Roger Kwok Said Bernice Liu’s Chest Felt Very Comfortable

Roger Kwok Chun On and Bernice Liu Bik Yee appeared at the praying ceremony for TVB sitcom, Show Me the Happy <依家有喜>. The series has been filming for the last two weeks. Portraying a pediatrician, Roger had a scene where he leaned on Bernice’s chest, which he said was very comfortable.

Earlier during filming, Roger twisted his neck. Fortunately his doctor was able to assist him in rectifying the injury. Roger said, “We were filming a scene in which Bernice had to give me CPR. I ended up fainting on her chest.” (Was the feeling very comfortable?) “How do you know?”

Bernice asked Roger, “Did [my chest] feel like an airbag?” Roger said, “I feel relieved to film with Bernice because she has a ‘safety bag.’” (Was Roger afraid of arousing Bernice’s rumored boyfriend, Moses Chan Ho’s jealousy?” Roger said, “No, I like to talk about coffee with Moses. Let’s not tell him about the scene yet. I’ll wait for him to buy me coffee first!”

Bernice said that she felt comfortable filming with Roger as well. Did she tell Moses about her scene with Roger? “No! I gave Moses my first onscreen kiss in Love Bond <心花放>.”

Source: the Sun, Orientaldaily

Jayne: Comparing Bernice Liu’s chest to an airbag with Roger Kwok leaning on it was too much for me. Her chest is big, but comparing it to a huge inflatable airbag was just too much! I found it too explicit that Roger liked the feel of leaning on her chest.

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  1. Compare to Chrissie Chau (in the article with Raymond Lam) Bernice is small! H.K. tabloids are so obsess with breast size you’ll think that’s all they can see in a woman. You don’t see men’s size being a topic of conversation..

  2. I don’t think his wife would mind since she is actress herself. Also, she should trust Roger and Cindy doesn’t seem like the jealous type.

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