Kevin Cheng Crowned TV King and Myolie Wu TV Queen at 2011 Astro On Demand Awards in Malaysia

Malaysia’s 2011 Astro on Demand television awards were considered an indicator of the upcoming results for the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards. The Astro awards were held last night, crowning Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) as TV King and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) as TV Queen in Malaysia!

When Kevin Cheng received the 2011 Astro My Favorite Actor Award, he joked, “Some people asked me if I were to win the Astro My Favorite Actor Award, would that mean that I will not be winning TVB’s award (TV King)? I felt very contradictory; so will I get it or not?” The audience below the stage shouted, “You will get it!” Kevin continued, “My heart feels more steady! I have to take advantage of the opportunity to talk more because it does not come up often!”

Upon receiving the 2011 Astro My Favorite Actress Award, Myolie Wu was moved to tears. Sitting below stage, Raymond Lam (林峯) shouted, “Bosco Wong (黃宗澤)!” which made Myolie very embarrassed. Thus, Myolie said, “He (Bosco) told me not to thank him!” The audience started booing immediately and Myolie finally said embarrassedly, “Then I thank you (Bosco)!” The scene was warm and humorous!

2011 Astro On Demand Television Awards Results

My Favorite Series: Ghetto Justice

My Favorite Actor: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)

My Favorite Actress: Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)

My Favorite Supporting Actor:  Raymond Wong (Twilight Investigations)

My Favorite Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)

My Favorite On Screen Couple: Michael Tse and Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)

My Favorite Promising Actor: Vincent Wong (Gun Metal Grey)

My Favorite Promising Actress: Nancy Wu (Gun Metal Grey)

My Favorite Series Theme Song: Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)


Top 15 My Favorite Television Character Awards: 

Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)

Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)

Wayne Lai (Forensic Heroes 3)

Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)

Ruco Chan (The Other Truth)

Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)

Chilam Cheung (The Rippling Blossom)

Tavia Yeung (The Other Truth)

Kate Tsui (Forensic Heroes 3)

Kenneth Ma (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)

Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission)

Moses Chan (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)

Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)

Ron Ng (Forensic Heroes 3)

Raymond Lam (Men With No Shadows)


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Jayne: Congratulations to the winners! Will the TVB results be similar?

By the way, I found Myolie’s floral dress to be quite outstanding, as it has a unique and memorable design. The neckline could have been simpler, with sheer turtleneck design instead of all those flowers. Also, I think a sheer tummy area to break the “thick waist” misconception would have made the dress more mermaid like. I love, love her sheer skirt with flower appliques. In summary, Myolie looked elegant and memorable in her dress!

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  1. I totally agree about Myolie’s dress. I thought the neck was a little much but once I saw more pictures, the more I really liked it. I think you can see the detail best in this picture:

    I’m very happy about all the winners. Congrats to them all! I hope this reflects the TVB awards but you never know since it didn’t last year.

    1. Love Myolie’s dress! Very beautiful and elegant!

      And i am very happy about the winners too!

  2. Congratulations to Myolie and Kevin. I hope they also win TV King and Queen at TVB Award.

    Kate’s dress is like showing a lot but yet she is not. Her dress looks very sexy but not that pretty. I think the only dress that I like is Sharon’s and maybe Myolie’s .

    Fala is not there to receive the My Favorite On Screen Couple with Michael but you should see the presenter (Miss Malaysia), she looks like Fala.

    1. The past years the results are similar except for last year only so you could expect almost similar winners.

  3. I like Sharon’s and Tavia’s dress. Kate’s dress is ….

    1. Me too I like all the ladies dress. As for Myolie – it seems everyone like her dress. To me her dress gives me confusion. Bunch of flowers but doesn’t look like flower.

      She might appear on Fashion Police if she is in the US Magazine.

  4. This time round the girls seem to be more “sedate” in their dressing and not “baring” too much, which suits me fine. I agree that Myolie looks truly elegant in that flowery dress and she looks so beautiful in it.
    I’m keeping my fingers”very” crossed hoping that the results are indeed a precursor to the forthcoming TVB awards.I’d really like Kevin and Myolie to win the Most Favourite couple on screen this year but maybe I’m just getting to be too ambitious!

