Viann Zhang Met Ron Ng’s Parents; Vows to Have Children After Marriage

Viann Zhang (張馨予) “mistakenly” posted a bed photo of herself on Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) Weibo blog last week and staked a very public claim as his girlfriend. Fan reactions were swift and critical, scolding her for attempting to generate publicity for herself and acting as an unreasonable girlfriend. In an interview with Oriental Daily, Viann further revealed her relationship with Ron, professing that she has met his parents and if she were to get married in the future, she hopes to have one son and one daughter!

Admitting that they had dated for more than a year, Viann praised Ron highly, “He is handsome, stylish, and a good man. He treats friends well and is a filial son, while possessing a serious attitude towards work!”

Viann noted that “checking” on her boyfriend, Ron, was an action that most couples would do in a dating relationship. Asked whether the posting of the bed photo on Weibo resulted in Ron scolding her, Viann said, “No, he explained the consequences to me. He said that this action will result in a lot of reporters following us and will affect our work, as well as the loss of freedom.” (Were you moved by Ron’s actions?) “Yes, very much. This is because I did create trouble for him!” Asked whether their relationship has improved, Viann replied, “We will have to see what Heaven arranges.”

Viann arrived in Hong Kong this week to film Shaw Brothers’ Lunar New Year movie, I Love Hong Kong 2 <2012我愛HK喜上加囍>. Last night, she filmed opposite Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Evergreen Mak (麥長青) through dawn, while Eric Tsang (曾志偉) forbid reporters to interview Viann about recent rumors on the film set.


Jayne: Wow, Viann has met Ron’s parents already; perhaps his parents have allowed him to date whomever he wishes without giving him additional stress. She sounds passionately in love with Ron, who is the patient and mature lover in this relationship. Viann comes across as a sassy girlfriend.

This article was based on preliminary news abstracts. Should there be any additional details of interest that emerge later, this article will be updated. 

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    1. She looks like a sassy gf. Maybe Ron too good for her and can do better?

  1. Maybe i am cynical but honestly, i don’t see them lasting. I’m sure it’s a very physical relationship and they have a lot of chemistry but settling down? Meh.

    1. I agree and I don’t see them lasting either. I also feel that it seems and feels like a more physical relationship rather than one that is more emotional… I think they are ok to date but to marry and settle down.. I really can’t picture that…

    2. They can’t even communicate to each other properly cause Ron’s mando sucks and I doubt Viann can speak canto, so how are they gonna marry each other.

      1. It is true that it would be hard to communicate and all if you don’t speak the same language but it is still possible. I heard that Ning Jing(China actress)can’t really speak English but married her american actor husband so it is possible…

      2. Gaile knows Cantonese but she often interjects English words while speaking. Leon and her wouldn’t have the level of language difficulty that Ron and viann do.

  2. in that photo, she looks different from the leaking bed photos of her and her ex.
    nose, chin… completely different.

    1. bc she is secretly a “nine-tailed fox” that can shapeshift, LOL

    2. I think that was when her plastic operations were not complete yet…

      1. Yep, her operation was not completed back then in the bed photo that leaked out. Probably 80% done, her nose was way bigger than now and her eyes, they look different.

        And she’s a succesful 100% cyborg now. Wonder can her nose shoot like Frankie of One Piece?

  3. Since this incident forced Ron to admit she’s his gf, it’s a win situation for her

  4. Ron have to grow wings and fly far away from this woman. She is bad and unhealthy for Ron. Apart from Cecelia C, Viann is most controlling celeb in Asia. Very bad for Ron. If Ron do not leave her soon, he will live to regret it big time. She need to leave Ron alone and let him find decent human lady who will treat him like a real man and not a whipped dog on a leash. Viann should keep the mouth shut and go do what she does best..make herself more plastic, and I do not mean credit card.

  5. Wow that is amazing. Ron’s parents would let Ron date Viann? I guess it is how Ron thinks and feels towards her. She looks very different with the photo with Eric. She Doesn’t look too bad in those photos in this article… 🙂 Good luck Ron. It’s your decision now

    1. I think that Ron’s parents know that Ron is now all grown so is allowing him to do what he needs to do. I honestly don’t feel that his parents like her very much, but hey it is Ron that is dating her not them. Maybe she is good at sweet talking and give his parents a good first impression who knows?

