Ron Ng Continues to Protect Viann Zhang Despite Intimate Photos With Ex-Boyfriend

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) appeared at the prayer ceremony for TVB series, Prominent Family <名媛望族> yesterday. Regarding the circulation of girlfriend, Viann Zhang’s (張馨予) old sex photos taken with her ex-boyfriend, Ron noted that everyone had a past. He also denied that Viann possessed an unreasonable personality.  Correcting the public impression that he was afraid of his girlfriend, Ron said that his behavior was a form of “respect.”

Ron Ng: “It Is Good to Face the Past”

Earlier, Ron Ng apologized on behalf of girlfriend, Viann Zhang, when she “mistakenly” posted a bed photo of herself on his blog. With the exposure of past sex photos of Viann and her ex-boyfriend, Ron continued to protect her. “It is a good thing that she took the initiative to face her past. I hope that the public does not continue to push her and me; please give us some space. She needs to work and I do too. I hope this does not affect everyone.” (How is your current relationship with Viann?) “I will not respond further on the matter. Anyhow, please give me some space.” Regarding rumors that Viann was formerly married, Ron did not respond on the matter.

Viann Zhang: “I Shot the Nude Photos Because I Loved Him!”

Viann’s manager, Jason, responded on Viann’s behalf regarding the exposure of past sex photos taken with her boyfriend, “He was a college boyfriend. Since I was not yet officially working in the industry and I loved him at the time, I took those pictures.” Viann admitted her mistake, “I ​​am also regretful of my actions and will not behave in this manner again. The photos has circulated prior to my entry in the entertainment industry. The photos were leaked through my ex-boyfriend’s blog. When I first saw them, I felt very angry because the photos impacted my  image severely. I felt betrayed. Now the photos are being recycled for new; I find it to be pointless! ”

Both Ron and Viann will be appearing in Shaw Brothers’ Lunar New Year film, I Love Hong Kong 2 <2012喜上加囍>.  At another promotional event yesterday, Producer Eric Tsang (曾志偉) revealed that Ron will portray a dancer in a cameo role in the movie. Asked whether Ron and Viann will be featured in the same scenes together, Eric joked, “We do not know if they are brave enough to do so. We have to see which scenes will be allotted. Perhaps we will need to prepare a bed for the scene!”

On the night that Viann posted a photo of herself laying in bed on Ron’g blog, he acknowledged that he had gone to a karaoke establishment with Raymond Lam (林峯), Benedict (莊冬昕) and others until dawn. Ron emphasized that only men were present and that women were absent from their group that evening.


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Are fans still shocked by such intimate photos anymore? Viann’s saving grace may be that all her important parts are not revealed in the photos.

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  1. The only thing I’m amazed about is that she denied getting plastic surgery!

    1. I agree… I hate it when they deny getting plastic surgery when it is sooo obvious, especially in her case…She transformed into a different person…

  2. I’ve seen these pics too. The only thing that disturbs me is she looks like a ghost in the pics. Why do guys like unnatural looking girls?

  3. is viann zhang famous? what movie/drama did she play? i’ve never heard a thing about her besides she is ron ng’s girlfriend.

    1. According to

      Chase Our Love
      Summer Love Love
      If You Are The One II

      I’ve watched Chase Our Love. Viann’s acting was pretty good in the movie.

  4. Grr. Viann scares me. All of these photos are so disgusting. I’ve seen them before. I can’t believe Ron is willing to put up with this. Though if Ron loves her then I won’t do anything about it…

  5. Why do all the guys look like Edison in these pictures and as for she, she looks like some life sized doll? she looks lifeless.

  6. wow… she looks pretty frightening in a few of those pics!! What did she do to her face?

  7. She looks different compare to now in the 1st pic..if you all ever notice, her nose in the 1st pic looks bigger than now!

    And her eyes, they were not as pretty as those pics..

    She probably had completed 80% of surgery back then.. and she’s now 100% completed.

    1. They’re adult, nothing hype about touching boobs. It’s common to have sex if they were inlove

    2. Of course it is sex… I don’t see what is wrong with touching boobs if they are having sex. That is normal since people do even crazier things than that…

    3. i mean, for an actress/or actor posting that up might ruin their image.

      1. I agree and I think a lot of them are crazy for first of all, taking photos like that but also posting up or even having them on their computer(like with Edison) is a big risk…. I sometimes wonder if they want others to see them like that??? Or else why would they do such stupid things??



  9. You are quite right and I agree absolutely with you, Evieta. If you are in the public eye you have to be prepared to lead a scandalous-free life. Cannot avoid some rumour here and there but that should be all. Especially when you are at the top of your profession it should be more so, like Elizabeth II, who has kept a blameless life style. Such people are really worthy to be at the top. Sorry if I sound like a prude but I maintain that certain old fashioned values are still good.

  10. I will never understand why people take such pictures. I think most of us can agree people should not take such pictures, yet people continue to do it and magazines continue to publish them.

    It’s increasingly hard to defend Ron’s judgement in dating her. I know it’s his own personal business but seriously, he can do way better.