  5. Like Sharon’s dress!

    haha i suppose Lsughing is killing himself for not winning…

    1. ROFL who knows Laughing could be crying in the toilet after the ceremony

    2. @exoidus

      How do you think Laughing felt when the audience all shouted that Kevin will get TVB Best Actor? ROFL must be terrible 😛

      1. Laughing: the bastard Law Ba is taking my prize. It’s all over i will never win Best actor 🙁

        The laughing concept is also starting to lose it appeal. IT’S OVER!

        Whatever the ship is sinking and i might win best actor in another channel, haha

      2. In fact maybe because Kevin won this then Laughing will win the TVB.

      3. Law Ba: “Ha serves you right Laughing! You didn’t even acting in LOO you just chok and make arrogant face! 😛

        These awards are mine! Mine! ”

        And then Law Ba scratch his butt and sing in his shower

      4. Pro Sir: “Damn that Law Ba now I can’t break TVB record for 3 years TV King in a row :(“

      5. Cripple Co and Devil Fung

        Cripple Co: “Damn I’m too inexperienced to be a King to this triad, ops I mean TV station”

        Devil Fung: “This is just a hypnotism. I’ll pretend this year never happened and go straight to next where my time might come..or not”

      6. LOL,

        Keith Lau: I want the truth and the truth is my acting skills have surpassed those potatoes disguised as siu sangs such as wooden Ron. Damn i can’t handle the truth…

      7. Roger Kwok: Hello..I’m still here. Here take a look at the great reviews about my acting in WAW. What? What do you mean you can’t see me and the reviews, TVB Executives?

      8. Joe Ma: After my ambiguous sexual scenes with Rose ops I mean Sammul Chan, how can you guys ignore me? What? Oh ok sorry Miss 620, you helped me so I’ll keep quiet….

  6. Kate wore the same dress she wore at the Sale Presentation Show. Of all the dresses, I like Tavia’s dress best.

    1. Sorry, made a mistake. Kate’s dress is different from the sales presentation one. It’s the same style, so, I mistakenly thought it’s the same dress until I saw that this dress is long flowing to the floor while the sale presentation one is knee length.

    2. Kate seems to like this type of dress a lot. It’s different to the dress in Sale show but look similar. Uhm, this type of dress and hairdo really don’t look well on Kate. She actually can do better than that.

      I dun like the dress of Nancy. Maybe because her chest are too flat but she still likes to wear Deep V, so it looks weird whenever she is in one.

      1. I can’t tell what Kate’s dress looks like in ‘full’ b/c she’s sitting down, but from what I can see, it looks lovely.

        Nancy does like wearing deep Vs, although I never understand why girls think that V’s make their chests look bigger. It’s the opposite (flat or crewnecks usually work better on flatter girls).

      1. I totally agree with you! Myolie’s dress is way too much at the top that it seem a little messy. It also made her body looked really big! Sharon was the best dressed!!

  7. The event was last night won’t be able to watch it on tv until 5 Dec. Wondering why the organizer did not want to broadcast it live like TVB award. More time for editing in case anything goes wrong ? 🙂

      1. people were complaining that Ron was not chok at all or was blank faced during the TVB anniversary gala, but in this picture, it’s totally different. Ron is one who is choking and Bosco is kinda choking. Surprisingly, Ray is not choking at all.

      2. Proven that Ron once again blank faced on TV screen but can make faces when he’s fooling around and not under pressure

  8. Myolie’s dress is the most gorgeous. Sharon’s is not bad. I don’t like Tavia and Kate’s dress, the materials look cheap.

    I’m proud of Myolie’s achievement this year and the great height she has conquered in her acting. You can tell from her expressions that she’s proud of herself too and she should. and I’m looking forward for GJ2 next year with our Best Actor and Best Actress. It must be great! 😀

    I have a feeling the TVB Anniversary Award results will be just like this too. I’m sorry Michael.

    1. Dun forget last year Moses won AOD and white hand, oh yeah, only the Performance blah blah one in TVB. Then I guess it’ll happen again to Kevin and Laughing.

      1. I say 50-50. Anyone of Laughing or Law Ba can win. Who 620 loves more now

      2. Ms. Lok loves definitely Kevin more but it’s not just up to her at tvb.

        Anyway, ms. Lok must have enjoyed this trip. She got to see all her Yummy boys at once.

