Kate Tsui’s Revolutionary Behavior; Acting As A Drug Dealer For The Very First Time

Ever since she entered the television industry since her pageant days, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) has already acted in a police role for a total of five times. However, it seemed like Kate may finally be able to shake off the stereotyping role for a short while now as she managed to try her hand at acting as a pregnant drug dealer, which was something quite the contrary from her usual role, for the 2012 TVB Sales Presentation.

Kate laughed and delightedly professed that she finally didn’t have to act as a police officer yet again. While they were filming, Kate’s character was even required to point the gun against the temple of Joyce Tang‘s (滕麗名) chararacter, in a bid to scare Joyce. When interviewed, fellow cast members Michael Miu (苗僑偉) and Roger Kwok (郭晉安) expressed that the concept of this drama genre was fresh thus they greatly hope that the company would place additional resources to film more of such high quality dramas to benefit the audiences.

Kate Tsui, Joyce Tang, Michael Miu and Roger Kwok were busy filming the trailer for one of the dramas scheduled for the 2012 TVB Sales Presentation yesterday. One of the scenes filmed for their action-packed drama, Thunderous Drug Raid《雷霆掃毒》(tentative title), was a thrilling gunfire exchange which saw Roger’s police character storming into the scene in his bulletproof vest.

Kate expressed that she had previously shot a trailer for Triumph In The Skies II《衝上雲霄II》for the 2012 TVB Sales Presentation and harbored hopes to have an opportunity to participate in the actual filming of “Triumph” as it was considered to be one of the TVB classic dramas of all time. Kate also lamented that she had unfortunately missed the chance to star in the first installment of “Triumph” as she had not entered the industry yet at that point in time.

In “Thunderous Drug Raid”, Kate Tsui appeared onscreen as a pregnant drug dealer and had pressed a gun against Joyce Tang’s temple, making the scene feel severely intense. Kate remarked, “I’m finally not acting as a police again this time ’round. Ever since I entered the industry, I have acted as a police officer for a total of five times now thus it is rather satisfactory to have such an opportunity acting as a villain for this drama! However, it is still too soon to speak as I’m not even sure whether I would be handed this role when this drama officially starts filming.”

Joyce Tang, on the other hand, revealed that she was currently busy shooting a comedy sitcom and filmed from morning to night, “I have not tried waking up at 7AM in the morning for a long time now. It’s really quite pressurizing.”

Michael Miu denoted that “Thunderous Drug Raid” will only officially start filming next January. Asked Michael whether he would be acting as a police officer or a drug lord, Michael laughed and replied,  “They are still thinking about it but anything is fine with me. I don’t mind acting as a villain either.”

Michael, who had signed on a per-series contract with TVB, professed that he would be filming two dramas for TVB next year. The reporter then brought up the topic of the recent poaching trend and asked Michael whether he would be worried about the quality of future TVB dramas.

In reply to this, Michael responded, “Since Ricky Wong (王維基) [Chairman of rival television station City Telecom] has already been aggressively poaching, TVB should just quickly hire more people to fill the positions vacated lor!” (Reporter: Did Ricky Wong try to poach you?) “Well, we briefly chatted before lor! Artistes like us are usually freelance actors thus it is of the utmost importance that TVB shoots some huge production dramas that are of a certain quality and assurance. However, this can also be considered to be a good matter as the professionals in our industry are finally being highly regarded again.”

Roger Kwok turned down jobs to spend more time with his family

Ever since Roger gained success from acting in comical drama series like Square Pegs《憨夫成龙》, Life Made Simple《阿旺新传》and D.I.E.《古灵精探》, he has not been asked by the company to act in any serious police-themed dramas for a long time now. Roger professed that to shoot series of this genre, it was most significant for TVB to be willing to invest as much resources as possible.

Roger continued, “I have signed a per-series contract on top of my management contract with TVB for a long time now. For these past few years, I have been filming to and fro between China and Hong Kong. Although I had to give up many job offers, I still enjoy this current work arrangement as I am after all a family man now so I hope to spend more time bonding with my family. ”

In other news, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) was accused of being a fence-sitter for positioning himself right beside the General Manager of TVB Broadcasting Affairs, Stephen Chan (陳志雲), at one moment and ingratiating himself with the Production and Resource Director of TVB, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), at the next moment.

In reply to this, Steven helplessly reverted, “I guess I can only dismiss these absurd and fabricated rumors with a laugh lah! Everyone knows that this is totally baseless as I have always said that although “Tsang-Jie” Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) is my mentor and Mr Chan has indeed given me several good opinions with regards to my contract, I rarely interacted with Ms Lok. Saying that I fawn upon Ms Lok, would anyone even believe it in the first place?”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow Kate as a drug dealer? Cool. Haha yay I’m exited to see Kate act as a villain! I like when she acts in evil roles like Relic. The story line at the moment seems ok and the cast is great! I would hope they stick to the main cast filming for the 2012 sales production! What are your thoughts on this drama?

