Tavia Yeung: “I Have Confidence to Win TVB Best Actress!”

Above: Tavia Yeung was a big winner at the Astro on Demand Awards, including winning Best Actress.

Freshly awarded the Favorite Actress award at Malaysia’s Astro on Demand Awards, Tavia Yeung’s ( 楊怡) road to success was not easily handed to her. After working in the industry for 13 years and playing a range of characters from an extra to a supporting cast member, Tavia finally has earned the acknowledgement for her acting. The rise to fame has certainly come at a cost because Tavia is facing more negative rumors this year, including the car-shaking incident with rumored boyfriend, Him Law (羅仲謙). But as a seasoned actress, Tavia has long prepared herself for this journey, so she will only continue to work hard and cherish the opportunities presented to her.

“I’ve never thought about giving up in the past 13 years because I feel like I have to make the best use of the opportunities ahead of me. I do have some confidence to win TVB’s TV Queen award because it is a reflection of my progress as an actress. But I’ve never had the luck to win awards anyways, so I’ll just approach it with a neutral mindset. Of course, I’ll be happy if I win, but even I don’t, it doesn’t mean I lost because at least I was able to experience the journey.”

Tavia’s lack of rumors and controversy in her early career led many to think that she is a very boring person, but she shared that in reality, there is a different side to her.

“I’m actually afraid of interacting with strangers because I don’t know how to find topics to carry a conversation – it doesn’t feel natural to me. However, when I’m with my close friends, I can be very crazy.  When I’m home alone, I can also be quiet and get lost in my own thoughts. So my personality can change drastically.”

“I’m not the type to crack jokes and make people laugh, but if the opportunity arises, I’d love to act in a comedy and test my limits to see if I do have a comedic side. For me, it’s easy to do crying and touching scenes, but I think making people laugh is extremely challenging.”

Regarding her rumored relationship with Him Law, Tavia said, “Having both a career and relationship is very important. I need to work to support my family, but as a woman, I also wish to have a shoulder to lean on in my times of need. I used to say that I want to get married before 30, but now, I just let nature take its course.”

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  1. It’s pretty cool how Hippocratic Crush sweeped the awards since it aired so early

    1. Although TY might be boring to some ppl but i find her comment to be really genuine..

  2. Very happy for you Tavia! Hope this will lead to something good at the TVB award show!

  3. I really hope she wins! I think she’s an amazing actress and she totally deserves this award

  4. Really hope that the tvb award winners would be the same as AOD!!! Well not really Him Law for Best supporting actor because I think there are far more better actors (power chan, koo ming wah, etc.)

    1. ALthough it’d be great to see Him take home the award, but I agree, I think other actors nominated are seen to be better and more deserving to win. But I wish him all the best!! 🙂

  5. Tavia’s nose looks better and more natural in the above photo. Probably she has it fixed again. Good for her!

    1. … laugh that you always make comments targeting her nose. Good job.

      1. Most people in the industry had some parts of their body or face fixed.. Get over it.

      2. that’s right. it’s not a big news among Korea celebrities as 90% of the pretty & handsome ones have done plastic or cosmetic surgery. btw, raymond lam has obvious face changes but i don’t see the media targeting him as much as they attacked tavia. weird on their biasness.

      3. B/c LF’s smaller nose looks better but tavia’s bigger nose looks worse. She should just get it reversed. I think she looked the best in HOG.

      4. “btw, raymond lam has obvious face changes but i don’t see the media targeting him as much as they attacked tavia. weird on their biasness.”

        Raymond looks good after his face change. Tavia looks worse. That’s why people talk about her nose so often. It’s very obvious and distracting.

      5. You guys sure like obssessing over the size of her nose, must be shameful of your own face and nose in order to constantly critcise others faces lol.

      6. so true about raymond lam. he has had at lease a few surgeries to fix his nose. his old nose was flat and big but who cares. stop hating peeps.

      7. ^jkjk! Raymond did a huge PS. His face was square and now it is sharp but CHOK!

      8. lol anonymous and you think she is the only one in the E circle that do PS? why don’t you go and insult rest of the people for doing PS too?

  6. Good job Tavia!! I hope you will grasp the TVB’s Best Actress Award in about 2 weeks.

  7. You totally deserve the BEST ACTRESS AWARD! I think it’s so competitive this year because there are so many good contenders. I liked Kate in HAL, but I think that Tavia’s character had more of an opportunity to show RANGE, whereas Kates character is more gloomy throughout (I’m not downplaying her acting chops for those Kate fans out there).

    1. I totally agree. Tavia shows more range in SSSS and her character is becoming more interesting as the series progresses.

  8. My VOTE is for You, Tavia! (TVB best actress).

    Eventhough the SSSS rating is average, but your acting in the series is quite good.

    I am glad cuz you dont forget your root (the 13th acting class)

  9. wow, she really looks like an auntie in the pic, did she inject collagen into her cheeks? she trying her best to scare her boyfriend away?

