Fans Angry That Ron Ng Has Little Screen Time in “Forensic Heroes 3”

Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Kate Tsui ( 徐子珊), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) appeared in Halloween costumes to promote Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>. Netizens complained that the characters in Forensic Heroes 3 possessed very little realism. Fans also protested that Ron Ng possessed little screen time in Forensic Heroes 3, slipping from leading role to being a “big extra.” Ron thanked the audience in speaking up for him, but he indicated that the amount of screen time was okay.

Ron’s rumored girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張馨予), indicated on her blog that she had lost her cell phone. Asked whether he was anxious that their joint photos together may be exposed, Ron replied, “As we did not take such photos, that should not happen! Friends did take some photos, but there are no unauthorized photos. I often delete my text messages sent to family and friends after I read them. They are just normal text messages. Tabloid’s published text messages between celebrities are often fabricated!”

Wayne Lai Supports Ron Ng

Regarding fans’ allegations that Ron was reduced to a “big extra” in Forensic Heroes 3 with little screen time, Wayne Lai supported Ron and said that was not the case. Wayne noted that Ron participated in the filming of more scenes than himself. As a forensic scientist, Wayne’s character would only arrive on the scene after the discovery of a dead body. The physical comfort level of his scenes made Wayne feel guilty. When the reporter pointed out that Wayne’s salary was very high, he joked that he possessed the lowest salary at TVB.

Kate Tsui Shows Cleavage As a Sexy Ghost

Kate dressed as a sexy ghost at the Forensic Heroes 3 promotional event. However, she wore a vampire cloak to wrap up her figure, in an attempt to reduce skin exposure. Finally, when Producer Miu Siu Ching (梅小青) ordered to “boost the ratings,” Kate exposed a bit more of her cleavage. During the photo session, Kate complained shrilly, “This is making me feel very embarrassed!”

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Jayne: Happy Halloween! What was everyone’s costume?

I think Aimee Chan would have looked awesome as “Wonder Woman”!

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  1. look like Ron is slowly fading away. Hardly remember him in any memorable role in tvb series.

    1. i kinda agree with Ita. Ron is slowly fading away. besides the “policeman” character he plays in police academy, i could hardly remember he played any role which is memorable.

  2. I think Ron has a fair share of screentime in the role he plays. Wayne is the 1st lead and Ron is 2nd, it’s understandable that Ron’s screentime cannot be compare with Wayne the 1st bro in TVB I dont get the fuss of these Ron’s fans complaining about his less screentime..they should be happy since tvb gave Ron more roles in this year.

    1. While it’s true that Ron’s scenes should not be compared to that of Wayne’s, Ron’s character is not only lacking “character”, but also screen time. He simply doesn’t have his own story other than this work. Let’s see Wayne has his family story. Maggie and Kate are very good friends. I honestly feel that even Kate’s mother played by Mary Hon has more personality/humor than Ron. xD But who knows what Ron does after work? o.O

      1. And going up to Kate’s home for soup doesn’t count! 😛

      2. So far, we know that Wind likes to practice taekwondo after work. Also he and madam ling know how to bust a move to hip hop music.

        I feel Kate’s character is more puzzling. I think the producer wanted her to be like a Charlie’s angel. Fala wasn’t too believable as a Sr. inspector either but at least she didn’t try to look so glamorous all the time.

      3. Maybe TVB’s just playing mysterious and isn’t going to reveal Ron’s backstory until later on lol. Because according to the character profile on the official website (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD OF THIS SENTENCE), Ron comes from an extremely rich family.

  3. It is so true that Ron’s role in FH3 isn’t memorable at all. Even Edwin who is supposedly third lead/second supporting is more interesting and fun to watch than Ron. Edwin’s bickering scenes with Aimee may be lame, but it’s still for humor purposes. (Btw, I also feel that Aimee’s performance is dragging Edwin’s a bit down too.) Ron is just another ke-le-fe in the series. 🙁

    1. Agree, Ron’s role in this series is like a big kelefe not because of lesser screen time but his character itself is boring to watch.

      1. I like Ron’s character in FH3. He’s a nice guy. I don’t find him boring. What his character lack is a story of his own. For now, he’s just one of the cops. But, if the wikipedia for FH3 is reliable, Ron’s father will be featured in the second last case.

  4. I personally find Ron Ng can’t really act if you were to compare him with the rest of the male actors, I would say he’s the worst. TVB trying to promote him because they find him good looking and he has bunch of fans but after many years I don’t see any improvement in his acting skills.

