Episodic Thoughts: Ghetto Justice (Episode 5)

Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>
TVB Series 2011

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Sam Lee, Eddie Kwan, Mandy Wong, Jazz Lam, Joyce Tang, Shek Shau, and others.


Remarks: This is a watch-as-I-write-from-memory episodic thought (a combination of episode summaries, reviews & critical analysis episode per episode) and therefore please take note that this write-up will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for this particular episode and some creative license was used when recreating certain scenes or dialogue. Please refrain from revealing future SPOILERS in this episode.

New case!!

The Prosecutor vs Tai Ng Ting

The case : The theft at Fuk Yuen Restaurant by former employee, the accused, complaints by Ting Fuk Yuen, owner of Fuk Yuen restaurant
Counsel for the state : The prosecutor, name unknown
Defense : George Mike, Jr.

Why are all the names so funny? Why? Anyway this is the episode where Kris learns that she may have achieved half of her life’s ambition and that much wanted VIP card to the 2nd floor of that exclusive club; she is still in the eyes of her peers a pariah.

Kris was at the exclusive club and she overheard a bunch of lawyers talking about her, “How can she ever show her face after her disastrous conduct in court? The way she handed her witness to Barrister Law to shred to pieces. What a poor lawyer!” and so on and so forth and they saw her, she stared at them, walked towards the stairs and was stopped by a waiter and she flashed her VIP card and she smiled a small triumph as she was the one walking upstairs and those minions stayed downstairs.

Pause here.

How she got the VIP card? By virtue of her association with Mr. Ma of course!

Anyway upstairs who she should bumped into but that arrogant barrister, Cheung Pak Kei which they called PK. I actually thought when he was called PK they meant it as an insult, as in Pok Kai (Cantonese slang for bastard or something like that) but it was actually Pak Kei. Anyway she saw PK, she called him something I can’t remember, and there he was with his faithful assistant, Victor (Stephen Hyunh by the way but I think you all know) and invited her to drink wine with them as she said, “I have an appointment with Mr. Ma.” They chatted, PK seems rather impressed with her now that she is with Mr. Ma and then PK leaned close and said quite seriously, “You know Kris, I have a lot of cases, high profile cases to deal with every day. My workload is too heavy and I am in need of a capable assistant…” and Kris went DING DING DING!!!! as PK said, “I was hoping you may be able to help me in this regard…” and Kris went some more DING DING DING!!!! as PK continued ,”the assistant I have in mind is …” and Kris went ballistic in her expectation when PK dropped the bomb, “… LA Law.” And Kris’ face says it all, “Oh shit!”

Law Ba and friend, I think Fu if I remember correctly were having lunch by road side stall when Kris dropped by and they both stopped mid slurping the noodle, shocked at seeing Kris who sat down and Law Ba feeling rather spooked by her presence said, “What are you doing here?” and Kris went straight and said, “PK wants to hire you as his assistant. He wants to know if you agree?” and Law Ba immediately laughed and said, “No, I am not,” and Kris stressed said, “Why? Why are you not interested? Just go meet him, hear what he has to say and be done with it!” and Law Ba smiled and went on eating, saying, “Look I am happy where I am. I am really not interested in working for PK.” Kris was angry, poured the entire chilli oil content into his noodle and walked off. Law Ba was rather shocked at her behaviour as he looked at Fu who looked back and said simply, “The center has accepted a lot of cases lately, all of which needs money. If working for him will earn you some of that can be used for the center, my friend, I think you should just meet PK.” And Fu said it in such a deadpan way, Law Ba knew it was something he can’t deny his friend.

