Roger, “His looks have not changed much, and he has a very cordial personality. As for me, I also have the habit of looking at the cast photo we took on the first day of filming and repeatedly telling myself that we are all family!”

Anthony Ho’s Birthday Gift to Himself

As for Anthony, whose face seemed to have slimmed down quite a bit, he explained, “I don’t need surgery and only went for braces, so my face became sharper. The braces were painful so I ate less,” He went for braces despite his age as a birthday gift for himself this year. He felt that his face did not look good from the side during filming.

As for co-star Grace Wong (王君馨), she shared her feelings about having many quarreling scenes with her husband in the drama, played by Shaun Tam (譚俊彥). “I always play characters who have problems in their marriage. Actually I love filming sweet, romantic love scenes. Luckily, I never quarrel with my husband in real life!” Grace also shared that she had earlier visited Africa to do religious teaching and also toured Spain in a rewarding trip, before starting work fully-charged.

Source: Yahoo HK

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