      1. So it’s not just Ron who’s blind. His parents are too! LOLs All three of them should start running away!!

      2. I do agree with the sweet talking business that Viann may be doing. I haven’t heard Ron’s parents opinion on Viann yet. Has anyone?

      3. I don’t think Ron’s parents want to comment on Viann since it may put Ron in an awkward position too. I remember Jolin Tsai’s dad commenting on her boyfriend and it really put her in a really awkward position…

    2. Who knows, Viann said all this in the article. She can say whatever she wants so she could have lied about already meeting the parents. If this is a lie, she prob is saying it to give Ron a hint that he needs to bring her to his parents.

    1. Well if Ron is so obedient and protecting of her and she has succesfully seen his parents, then she must be good at acting. LOLs.

      1. Yea, what if Ron is under some witch craft or some voodoo type of spell??

      2. @HTS,

        Ron must be under the spell, you can tell from his lifeless eyes. They are too “wooden” no life in his eyes..

      3. @Veejay,
        Hm…Maybe you are right… No wonder Ron has not really been himself lately…

      4. Viann must feel so wrongly accused. How is she to blame for his wooden acting? When Ron was already wooden, she was still taking EDC style pics w/ her bf.

  6. I wish the best of luck to them. Those two might actually work well together.

  7. She looks better in these photos, more natural… without the contacts that make her eyes look like anime and less make-up in general.

    1. Like i said earlier, she’s a succesful cyborg now.. like the character of One piece “frankie”

  8. She just want to inform netizens that they are together and in a serious relationship. She very possessive and childish. Very artificial and good in acting lol. Ron must be blind????

  9. Ron is such a good and patient boyfriend. Instead of flying into rage, he carefully explain the consequence of her action to her. That’s good.

    1. Ron is good, he’s patient but this girl is taking that for granted and keep making ron a fool in the public…pity ron to have such an immature gf.

    2. For now Ron is patient and tolerable, but there is only so much a person can take. If she continues to take it for granted and not change for the better… I highly doubt that Ron will put up with it in the long term…

      1. Good question Veejay…. I don’t know.. I am guessing that even if he did, I highly doubt his parents and family will. Ron’s parents seem more easy going than Ray’s parents. By the way, Ray just became an uncle since his sister just had a baby boy.

      2. Good for LF already an uncle.

        Well, Viann is LF’s gf, I think LF would have already dump her long time…

      3. Yea, Ray’s level of tolerance doesn’t seem as high as Ron’s…

      4. Hehe… I wonder if ray’s nephew looks like Wong cho lam… ok I know, too mean.

      5. Ray mentioned that his nephew looks like him when he was a baby…

      6. @josie: I saw his nephew and he is quite cute. Uhm, quite like the baby pic of his uncle. Because it’s a public forum here so I can’t post (uhm, private life of the baby, you know). Leave your email for me and I’ll send you the pic of his nephew when I’m back.

  10. psh, have children after marriage, oh PPUHLEASE, she probably done it many times.

    1. Once the children come out, they will look nothing like the current her and then everyone will know why…

      1. Yea, so that is a lesson learned for all of the celebs that have had plastic surgery. Once they have kids and the kids look nothing like them at all, then they can no longer lie about having had stuff done… But sadly, I think they will still continue to lie…

      1. Poor kids having already inherited Ron’s woodeness already. This is too much for any kid, haha

      2. I can totally imagine her forcing her kids to go and get plastic surgery so that they can look like her. Then she can lie through her teeth and say that she was born looking how she currently does.

      3. LOL, so she have to force her children to wear a mask ala the Jackson kids in order for them to grow up without any real pictures of them and make the necessary adjustments.

        Go Viann don’t let Ron escape his “death”, haha

      4. Their children might inherit Ron’s genes and be good looking. Not sure about Viann’s natural face ROFL

  11. awesome girl. gotta love her. continue on dating her ron. she is a keeper. I hope she keep on pissing off the fan. This is too fun.

  12. I think Viann’s response is prepared and composed beforehand by her manager. Its not like Ron’s parents will come out even if its not entirely true

  13. “Viann has met Ron’s parents already; perhaps his parents have allowed him to date whomever he wishes without giving him additional stress.”

    Or maybe he is the type of son who does whatever he pleases, and brings home the dough. If this was RayRay, I doubt it could be a possibility.

    But pure speculation. Never said marriage, just said IF married.

  14. i think its just physical.
    all these men and china girls.
    (rolls eyes)
    but got to give credit when its due.
    they definately know how to get and keep a man.