So Law Ba went to that club, in his usual rags and waiter said, “Sorry sir, dress code dictates you must wear a tie.” Victor appeared and said, “He is Barrister Cheung’s guest,” and like some magic word, the waiter dissolves into thin air. Joking. The waiter walked away and Law Ba walked up and PK saw him and looked surprise at his dressing as PK said, “I haven’t seen you in 7 years and this is how you become?” As Law Ba sat down, rather relaxed and said, “I heard you wanted to hire me as your assistant,” which PK agreed. Law Ba smiled and said, “You know, I am quite happy as I am.” PK said “Some wine?” Law Ba said, “I rather like grape juice, thank you very much,” and he was offered cigar and Law Ba refused, saying he hasn’t had those in years. Law Ba stared at PK, smiled some more and said, “Look, finish whatever you wish to say to me so that I can go back home to sleep, I am rather tired.” Victor seemed offended but PK smiled and said, “Let’s have game of snooker shall we?” They played snooker and Law Ba played clumsily as PK said, “Is this how you play snooker noawadays by simply hitting any balls other than the red?” Law Ba smiled and said, “Is that so? I haven’t played so long, I sorta forgotten the rules.” PK said seriously, “I have an offer for you. Work for me and I will pay you handsomely.” Law Ba said, “Ok, I shall be paid the same amount as you are, then I will agree,” and PK’s assistants were all very offended by what Law Ba said. PK said, “Well I suppose we will have an opportunity in future to work together then,” and Law Ba smiled and said, “I am sure we will” and he left. Victor I think was saying, “What a rude bastard. How dare he insult your offer sir! What’s so special about this LA Law anyway?!” PK said thoughtfully, “He is not the same LA Law as he was 7 years ago; he doesn’t belong to our circle now…”

Pause here.

When PK said that, there was no malice. Or maybe Shek Sau is a horrible actor but my feeling is it was a mere observation that Law Ba is no longer the materialistic fame chasing bastard he was 7 years ago, maybe PK was saying that with a tinge of respect. No one knows why he changed to be like this so I suppose we shall know much later.


Law Ba is at the barber having a shave which is pointless since he forever looked unshaven when Kris stormed in and looked at him as if she has witnessed the worst crime ever, being shaved by some unknown barber when she looking rather stressed said, “Why on earth are you shaving here? Why get your haircut here when if you work for PK. You can have it at Mr Robinson’s?!” Law Ba smiled and said “Here is cheaper; why go to that most expensive hairdresser when here is just as good. Ain’t it so old man?” The barber agreed heartily as Law Ba curiously asked, “Why are you?” and Kris launched into her attack, “Why did you refuse PK’s offer? Why? It was such a good offer! Everyone would have wanted to have such an opportunity; an opportunity of a lifetime!!” Law Ba smiled and said, “Which I am sure you’re dreaming of….” Kris, verging on frustrated tears scolded, “Yes, YES!! I want that opportunity! I have dreamed of it! My father died young; my mother was cheated of her savings and her shop and so she had to sell fishballs by the roadside to earn her money to pay for my siblings and my education. If I had money, I could have gone to a better university, find a better master but I didn’t. Like you, I was a poor student, I worked my way up, I find my way around the world. Yes, I want that opportunity. But you! YOU HAD IT!! And you threw it all away!!” She ran out and Law Ba knew he touched a nerve and ran after her and stopped her as he said ,”Look, I didn’t mean it that way it came out. You may think poorly of me now but really, I am doing well. I don’t see how I was better in the past, I feel I am better now.” Kris said, “You know when I was a law student, I heard of your name, the legendary LA Law. I dreamed of you being my master, for you to teach me when I graduate. When I did graduate, you disappeared without a trace. And now I see you again… like this….” and Law Ba said earnestly, “If you still want to be my student, you can! I welcome you. You know where to find me, I can teach you!” Kris looked at him with utter contempt and said, “Who would want YOU to be their master now?” She walked away leaving Law Ba looking rather sheepish.

Pause here.

You may wonder why is Kris so hung up on how Law Ba chooses to be? Well, for one I feel she has this grudging respect for him. After all he was her idol and seeing her idol like that is a shock. I mean imagine dreaming of meeting your idol and he turned out like THAT? Disappointment no less. What she said there was her honest feeling; she really meant well when she scolded him, couldn’t understand why he passed up the opportunity of a lifetime. Her need to chase the glory is not for personal reasons; she wanted to do well for her mother and siblings, to give them a better life. She always felt due to her background she lost out in the race to the top whilst for Law Ba, he didn’t feel being at the top in terms of fame and glory is the way to success. He felt he is now successful, a change of perspective from who he was 7 years ago. If he continued the way he was, he could have been PK by now, in terms of wealth, success and temperament. Kris didn’t see it that way, but again I suppose she meant well. She really wanted to see the glorious LA Law again. This is a scene I quite like; to see Kris and Law Ba in 2 different spheres in aim in life and yet in the very same space, colliding spectacularly and yet there is no conflict. She said what she said for his good; he is justifying his way of life in a way to tell her this is the better way to live. By the way, I find it rather confusing about Law Ba being a poor student when he has such an influential uncle. I am jumping the gun here but I shall explain more later.