  11. They said what goes around, comes around! As Ron Ng is said to be the Hong Kong playboy, now, he gets a girl who has a past! On personal account, my good frien’s bro used to screw women around, making them pregnant and thereafter, abortion, yet his own wife is not a virgin! If you are someone who goes around breaking other women’s virgin, then do not expect ot marry a virgin!!! (this is my personal account. Not directing at Ron Ng whatsoever)

  12. Looking at this photos while she is still at college and her current photos. . I dont believe that she did NOT get plastic surgery. Why not she just admit????
    Plastic surgery no big deal . .right??
    She think netizens are stupid. .cannot see the different???
    Poor Ron. . . .

    1. Did you see her before plastic surgery and after plastic surgery photos?? She looked like a completely different person before… I can’t believe that she has no shame to lie to her teeth like that when it is sooo obvious that she completely changed her face… But then again, a woman like her seems to not care about whether she has any dignity or shame left…

      1. And one will wonder why Ron still likes her deeply…

        Maybe her bed skill is really that Amazing??

      2. Seriously where is the sex tape when you need one? I mean for intellectual discourse. Seriously, she is pretty and she has a nice body, fake or real, doesn’t matter. Maybe, she has a personality to match. The point is .. what’s my point…errrr…he loves her for who she is?

      3. @Funn,

        I still think her bed skill is one of the major reason why Ron is so deeply inloves with her. Judging from those photo taking action by Viann, she seems like someone who like attention, flirty, vixen, sweet talking etc. I think that what make a man melt in bed especially HAHA.

      4. This is the when the value of Ron starts decreasing for me.

        In the beginning it was sweet that he defended his gf, and didn’t mind her past, and didn’t mind that there were plastic rumors about her.

        The drama that Viann started with the pouty in bed photo, angry with Ron, and the ups and downs of their love life… starts to grate.

      5. Aren’t we selfish or what?

        It’s Ron who’s dating Viann and clearly it have nothing to do with us LOL

        but we tried to tell Ron to dump her just because “WE” think she’ll ruin Ron’s image and do more damages..but seriously…who are we? we’re just his fans who have no real relationship with ROn…

      6. Believe me, he will leave her eventually if she continues doing what she did so publicly. I mean realistically speaking you think he will marry her? Who you date and who you marry are 2 different people. Of course you should marry who you love/lust but how many will do that?

      7. Funn,

        Maybe Viann is threatening Ron with the sex video and pics they had? so Ron won’t break up with her easily…

      8. I agree with Veejay that Ron will eventually dump her if she continues to act this way… Maybe her bed skill is still really good… I wonder if Ron is careful when they are in bed since he may accidently mess up her fake nose and boobs… Scary….

      9. Maybe Viann’s bed skill is really good despite her plastic face and body. She looks like a blow up doll in the ex bf pics. It’s scary

  13. When theres a sedx video, i think the guy hasn othing to loose but the girl has everything to loose. RIGHT? so, even if Viann & Ron had a sex tape, she tend to loose out and NOT Ron.

    1. But then again, even if there was one and it did leak, I wonder what the big deal is?? First of all, we all know that they are dating and together so it’s not like we don’t know. Since they are in a relationship, wouldn’t it be normal to have sex?? It would be more embarassing for them to have their private moments exposed, that’s all. IN Raymond’s case with Mavis, Raymond lied about dating or being with her or anyone so it was more of a big deal…

      1. I think you are wrong :P. The scandal of LF and PSS wasn’t focused on he lied about dating but more about their images and who broke up first as well as the reason for them to break. It’s typical way of digging stories by the reporters. Not many ppl care for the lie of dating.

        The sex tape leaked will be a big deal because ppl will know how they have sex. Look at EDC. Everyone know he is a sex-addicted before the scandals, but seeing the pix of him to do that with girls, they still feel loathsome.

    2. Ron should be smarter than that after seeing what happened to LF. Unless Viann hid the camera somewhere and remote controlled it secretly or installing CCTV 😛

      1. CCTV won’t do anything related to this. CCTV is a serious channels chain.

        Next, Face, Sudden, Oriental Sunday, Three Weekly, etc. are the better destination.

  14. Thank to this article, I know Ben 莊冬昕’s name is actually Benedict, lol. Only know him as Ben.

  15. Ron was sensible until his dating rumours with V started. How old was she when she took those photos? So young yet so cheap already.

    I wonder if Ron is under some voodoo spell ??

    1. @Jasmine7

      “I wonder if Ron is under some voodoo spell ??”

      ROFL but I got what you mean. It’s like Ron is so in love with her that whatever she did or is doing don’t effect his love for her all!

    2. Said that it’s was her bf in highschool. Highschool musical, I guess.

  16. I wonder how Ron accepted those photos?
    He must have love her very much but can’t he see that this lady giving him problems?? I think she did 80% plastic surgery to get her current look. Haiz. .

  17. Hmm sounds fishy, guy so forgiving?. Viann probably has sex tape if Ron or something of same kind like naked pics etc.

    You better be kuai kuai Ron, or i’ll leaked out your tape or pics said viann haha.

    1. Or maybe Ron is under her spell? any mistake, havoc she created, Ron will forgive her..

      I guess treatment really varies when it comes to a pretty and ugly, fat girl!

  18. viannn looks scary in these photos. isn’t she embarrass when her parents, relatives, teachers and friends see these photos? i know i would be. she seems to go for good looking guys instead of old men. btw, is that really a F cup? looks smaller.

  19. Oh Lord, he needs to get a grip in dating this plastic Viann. She’s not worth it. Dump the dumbo!

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