    1. Agree, I think LF has better acting skill than Ron Ng if you ask me..Ron in all series shows the same facial expression..very boring.

  5. Ron dancing is always better than his acting. Maybe many disagree with tis but I feel Ron acting not as woody compare his previous series. It unfortunate for him does not attract paparazi to chasing over him like Ray. His look not any inferior than Ray. Maybe because Ray have audience fate luck compare to Ron. I do love both 2R.

    1. If we compare who dance better, I’d choose Ron over LF..but if we compare who act better, I’d choose LF over Ron..(PS: if there is only 1 option like LF or Ron, no one else lol, I definitely don’t think LF’s acting is that great or etc)

      Maybe different point of view, I view Ron’s acting as boring because he displays wooden impression all the time (in my opinion)..

      oh yeah..i nearly forgot about comparing the 2R LOOKS…Actually I find both to be “ok” not ugly looking..I won’t say Ron’s look is any inferior than RAy since Ron has a rather tall nose that match his face etc so he’s quite appealing overall.

      1. Sad to say this, but if you are talking about Ron’s dancing skill 4 years ago :(, I’ll agree.

        Ron is handsome, but I have the feeling that he scared the camera. He looks lively and natural until the camera appears and he seems to give dead look in front of it.

      2. Ron actually acts with more emotions whenever LF is arround =))

      3. Dancing well doesn’t get u anywhere unless u can sing too. Unfortunately for Ron, he can’t. I think after TITS, he was more popular than ray. But since then, ray had lot more opportunity b/c he has more singing and acting talent. Ron hasn’t shown much improvement to me.

        Btw, I think Ron is shopping at the same shoe store as Joel Chan. Not sure if it’s part of his “costume” or not.

    2. Me too. I do love 2R together. Whenever they are together, there is a special feeling that no other brothermance couple can do. It’s the warm feeling. Such as in The Four, any scene of Lang Huet and Mo Ching is better than Lang Huet and Cilla’s chac, dun rmb name.

      1. I think Ray’s presence makes Ron more relaxed and he performs better. Ron was good in The Four and TOB – but in the latter, he became awfully boring in scenes without either Ray or Nancy.

  6. Ok, if next there is any scandal involved Ron and Viann, we’ll know where is the source :P.

  7. well good for wooden ron to fade away. Edwin another bruce fan haha…

  8. I think his acting improved especially in A Chip Off the Old Block. He was very natural n funny in there. I think his character might have over shadow Sunny’s character. N wasnt he praised for his acting in that one mainland series Pretty Maid….

  9. For me, for over 10 years, Ron’s acting stays the same, his dancing go downhill and he’s turning fat.

    What a pity, he had been given loads of opportunities, just that he couldn’t shine.

  10. well thats because you have Wayne lai, maggie cheung and kate tsui hogging the series. too bad. go tell ron to film another series.

  11. Somehow Ron Ng’s roles are all those impulsive, police kind of role.
    I kind of agree with the article “from leading role to being a “big extra” ” .
    Quite true …

    1. agreed i’m sick of Ron always getting Kate to pair with him and sick of Kate herself. No other actress in TVB?

  12. Another thing I dislike about this guy, he’s too arrogant. He commented somewhere that Michael Tse is lousy (something like that) running down another person. But, his own acting skills is not what I considered good.

  13. Ron Ng is like Shirley Yeung. popular in her early years and look where is she now…..reduced to scabbing leftovers

  14. Ron is not good acting and gets worse. He is young but acting is not his career. Ron should have never stepped his feet into drama series

    1. I am a Ron fan. Yes agree that Ron is wooden at times but he is better then those new actors that tvb are hiring!! Some talk funny and some …lets just say looks like they are forcing thier lines out..

  15. Ha. Ron is handsome. Now, hes not THAT famous as he used to be. But I guess that’s good for some stars, for you don’t want to “ATTRACT ATTENTION’, Ron is LUCKY> I WANT TO MEET HIM.

  16. I agree…Ron’s part isn’t too memorable and his character isn’t too interesting or spunky. Mainly, the audience didn’t connect with his character. Other than him coming from a rich family and becoming a cop for fun, we don’t know anymoe about him. He should step up his game and demand a bit more character for his roles. On the contrary, people related more to Wayne and Maggie’s character because they have better lines and we get a peek into their past. Anyhow, I did start losing interest in this show after a couple of episodes. Aside from the forensic team solving all the mysteries and everyone just randomly being killed off, yawn yawn, the story line was pretty much predictable. No sparks between the characters either, hence everyon’e feeling of Ron falling into the cold seat.

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