Joyce Tang is looking for a job. She is Mrs. Leung aka Tai Ng Ting. What a name! Anyway no job and she saw the Sham Shui Po Civic Legal Advice Center gang giving out free rice box so she went to take one, then she changed her hairstyle and took another and then finally another and by this time Fu and George knew they saw her 3 times and stopped her. Desperately, she begged and said, “I really need these 3 boxes of rice. Let me work for free, I will work.” She went on to help to carry heavy stuff but George said, “It’s ok, you can go,” and she rushed away.

We then see her with 2 young children, one boy (very cute) and one girl (a bit older).

Pause here. I don’t like the girl’s body language. She was sitting cross legged and that ruined the entire scene. If she is a child sitting cross legged is just wrong. If she is a young teenager, sitting that way seems far to casual for the conversation she was having with her mother. In other words, I can’t help but look at how she spoiled the entire scene with her need to sit cross legged.

Anyway the boy’s name is Leung Yau Shun and the girl is Leung Yau Yee. Tai Ng Ting, henceforth Mrs. Leung was busy giving them more meat and vegetables from her portion of the rice box as the children were eating. The children said, “Mom, you don’t need to give us so much. You have some yourself,” but Mrs. Leung refused and smiled as she chatted with her children. Here we find out Mrs. Leung was recently fired from her job as a waitress in a restaurant. She has no money; no job and 2 school going children. The son said, “Mom, why didn’t you pay for our monthly school lunch?” and Mrs. Leung said, “I will, as soon as I find the time.” The boy said, “Since you were in school just now, why didn’t you pay?” The daughter said, “Mommy just lost her job; she is still looking for a job.” The boy thought for a while and said, “Mommy, I don’t need this $5 allowance, you take it.” The son gave Mrs. Leung the money and Mrs. Leung was very touched when she saw George standing next to her and frankly I can’t remember what he said to her, except I remember I felt George was very kind and that Mrs .Leung was a very honest forthright person.

So why was she fired? Curious! Curious!

Walking halfway Mrs. Leung overheard a shop looking for an assistant and it turned out to be Auntie King’s shop, and Kris was there and Mrs. Leung basically begged for a job saying, “Madam I really need this job! I really need this job! I have a sick mother- in-law and 2 children in school. Please, please! I know how to do this job! I was a waitress in a restaurant; I know, I know!!” She performed admirably and so Auntie King being very kind employed her. But Kris has her doubts and said to her mom, “Mother, shouldn’t we do a background check first?” Auntie King said she trusts the lady when Kris walked away. Auntie King told Mrs. Leung she needed to go to the toilet. When Auntie King walked out, Kris said, “Mother, count the money!” She did and Auntie King said, “Oh…” Kris said “Oh.. lesser?” Auntie King said, “No, more!” Mrs. Leung walked by and explained a customer just paid hence more money. Auntie King looked at Kris and said, “See! Why are you always doubting people?” Kris looked away sheepishly. A lot of sheepish looking lawyers by the way.

In court, Mrs. Leung was speaking to a lawyer who said, “You sure you don’t want legal representation?” Mrs. Leung said “No I don’t.” He repeated, “You’re being charged with theft of $1500. It is a serious offence. You are sure?” and she nodded. And stepping aside, her children asked, “Mommy, why don’t you want him to help you?” Mrs. Leung said, “He doesn’t believe me, so I don’t want someone who doesn’t believe me to represent me,” and it was time to walk into the court and they did and George was there and so was Kris and she said, “Isn’t that…” and George said, “Mrs. Leung” and they knew then they both knew her.

In the Magistrate court, same judge.

Pause here.

Wouldn’t it be cool if this same magistrate gets a promotion in Ghetto Justice II and become a high court judge?

Anyway Mrs. Leung’s case was called and her case was like this; she was accused of stealing $1500 from her former employer, Fuk Yuen Restaurant, and the judge asked, “How do you plead?” Not understanding procedure, she kept saying, “Judge, I am innocent! I did not steal. Those are my wages! I just took what I earned! Please help me!” The judge asked again how she pleads and again she said the same thing. The judge was getting frustrated when Mrs. Leung fell to her knees begging for justice as her two children hugged her and cried. The judge angrily said, “If you don’t stand back up again, I will hold you in contempt and put you into lockup!” Mrs. Leung cried and said, “I can’t go to jail! I have school-going children to take care of. Who will care for them when I am in jail! Please judge, you’re a fair person; please help me! Help me!!” At that point, George was sitting with Kris and Silvia at the back and looking when Kris looked at an anxious looking George, stepped on his foot and he stood up, and cried in pain and the judge looked at him and said, “What are you doing? Sit down!!”

