Viann Zhang Delivers Herself at Ron Ng’s Apartment to Comfort Him

Earlier, voluptuous mainland actress, Viann Zhang (張馨予), raided boyfriend, Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) Weibo account and posted her bed photo on his blog. Arriving in Hong Kong to film movie, I Love Hong Kong 2 < 2012我愛HK喜上加囍>, Viann took out her “love weapon” by giving Ron a luxury men’s suit and arriving secretly at his apartment for midnight rendezvous! After sleeping over at Ron’s apartment the night before, Viann was caught red-handed at 8 AM while leaving in a 7-passenger vehicle!

The 36F cup 24-year-old, Viann Zhang, met Ron Ng while he was filming Pretty Maid <大丫鬟> in China last year. The pair frequently exchanged messages on their Weibo blogs. In anticipation of Viann’s arrival in Hong Kong and to facilitate easier meetings, Ron rented a private “nest” near his $30,000 HKD apartment in the Ho Man Tin district. Although Viann got in trouble by uploading her photo on Ron’s blog earlier, she offered her “secret love delivery service” to win Ron over!

No Fun in Returning Back to Hotel

Arriving in Hong Kong to film a movie and pictorial, Viann allegedly boarded a white 7-passenger car for several nights to deliver herself at Ron’s apartment in the middle of the night. Ron did not have to film for several days. Last night, Viann hurried to Ron’s house after filming and did not emerge until 8 AM in the morning.

Viann’s vehicle headed towards Causeway Bay and she entered a hair salon to get a hair cut. One hour later, accompanied by staff, Viann headed to South Bay and Mount Davis for a photo shoot. Wearing a sexy halter top, Viann appeared to be in lively spirits. Discovering the presence of reporters, Viann sneakily switched to another 7-passenger car. Viann’s attempt to foil the paparazzi failed and she was tailgated back to her hotel.

Unable to Leave Ron Ng

It was known that Viann was scheduled to leave Hong Kong today after completing her scenes in I Love Hong Kong 2. “Submerging in water” for several days, Ron returned to work to film Prominent Family <名媛望族> today. There were rumors that Viann could not bear to leave Ron Ng. Temporarily changing her itinerary and postponing her departure for several days, Viann hoped to cuddle with Ron for a big longer.


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: It is only normal for Viann and Ron to see each other while she is in Hong Kong. I hope Ron does not get “frozen” for leading such a high profile relationship.

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    1. i cant read chinese. what did she say on weibo. please can you translate it to english?

      1. I wonder the same thing but hey aren’t many new reports like this?? But then some are more true than others… This one seems to have more fiction rather than fact though.

    2. Maria,out of curiosity, do you find Shi Qui cheap also? or only Viann

  1. They say “you may not be ugly if you can achieve a result like this after plastic surgery” make me wonder now if that picture of Viann before her surgery was truly her????

    Her surgery result looks too smooth and hard to believe they have been under the knife or maybe Viann’s old looks before the surgery doesn’t look much different than now??

    1. I think it was her since I have seen other plastic surgery transformations that are even greater than Viann’s. But I am still sickened by the fact that she can still lie about it…

    2. Viann must be pretty well off or else where would she get all the money for all the transformation? She must’ve had things done before she become popular

    1. Wow, the paps must’ve had fun following viann’s special delivery service.

      But it’s good that she’s keeping Ron’s bed warm at night b/c tvb will probably freeze him soon.

      1. Maybe she’s good in bed skills and gives Ron a warm cuddle and treats after a hard day filming

  2. If they’re going out and its pretty much public now, then there’s nothing wrong with this. No big deal to me. BF & GF spend the night together…oh how scandalous lol.

    1. Yeah really no big deal but they’re practicing a rather high profile relationship than a quiet one..which most high profile relationship won’t last long…

    1. he always kept a low profile about his relationships. he has had many rumours with many of his female friends but few of them have been comfirmed. I think alot of them are just rumours. I do hope he finds someone better than viann though.. he deserves better.