  15. She may be plastic fantastic but when she is fully clothed, Viann is very pretty even though her looks are not all natural, she is plastic pretty.

  16. Last comment before going out few days. Goodbye Jayne friends :). Fox will be out for few days to a sunny places.

    Good luck to Ron and Viann. However, until when they sign the marriage contract, I’ll say they finally bind each other. Now still soon.

      1. Managed to online few secs.

        Give you a kiss josie! Only you miss me :(.

        But I won’t tan.

      2. I missed you the whole day, LOL

        Well enjoy your vacation and i will enjoy my time here without anyone criticizing me 🙂

  17. The more Ron wants to keep it low-profile, the more she makes it high-profile… She is truly a keeper. She seriously needs to shut her mouth up! Plastic doll!

  18. I do not like Vivian but I don’t think she deserve that much bashing. It’s her face and she has the right to anything with it. As long as she looks better than she was, it’s good for her and for the viewers, isn’t it more comfortable to watch something good looking? And if everyone ask for natural looking, you should bash make up as well, coz make up can make wonders, and sometimes we couldnt recognize several artist when they take off their make up.

    And for her relationship with Ron. Ok, she’s a keeper, so what’s wrong with it since Ron does not complain? In a relationship, both have to share the responsibilities. OK, Ron wants to keep it low profile for the sake of his career, and Vivian wants to make it public for the sake of her career (not mentioning reasons like: I want to be a normal girlfriend, I want everyone to know about my love, blah blah blah). Ppl bashing Vivian for using Ron and affecting his career, has anyone stand for her and ask Ron to do some sacrifice for Vivian? If love is about sacrifice and care, they it should come from both sides. After all, it’s Ron who has more fans.

    Good luck with them both, although I don’t really believe in their future ^^

    1. Even though she completely changed her face, I still don’t think she looks that great. She still cannot compare to many other actresses that are way more talented and superior to her in many other ways, including looks.

    2. Do you think that she looks better than she were? That’s good enough for her. LOL It’s no use comparing her with others, everyone has their own value. Like, personally I don’t see Ron as a talented actor, and his handsome style does not touch me but he’s still famous and many ppl love him, that’s what he need.

  19. @NX, You contradict yourself so much. First off, you day that there is nothing wrong with getting the plastic fix if it makes a woman look better…Viann does not look better. So it is only okay to get the plastic fix if it is going to make a woman look better?. How is that determined before the surgery is done. What a strange thing to write. At least, the makeup can wash off. Can bad plastic surgery be wash off. I do not think so. Make up okay in my opinion. Viann a keeper?, with her bossiness, contolling attitude, in your faace character, fighting with fans over the internet, publicly overexpoing her relationship with Ron. Causing him to lose friends, keeping him on short leash like dog. Since when is woman like that a keeper?. One more thing, Viann can do what she wants with the face, her right. Netizens can comment on what they they think of her, and her face, their right.

    1. I do not see any contradiction in my words. If bashing fake look, can or cannot wash off makes no different, they’re all fake. My point is that: she can do what she wants, why care so much? You are Ron’s fans?

    2. And I do not ban anyone from giving comments, the term I used is “I think, I don’t think, and “should”, “should not”. I myself belong to the netizens group that you mentioned, so just write what I think too, that’s my right, right?? ^^

  20. Ron is a good guy and a good catch. V is smart to leech on .(…for free publicity, free lodging, free meals, …..). He’s protective of those he cares about but in this case, it’s a big mistake. Leave her now please.

    1. Don’t be naive Ron is fully aware of what kind of transaction he is doing unless he is a completely idiot.

      He wants a real plastic doll to play with and she wants fame, love, etc…

      Both wins nobody loses. Hope they get married and we don’t ever hear from them again.

      1. But once that plastic doll breaks, I bet Ron will be back…

  21. He would be foolish to marry that plastic chucky. On the other hand, they can marry and go away, and not be heard from again. You are onto something there,exoidus,lol.

  22. She’s just a dumb plastic China barbie doll haha.

  23. I think Fox, you need to really see the real view of these stars. They are all plastic, and are dumb. I think you are very naive to believe everything in the showbiz gossip.

    1. =)) =)) think I’m naive if want hehe.

      All stars = plastic, can say so. Dumb? They are not in fact.

      BTW, why you bother to go to an entertainment site to bash only? Free?

  24. Gah. hes too nice. hope they dont get married and break up. he deserves much better.

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