Pause here.

I love this scene! Remember episode 1 I think when this judge came face to face with PK and he was like so nervous? Here, he suddenly have his “judge’s air” back and imposed that on poor George. George was very nervous and stuttered as Kris looked at him as if she couldn’t believe her ears…”Yyyyyour hhhhonour… I am George Mikeeee Jjjjjunior, Tai Ng Ting’s solicitttor…. I represent her and on her behalf enter a plea of not guilty.” Mrs. Leung looked at George, who was very very nervous as the judge said “YOU! I will see you in my chamber, NOW!”

Inside the chamber, the judge was very angry and scolded; “Are you new in this profession?”  George said this time no stuttering, “No, I have been a solicitor for a few years now,” and the judge scolded, “Then how come you don’t know the prosedure?! You can’t just stand up and say you represent the accused. You need to file in your application and then you represent her! Have you forgotten your procedure? Who is your master?! I will not hesitate to file a complain against you with the Hong Kong Bar!” George nervously said “My master is my papa and I will not hesitate to inform him of YOUR conduct today,” and the judge said “Your papa? Am I supposed to know your papa??” George said, “My papa taught me everything I know about the law. He is Mai Bo.” Suddenly the judge’s face changed and said, “Retired barrister Mai Bo?” George nodded and the judge said, “Oh how is Barrister Mai?” George said, “Travelling the world since his retirement and he is coming back soon.” The judge smiled and said, “Yes, yes indeed. Please, when you do see him, please send him my warmest regards; tell him it is from Cheung Chai (little Cheung).”

Pause here.

Funny scene! Cheung Chai!! So… George has a powerful father, who probably was a celebrated barrister turned judge and probably the highest ranked one before he retired. Now this is where I don’t understand. The judge can’t be poor, since George dresses well. Maybe George makes it a point to dress well, doesn’t mean he is rich but I suspect daddy is well to do. So when Law Ba said he had to climb his way up socially, being a poor student like Kris, now that I don’t get. Law Ba is George’s cousin, so Mai Bo (again a silly name!) must be his uncle. So when he just graduated, Mai Bo would have been a famous barrister before he became a much more famous judge. So does it mean Mai Bo never helped Law Ba in his career? Because 7 years ago Law Ba was ruthless; he would have relished the powerful connection in the legal world. He wouldn’t have insisted on making it on his own. So why does Kris say Law Ba was a poor scholar and had to find his way around when he was connected to an influential uncle? That I don’t get. That I think is a loophole in the plot. Unless George is really not his cousin which shouldn’t be. And since George is so close to Law Ba, uncle must have been close to nephew. And since Law Ba doesn’t mind taking Kris as student, is he also George’s master?

Next scene, George, Kris, Mrs. Leung, Silvia and George explained to Mrs. Leung that she shall need legal representation. He was willing to represent her and Mrs. Leung was grateful and yet looked doubtful as George humbly said, “Is it because of my stutter?” Mrs. Leung deflected that by denying it but everyone knew as she said, “Please, I don’t want to go to jail. I have to think of my children, my mother in law….” George too has his doubt as he looked at Kris maybe hoping Kris will be the lead counsel as Kris looked at him and said loudly, “Why are you so worried? Have you forgotten? You have Llllllllaw Ba!!”

True. But I don’t like how she mocked his stuttering. I do like George. He is a nice guy.

At Law Ba’s messy TCM office, Mrs. Leung, George, Mrs. Leung’s daughter and Law Ba were there. George asked Mr.s Leung ,”Can you tell us what happened?” and so Mrs. Leung said,”I was a waitress at Fuk Yuen Restaurant. It was going to be Mooncake Festival and we were all forced to buy the mooncake coupons which we then must sell to the customers; if not we will not get the refund,” and George asks, “What happened then?” She continued and we see the scene: Mrs. Leung was working hard to sell the mooncake coupons as she needed money to buy some expensive medicine for her mom in law’s (I think arthritis or could be rheumatism, anyway old lady was in pain). She met one bitchy customer whom she accidentally poured some chilli sauce on her very expensive dress and lo and behold, customer went beserk, saying, “Just because I refused to buy the mooncake coupon from you, you did this!!” She went on to film her complaints, shoved it to the manager’s face, etc etc as Mrs. Leung begged her to stop when big boss, owner of Fuk Yuen Restaurant arrived and immediately he said, “Please lady, our restaurant will not tolerate incompetence and so YOU (pointing to Mrs. Leung) are FIRED!!” He was about to give Mrs. Leung her wages that is $1500 when the manager stopped him and said; “Sir, you don’t need to pay her. She has the mooncake coupons in value.” So he wanted to keep the money but Mrs. Leung cried, “This is my wage! I earned it! I never wanted to buy these mooncake coupons anyway!” She grabbed the money and left. Soon after Fuk Yuen Restaurant reported her to the police, she was charged with theft.