  3. Mainland girls surely know how to serve their man so that they are happy. As a woman, I feel quite ashamed that these Mainland girls are using every trick possible to get a man to stay with them. If I was married, for sure he is not traveling to Mainland without me. I know not all Mainland women are the same but I heard way too many stories that it just scares me a bit.

    1. I agreed with Sulksight, Mainland girls will fins all ways to get their man and serve their man well, Heard too many stories abt them..real stories from my friends. . . very scary.
      I am sure Ron will be frozen. . poor Ron.

      1. He won’t be frozen for this reason because TVB’s new trend is “love revealed”.

      2. He won’t be frozen. Same as what Fox said the new trend is admitting and opening.

      3. But it’s “love reveal” with other TVB artistes so they can generate more income. Eg. Moses & Aimee, Myolie & Bosco. Not a mainland bimbo who gets super jealous of anyone with a vagina that goes near Ron. In fact if she gets more threatening, Kate may stay away = less money for TVB.

  4. This is what you get for liking these types of girls although hey, nothing wrong since nearly every guy is a hungry wolf.

  5. Do you guys really think he will be frozen? Hasn’t it been ‘known’ for quite a bit already??

  6. She is really plastic. I don’t think she is pretty at all. I can’t stand women having this and that done. She is very fake. The same applies to Ron Ng, he thinks he is so handsome, but look at the state of him.

  7. Ron deserves better -_- can’t stand these Barbies… Ron and Kate seem to have great Chemistry on and off screen… Wake up Ron! Look what happened to Ray!

      1. The thing is deserves is a wrong word to use. Viann seems to have a reputation of someone hard to control, etc, not well liked. So to say he deserves her means like “huo kai” sort of situation.

      2. He’s ‘hua gai’ then. I don’t know what better word to use. He went into the relationship with his eyes open. TVBaddict said he cannot stand these Barbies. But, Ron himself chose the Barbie as his girlfriend. So, he deserves her.

      1. He still looks good, becomes more famous, has more fans, get more money, improves in his singing and dancing, receiving big projects, vv…

  8. Jayne, I don’t think Ron will get frozen, maybe this can even boost his name since he’s fading and and receiving supporting roles.

  9. I don’t think Ron will get frozen, especially since he’s still making money for TVB. Kate said that she and Ron have been booked for a lot of promotional events together, probably since they will surely attract a lot of media to question them about their supposed love triangle. lol

    1. Didn’t Viann write some sort of scathing entry on her blog about Kate? In a way I don’t blame her, Ron and Kate do look good together, LOL.

      Btw, I know this isn’t Jayne’s fault but the title of the article is so tasteless. Blech.

  10. This isn’t really news-worthy. They’re just doing normal couple activities.

    I don’t understand the need for all the criticism towards Viann. I get why people don’t like her but there are woman like her in real life. She’s difficult, yes, but there must be some good points about her. I don’t see Ron as a shallow man.

    There’s also no need to pick on the fact that she has plastic surgery. It’s not wrong to have plastic surgery as long as you’re not using it to cover some psychological illness.


      I agree with everything you said except the part about Ron not being shallow, because there’s evidence that he is, and she’s got huge boobs.

      but yea i mean, isn’t it sweet that she’s giving him a surprise visit and rearranging her work schedule for him?

      do you guys know what’s one of the sweetest things i feel when my significant other does for me? that i am more important than his work.

  11. Ron has such bad taste. I hope he gets frozen, so he can spend more time with fake boob-woman.

    1. LOL, he will not get frozen but will slowly but for sure fade away since it’s normal for talentless artist to “die”.

      Ofcourse there are exceptions regarding less talented artist staying in the limelight such as Charmaine for instance…

      1. He is really fading fast. TVB is not aggressive to promote Ron as much as Laughing Crap.

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