    1. lol Kate’s drug dealer immediately made me think she took over her husband’s ‘business’ after LOO

      1. i thought that too lol, I was think they’re making a sequel already?!

      2. lol yes right the drug dealer part really look like a continuation of LOO, Paris taking over Bai Co’s drug business and becomes a triad member herself lol 😛

      3. it makes sense Kate look like Paris Yiu ho ho here. ROFL LOO sequel that is baico’s baby! LMAO

      4. @ lol
        OMG! That is so true! I can’t believe i haven’t thought of that! Haha Paris taking over Bai Co’s role. Very nice opinion everyone! This would be cool is Kate’s character in this series has something related to LOO 🙂

      5. The continuation: Paris get psychological issue because of Bai Co’s death and use her intelligence to enter yi Fung to challenge the cops. Paris also discovers she’s pregnant. Roger is tasked to bring down Kate’s drug business but he finds it hard to do so because Kate looks like his nice sister in law who he had a crush on.

      6. @lol
        Your so smart! Your linking LOO and Wax and Wane together right? How Roger in W&W had a crush on Kate. Also Paris using her super intelligence laywer knowledge. I hope TVB are listening to our discussion at the moment! *chuckles*

      7. @Mika: yes W&W but just change Roger to be a cop lol. Bosco can guest star as Bai Co in Kate’s imagination, you know something like ‘Fight Club’ with Brad Pitt? Paris thought she’s working with Bai Co together and up to have a family but in reality she’s just working alone. Roger is a capable cop but it’s difficult with Paris because of his feelings and because he discovered Paris isn’t well mentally lol 😀

        Michael Miu is a cop but actually undercover as triad boss because he looks like the triad boss in EU

      8. @lol
        Yes that’s a smart idea since Roger is a cop in this series and we don’t want Eugene (roger in W&W) to be a police cop do we? I can’t imagine it. lol… Yes yes! Bosco as a guest star would be good. Have you watched Men with No Shadow? Spoiler alert: In the last episode Raymond uses hypnosis and imagines that her sister Toi Yan wakes up? This could be an idea since Kate in this series has mental problems right? lol… Aww Roger and Kate as a couple will be cute~!

        I like Michael Miu in Cop shows related. I recommend him being a cop one day. Well not a cop undercover as a triad leader of course 🙂

    2. If I were the producer, Kate will be playing a prostitute, Roger as the prostitute older brother who’s an drug addit and out of work and disable, Mic Mui as the Play boy whos parents died and left a hugh futune whohe eventually wasted on drugs and prostitutes,and Joyce playing a college teacher who enlightens Mui so on, lol

  2. Does Joyce have any major, substantial role in this drama? Poor Joyce, such a pretty and wonderful actress and yet she doesn’t seem to have much luck. 🙁

  3. This series looks promising. Very good cast! Will be great to see Roger in another dramatic series. He’s a fantastic actor, but not too fond of him in comical series. Looking forward to seeing Kate in such a different role! Her acting has improved a lot recently. With her hard work and determined personality, I continue to like her more over time. 🙂

  4. Did anyone else, at first glance, think that the gun was a blow-dryer? Kate’s facial expression looks like she’s styling hair…no?

    1. It kind of looks like one if i glance over it though by the looks of Kate, i had a feeling she is a police or something related… Styling hair! After all Kate did go on news about a hair stylist which visiting her daily

  5. “Michael, who had signed on a per-series contract with TVB, professed that he would be filming two dramas for TVB next year.”

    Michael was a managed artist before. He even said he’s TVB’s oldest managed artist. So, he changes the per-series contract now?

    1. I thought I just saw a weibo from TVB’s leaving manager that Michael’s TVB manager changed. Since when Michael changed into per series contract?

      1. I mean that Michael’s TVB manager is leaving TVB so Michael is transferred to another TVB manager.

    2. No, he is still TVB’s managed artist. But his manager Gary (I dun rmb well it’s him or not) left TVB so I think Michael will change manager.

      The reporters might not do homework and think Michael isn’t managed artist.

      But why Micheal said he is TVB’s oldest managed artist? Ha Yu is definitely older than him and Ha Yu signed a 10 year contract with TVB from 2008.

      1. He said that during filming of ‘Drive of Life’. Ha Yu has not signed management contract at that time.

  6. yay, it’s roger time, i hope he confirms the series with kate, cuz kate+roger pairing, is OMG!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE

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