Pause here.

Interesting scenario. If and a big IF the $1500 is her wages, she can’t possibly be guilty of stealing her own money. And I will say it is her wages. A company can’t force employees to buy mooncake coupons in place of wages. So frankly the company said she has already been paid in the form of coupons whilst she says the coupons are company policy things and the wages is hers by right. If the wages is hers by right, there can be no theft. And if Hong Kong courts sentence every $1500 theft to jail, Hong Kong prison will be full to the brim. In reality probably suspended sentence. But being TVB, to make it more dramatic, JAILLLLLLL…………..

Poor Mrs. Leung. George ran after Law Ba who wasn’t really listening but we all know he was listening as George said, “Cousin! Did you hear? What you think? How? How?” Law Ba said, “Ah ha!! Found it!!” and he showed Mrs. Leung some coupons and said, “Can I still exchange these?” She said, “Errr… those are Ba Chang Festival coupons… the festival has passed.” Law Ba said, “Sigh! Clients who can’t afford to pay me cash paid me with these coupons! Wasted!”

Pause here.

I apologize for my lack of knowledge on what the hell to call Ba Chang in Cantonese. Glutinous rice dumpling festival? Kinda mouthful.


Law Ba I think asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, where is your husband?” and Mrs. Leung said, “He went to China to work on his business one day, and he never returned.” Law Ba said, “You mean he found a new wife in China and never returned?” George said, “Cousin!” Mrs. Leung said, “It’s okay; it is the truth, no one can change that. Yes, he found himself a new family and abandoned my children and I.” Law Ba looked at her and said, “No worries, you have a case!” Mrs. Leung wasn’t that much relieved as she stood up to leave when George said, “Come, I give you a lift.” Mrs. Leung said, “It is okay; we can take the bus.” George I think asked, “Where do you live?” and she mentioned somewhere which must be very far as I can’t remember who asked “But why are your children studying near SSP?” She explained she used to live here and anyway she left.

George said, “Cousin, so there’s a case? Cousin?” I think Mrs. Leung left by then and Law Ba said, “Of course.” George said, “So you will fight the case for her?” Law Ba said, “What? No no! You will! I am too busy with these 2 cases. I have so many things to do! No no, you conduct the case.” George was panicking now said, “But you know I have always handled the small cases like throwing rubbish everywhere, spitting everywhere, traffic summons. I… I can’t do this! I …. I stutter!!! Mrs. Leung can’t lose this case; she can’t go to jail! Cousin!” Law Ba simply said, “No worries cousin, you will do just fine.” And then he left with a smile etched on his face as George frowned, now worried for Mrs. Leung.

Pause here.

Imagine that; having to care for her husband’s mother! Yes, I think that is her mom in law!


Fu is dressed as the lady justice on top of the old Bailey that you see in those commonwealth courts (or any court for that matter). I thought that was a hilarious costume. I mean I don’t know, just laughed myself silly. Even came with a shield and was there a sword too?? Anyway he was asking for donation, working hard as usual when opposite there was a Mercedes Benz? Expensive car stopped, in it was the owner of Fuk Yuen Restaurant, Ting Fuk Yuen and his wife and his wife was looking sad as she said, “Dear, look at our son! Dressed like that in such a hot weather! Let us donate some money so he can go home earlier!” So there we find out that Mrs. Leung’s former employer, the rich restauranteur is the father of Fu, the honest, “two knives stabbed into each side of the hip,” sort of person, social worker. Suddenly, a thief snatched the money box and Fu ran after the thief, nearly avoiding a collision with a car and took down the thief, handed him to the police and scolding the thief, “You heartless bastard! This box, these money is for the poor and you dare to steal!!” The police wasn’t very grateful to Fu as they said, “You may wish to run after the thief but next time do take care not to be run over by a car. You were nearly ran over by that car!!” He looked over and it was his father’s car.

