Roger Kwok Remembers Life as “Ratings Poison”

Roger Kwok Chun On appeared as a special guest on Stephen Chan’s program, “Be My Guest” 《志雲飯局》. Roger’s son just turned one month old, thus Stephen prepared ginger vinegar and a set of Disney books and baby development materials valued at $10,000 (HKD). Due to his recent work schedule, Roger said he has not organized a baby banquet for his son yet.

During the interview, Roger recalled that his career low point occurred in the 1980s. With a monthly income of $3,000 (HKD) at the time, he could not pay for his living expenses. Thus, he was forced to live in a 300 square feet housing project at the time.

“In 1994, my series 《生死頌》received only 22 points in ratings. This was TVB’s lowest ratings ever. However, my other series ‘Square Pegs’ scored the highest ratings in TVB’s history.”

Fortunately, Roger’s girlfriend at the time and current wife, Cindy Au Sin Yee supported him despite his career obstacles. Roger noted that he has the skills in picking the right partner. Since Roger’s son was born, Roger and Cindy’s bond have strengthened further. The couple plan to have another child within three years.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Roger looks tired, must be all the sleepless nights as a new father.

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