    1. Making such a shallow comment, I could imagine you would do something similar to your own face.

      1. @ catie, if you like her face so much, suggest you go for plastic to look like hers, maybe that’s your level of an idol? would you even wear a t-shirt with this picture printed on it? don’t know what’s tvb doing nowadays? promoting plastics? and drugs? maybe your cup of tea but not mine, there should be a contract with actors.. no drugs and plastics!! after all they want to monopolise the whole industry, by the way, why they keep on releasing bad pics of her?

      2. @ catie, i think normal people wouldn’t criticise others on the streets, just actors who have to take really nice photos to sell themselves since they are in the industry, would you go to a usd1000 concert of some actor to watch her wear a udd3 dress?

      3. @ catie No wonder you like Travia so much. She can’t think properly too.

      4. @ catie didn’t you made a comment about travia earlier.. laugh that you always make comments targeting her nose Good job

    2. just because you dislike some part of her face, it doesnt have to mean she did anything to it. might as well say shes born ugly than come up with stupid reasons like that.

      1. we all know she’s not born ugly so why lie about it, it’s just plastic gone wrong, maybe she should sue the doc and person who adviced her to go for plastic.. some fortune teller?

    3. she is pretty probably way prettier than you are so its ok too get over it.

    4. @blast & anonymous: aiyah, i’m pretty sure most celebs in the industry have had some changes here and there. No biggie!

      Anyway to her defense, she looks AMAZING in person, much better than how she looks in pictures and on screen.

      1. but ppl want to see beauty and fantasy on tele else they would’t be wasting their time .. maybe to forget about about their own problems for a while or rest

      2. I saw her in real person too. She looks more stunning and prettier compare in pictures and on screen. Hope she will win BA in the comming TVB award. GO Tavia!!!

      3. @poll: that’s like saying “you’re ugly thus you’re forbidden from appearing on tv”. tons of celebs found fame based on their ugly looks (like the guy with buck tooth and a coconut hairstyle, couldn’t recall his name)

        But yeah true, your statement does have some logical basis.

    1. If it makes you sick. U shouldn’t read her news as you will to come across her face obviously. I don’t really like tavia last time but i don’t go around insulting her. I really admire Tavia as she has a great character. She is humble and not competitive at all.

    2. @ pop, she’s competitive else she wouldn’t say that she has confidence to win BA

    3. @right- isn’t that confidence? Confidence and competitive is two different things. Can’t u interpret things properly? Do u have a problem in interpreting things? How old are you? Your mind is so shallow. Maybe u can try to figure out what is the difference.

  10. hope tavia wins ba this year!! her role in ssss is getting better and better!!

    BA material 🙂

  11. anonymous has obviously spammed everywhere to bring down Tavia’s reputation – so immatured.

  12. Haha, everyone has a right to make a comment here.

    if ‘anonymous’ thinks he/she can ‘brng down’ tavia’s reputation just by making constant spamming hate comments all over this site, then he/she has definitely overestimated him/her self lmao. Sadcase.

  13. Don’t care what haters have to say about tavia….bc I still freaking LOVEEEE her!!

    Regardless I still think she’s beautiful, I am entitled to my opinion and I’m not gonna let a bunch of haters sway the way I think!

    Whoot whoot tavia for BA. 🙂 🙂

    1. true what has she ever done to them that made them hate her so much. i understand that they have their idols but still she is an actress. Do you even know who she is in her real life? You dont even know her and yet hating her. i dont get it.

    2. Looks and talent can be mutually exclusive. I too also think the award will be hers, doesn’t mean I think she is pretty. She is rather plain.

      1. She does have talent but I wouldn’t say she’s pretty. She was definitely easier on the eyes shortly after she debuted and looked totally fine but now it’s just so hard to concentrate on her acting without being distracted by her so called “enhancement”.

  14. “Regarding her rumored relationship with Him Law”

    Why still rumoured? Because if it is confirmed no one will bother anymore? You mean that’s not what she wants?

    It would seem he is eager to confirm, she is eager to be mysterious.

  15. really don’t like Tavia…i know she has a lot of fans…anyway…i wish anyone else to win but her…sigh…i just watch those TVB drama which without her….

    1. And if she didn’t, you’d be the one to complain as well. Just in case you didn’t realise, every artist wears makeup, light or heavy, it’s still makeup. Deal with it lol.

      1. @pop you are being selfish, everyone can comment whatever they feel, it’s a free world eg you can’t be scold every person who don’t like the color black

      2. Yes u can! I never said u can’t I also an comment whatever I feel.

  16. Her role in THC was pretty nice. She deserves an award for that role. it is just bad that she got nominated for SSSS instead. Should have followed Kenneth Ma and be nominated for THC.

  17. @pop you are being selfish, others can comment whatever suits them

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