At his parents’ home, Fu was busy attending to his mother and she gave him her pearls as donation and Fu said, “Mother, take it back. Dad won’t like it. He’s so stingy; he won’t like it if he finds out,” but his mother insisted and so he accepted it with thanks as his mother said, “Do come home tonight for dinner,” and Fu said, “Okay mom, I will.”

Mr. Ting waiting for Fu in his car, dead hot summer, car’s air conditioner not switched on and the driver sweating. Mr. Ting said to himself, “Where is that no good son of mine? Why isn’t he back yet at the center?” The driver said, “Master, maybe he may take some time. Why don’t we switch on the air cond and wait?” Mr. Ting said, “Okay.” The driver was happily about to switch on the air conditioner when Mr. Ting sternly added, “You will bear the extra petroleum charges.” That stopped the driver on his tracks so to speak.

What a miser!! How can Fu be his son?!

Then the driver saw Fu and Mr. Ting rushed out. The driver switched on the air conditioner. Mr. Ting turned back and insisted on the car keys. Poor guy.

Mr. Ting walked into the center and there was Fu, interviewing a guy asking for welfare money and trying to make excuses for disability his family do not have as Fu gently explained why not he gets a job when Mr. Fu angrily shouted, “You lazy bum! You should find work instead of begging for welfare!” The guy angrily retorted, “What is it with you anyway?!” Mr. Ting shouted, “I came to Hong Kong with nothing but 25 cents in my pocket! I worked hard to earn my living! I pay taxes, so that my hard earned money could be used on…YOU?! You useless bum! Useless!!” Fu pushed him aside trying to play down the matter and pushed him into his office. So no one knew his father was rich? And not even Law Ba and gang? How did he meet Law Ba then? As a social worker?

Anyway his father was very angry and didn’t understand why his son had to do this work and threw out $100,000 (very generous) to his son so that he stop asking and begging for donations. Fu refuses and chase after his father when Mrs. Leung walked in and came face to face with Mr. Ting and immediately froze as she said, “Mr. Ting?”  George said, “Your former employer?” Mrs. Leung meekly nodded and George said “Your father?” Fu nodded and George asked, “So… do we take the case?!” Fu said, “Why not! If it is an oppressed employee against a miserly unjust employer, we shall take the case!” Mr. Ting was so angry he thundered, “You side with other people and not your father!!” When the phone rang, he took it and it was his wife and Mr. Ting angrily said, “Dinner? Coming home for dinner? Why would our no good son who stands by other people’s side and not his own family come home to dinner?! NO DINNER?!” He said to Fu, “You better be careful, if not the thunder might strike you!!” and he left angrily as everyone was too flustered to say anything else.

Pause here.

To those who don’t understand Chinese, what Mr. Ting meant by thunder striking means a son who goes against the wishes of a father is considered unfilial and so the heaven may punish the son by you know, thunder striking the son. The scene and the telephone conversation on the issue of dinner wasn’t so serious actually. It was actually rather funny, the way the old man said no dinner…

Next episode, still on the theft case, and we find out about Fu’s past.

Story wise, interesting, especially on how Kris reacted to Law Ba’s casualness in rejecting PK’s offer, something she really x 1000000 wanted. I enjoyed the story about George’s low self confidence but I am sure he will win the case and the lady’s heart.

As for performances, not much comment. I am wondering where is Eddie Kwan? Does he appear only to remind us he is in this series? Like a walk on guest? Because I swear Stephen Huyhn has more scenes than Eddie Kwan.

Myolie Wu did well, in fact her frustration, her anger, her disbelief, all rather well even if she does have that gwing look that many fans talked about. But then she has always had that look. I just hope she doesn’t overact, so far, so good.

I really like Jazz Lam’s performance, in the sense it was earnest, much like Sam Lee although Sam Lee has yet to have much role but maybe more in the next episode. Basically they’re supporting characters but within the ambit of whatever they’re given, they did give us a general idea who they are. Like Sam Lee, as Fu the honest guy who helps the poor and he looks like it. There is nothing funny about his character and yet the things he does, the words he says, there is something funny, some comedic element in them and he delivered them well, in a deadpan sort of way. As for Jazz, he was earnest in the sense George is a very likeable person. He goes out all the way to help Mrs. Leung, for no reason but because he thinks she needed a bit of help. I really like George even if he doesn’t look like a lawyer. Love the scene about his papa! And he did say PAPA.