  9. congratz to all winners. gracious/touching winning speech Myolie made. hope tv king n queen will be repeated on 12/5. btw, Myolie looked gorgeous. liked Sharon’s gown too.

  10. The buttom of Myolie’s dress is SO beautiful, but the top is way too busy. Such a shame.

  11. I didn\’t even know this was on TV!!!!

    Anyway why they all sit like that??

    1. Funn,
      Is not on TV yet . Will be air on 5 Dec. That’s why why can’t they make it live. Disappointing

      1. I always thought it is live show? No? Why? Scared got riot for the losers?

      2. So they will compete to air the same day as tvb awards?


        If aimee won, I would riot too!

      3. My apology , the AOD award will be be air on 3 Dec. Typo error. cheers. 5 is the TVB award. 😉

  12. Any time I see Wayne’s pants this day, I think it’s kinda out of his age :P. Too shining. And Laughing’s pose in the group picture is a bit off. Out of all men, Vincent Wong looks very “spring” – the effect of new groom?

    1. If those are leather or patent leather pants, it can get quite hot and uncomfortable. Maybe Wayne and laughing switched pants.

      And I’m not sure why Vincent is holding a fan.

  13. Raymond lam is not at the central of the picture anymore? Poor Raymond…..

    I’m very very very glad that myolie and Kevin get the recognizing!!! They where out standing.

    Myolie has a good taste! Dress is fabulouse! Dress of Sharon is not bad. Dress of nancy is mah mah, i have seen better. Dress of Kate and tavia are cheap!

  14. Love myolie dress, look like midsummer night dream…kate dress look tacky, tavia look oldand lau phai ( the dress and color make her look like mud 40). That lady in red look outdated style…

  15. Out of all ladies’ evening gowns, I agree that Myolie’s is the best, and then Sharon Chan’s. I don’t like the others’, either not classy or old-fashioned.

    For men’s attires, I don’t like Wayne’s particularly …. he is too old for that kind of outfit!

  16. I like Myolie’s dress too, it’s very nice and elegant. Sometimes she does have good dressing sense.

  17. I’m sorry, Jayne.. I find Myolie’s dress the shredded version of Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

  18. I would prefer Michael Tse to win the award ,however Kevin deserve it ,why Charmaine seh not nominated in My Favorite Television Character list ?is astro award a joke?

      1. In China now… For her money is more important than any award now . She did not attend TVB anniversary and will not be attending coming TVB award. Money, money, money

    1. I actually voted once online but not for Charmaine…I don’t think her character as ‘Sister Fa’ was that great to be honest…if she won for that, it will be funnier to me.

  19. I agree…. Myolie looks GREAT!!!
    She has Style!!!!!

    Very happy for her & Kevin.

  20. I like myolies dress. It suits her well. What is up with these HK actresses? They are skin cover bones. It’s scary looking. I love tavias face structure. She’s really pretty. Well all the ladies looks good in their own way. Mates dress looks like a granni. Nancy doesn’t look good in that dress. Sharon looks glamourous.

  21. am i the only one who ever see tvb stars dressed really out there for awards hows? literally, i remember one year someone was wearing like horns and stuff sticking out of their shoulders.

    anyways, congrats to the winners 🙂

  22. Congrats to the winners!

    I’m with most commenters – love Myolie’s dress and the translucent skirt is lovely.

    Nancy looks blah, which is unfortunate b/c she has the most striking face out of the females and also has height to wear something like Myolie or Sharon.

    Tavia looks tacky and Michael should be wearing black socks!

    Is that Wayne in leather pants??? The things you end up wearing once you win TVB Best Actor…

  23. Everytime I see Myolie I think of Bosco flashing his neighbors.

    1. AHAHAHHAHAHA oh gosh that made me laugh…

      i think bosco wore such a sexy outfit!! i dont know if that’s a necklace or like a gimmicky collar… nonetheless it looks so sexy :O

      loving the photo of ray ron and bosco.. love them 3!!

  24. You know, I really enjoy reading your comments above. Some of you can really be funny and some witty as well. Your descriptions can be so funny, like when you wondered who the person was who wore “horn” like things on her shoulders. She did look weird, I must say, and she was Linda Chung. I sometimes wonder whether those of whom we write and make comments on do read them. I think it can do them good as they can take a good look at themselves to see whether what’s said is true and then try and improve on their shortcomings.

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