Kevin Cheng… no comment. Same old, same old, charming, cute, frustratingly engaging, as long as he is not in court fighting a case. Question remains on the inconsistency in his character’s past and connections and all but that is a matter of script and not Kevin’s performance. His Law Ba is still more silly and pretend uncouth than real uncouth. Urghhh though to the stains on his dirty shirts.

Joyce Tang was good as well as the desperate Mrs. Leung. She looks like a Mrs. Is she supposed to be older than George? Or time and poverty have been cruel to her?

One performance I must mention though. I wonder what is his name, the frequent actor we see in many series, here as the magistrate? Because I thought he was awesome. He really really looked like a magistrate, his behaviour, the way he spoke, etc. I really hope his character gets the promotion in the sequel like I mentioned!

Anyway just episode 5 and already quite a lot of things happened and yet the intro on the characters (main ones) are still ongoing. This series is taking its time. Not that I am complaining. Are you watching this series with me? What do you think of this episode? For me, so far… so good.

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at Point2e.com.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting episode. I always felt that Joyce Tang looks quite glamorous with her high cheekbones and nose though.

    1. She looks like a housewife in here but yes very pretty. Her expressions are quite funny though, especially in a later episode when she was mistaken as a prostitute.

  2. It is an interesting episode indeed as we find out why George fights shy appearing in court to defend his would be clients. His is a more gentle character and I think because he lacks confidence in himself because he stutters, that his father sent him to learn from his cousin, who is, Law Ba. I really wonder why. Wasn’t he afraid of putting his son in this now quite eccentric and dirty nephew, notwithstanding his brilliant mind? Then, here we are introduduced to a new character, that of Joyce Tang. Just as I like Jazz so do I Joyce and to me both of them portrayed their parts admirably. In the series Jazz regarded Law Ba as his hero and in the same way in real life I think he admires Kevin a lost. One can see that from articles written about their relationship. It’s cute and nice. Does Myolie overact? I don’t think, at least in this series, she does. In fact, I do love her acting as I find her very expressive and thus lively. Well done, Funn, you’re doing a good job.

    1. Yes, Jazz seems to really look up to Kevin in real life and also very protective of him. He defended Kevin when the tabloid wrote badly about Kevin.

    2. “Wasn’t he afraid of putting his son in this now quite eccentric and dirty nephew, notwithstanding his brilliant mind?”

      I suppose he wants his son to have an open mind. Law Ba may be eccentric but by legal stuff, he plays it straight. I never seen him being eccentric in court, rather normal, just outside he is just a tad crazy.

      1. Hi Funn

        Sorry, this have nothing to do with the article above..

        May I ask you for more detail about this The Yue Ling Connection deal here. I have read your reviews from the reviews database and those are so funny and interesting. So now I am curious of this thing. Anyway, but is there a way we can communicate through email. I would to heard from you and your thoughts about some of tvb series old an new alike as well as about Charmaine Sheh series…Thanks

      2. “The Yue Ling Connection”? Must be really old reviews. It’s like this. Many years ago I was rather … more opinionated and I created a website where I write about any actors/actresses/singers that I can trace a connection to the now retired Taiwanese actress Yue Ling and interesting I could connect quite a lot of HK stars including I believe even Charmaine. I wrote short commentaries/short articles about their work professionally and most are rather… opinionated even for myself. I do recall some contents that I feel until todate remain largely the same. The website has since been deleted I believe, it was hosted at Geocities? I can’t remember but if Geocities you can guess how old it was. Not sure if Kidd remembers. Or Jayne. We can talk here, no problem. Can be quite lively chat. And thanks for compliment.

      3. DEAR LORD, IT IS STILL ONLINE?!?!?!?!


        But could be the old one. I remember written a lot so the cache thing might have just saved that page. As it says it is an antiquarian, suddenly I feel like I just made something historical.

      4. Hahaha, that was funny,
        Yes, most of the reviews are old, but they are great to read. I laugh so hard and so much at all of your comments because I read those reviews solely for your comments only. Please don’t get offended when I say you are very opionate in most of your reviews/comments, but they are the truth.
        However, I really want to read your thoughts and comments on Charmaine Sheh’s series, sorry, I am bias because I like to watch her series, especially Mainden’s Vows and Angles of Mission, I think she did pretty good in those two..

  3. You know, I rather like the actor who played the part of Mr. Ting. He’s such a polished actor and in this series he really acted well. His wife too. I like the way she gets around him though he seems so gruff and seemingly cold towards his ‘wayward’ son, Ting. He obviously loves his wife in a funny sort of way. He seems concerned for her well-being (when she pretended to have a heart problem). He even told her to buy a new necklace after she had given it to Ting for charity, the skinflint that he was. It’s these little sub-plots that make the whole story interesting. No ‘draggy’ ones here.

    1. Old Mr Ting, the actor has been here since forever. He is getting bigger and bigger though, quite worrying. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the veterans we saw in those goldies? Did they die and not even a mention from TVB? The only one commemorated wasn’t even just a kelefe, Chan Hung Lit remember?

  4. Funn, i thought chan hung lit died?(2009)

    why in the database, it is mentioned he plays a part in when heaven burns (2011)


    1. Yes he died. I believe When Heaven Burns was his very last series. The series I believe was filmed in 2009, delayed telecast. Correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Did you watch War & Beauty? He was Bowie’s father? Very memorable role, I started liking him there and not long later, dead. I was in shock.

  5. Yes, looking at his photo sent by Larry3(thanks, Larry.)I do remember who he was. His Cantonese was a little different? Good actor. By the way, there seems to be a number of us Malaysians “seriously” making comments over HK actors. I come from the ulu town of Taiping. What about our local shows or the Singapore ones? Nobody seems the slightest interest in them, so sad but I’m one of the guilty ones, I confess.

    1. I’ve actually open a thread for Malaysian Chinese series in spcnet. So, I can claim to be not guilty. 😛

      I’ve watch many of our local dramas air on 10pm. Only the recent 2 dramas I didn’t follow. I even have my favourite local artists and follow them on Facebook. I was also a fan of HVD dramas back then.

      But, I only support Malaysian drama, not, Singaporean dramas.

      Our local dramas have improved a lot and the acting is also not bad. When they first made Mandarin drama (used to be canto), the actors seem not natural in speaking the dialogue. But, now they have become more natural.

      Some local dramas have very good storyline, but, I notice lately that their dramas seem repeatable in plotline. I wish the next drama will be a light-hearted one. Too long streak of sad drama liao.

      Some of the local actors are like are Leslie Chai, Xin Wei Lian and Wang Su Jun.

    2. Singaporean dramas are littered with Malaysian actors or rather Malaysians who went to singapore to be actors. Haven’t been following Singapore dramas closely but I can say they’re family drama, then family drama and MORE family drama and the law does not exist in Singapore.

  6. Maybe I should start to pay more attention to our local film artists. Thanks, Kidd, for your info on them. I notice that quite a lot of Malaysians do watch the Singapore series. However all of them, I think, do not match up with the HK ones which are more sophisticated at the moment. It will take a long time before they can catch up with their HK counterparts. Then, perhaps, we can watch other than family dramas.

    1. Not all Malaysian dramas are family drama. There are investigation dramas and paranormal dramas. There are also dramas set in the 30s and 40s. Those are good too.
      Besides dramas, M’sia also produced sitcom like ‘Good Day Mr.Siao’ which is pretty funny. M’sia movies also improved a lot. At least, I find the M’sian CNY movies this year better and more entertaining than the HK ones.

      But, of course, I have yet to see a M’sia drama like WHB. I hope to see one one day. I also hope M’sia will have enough budget to film wuxia series.

      1. I saw this Good day Mr. Siao.

        Now the only Msia series I’m watching sometimes is Upin and Ipin, hehe.

      2. I hope Msian drama when filming their own series will stop using HK 3rd rate actors as 1st rate actor and stop asking DJs to act and stop for heaven’s sake with making characters with annoying noises or those that talks like HK-ers. We needs to emulate the singaporeans for some of theirs do retain their own identities. But it will never happen. For once we don’t have our own actors which we train ourselves and all I see are DJs.And subjects like WHB will never happen because it is very HK in presentation; if Malaysia does it that style, it will be pretentious as hell and I might as well watch the HK version. As for the subject matter, depends on our own censorship board.

      3. @ Funn

        How long have you not seen a M’sia drama. What was the latest M’sian drama you watched?

        Most M’sia dramas nowadays don’t have actors talk like HKers anymore because the dialogue are in Mandarin. Also, M’sian drama seldom use HK actors now, mostly M’sian and Singaporean actors, but, more M’sian. The thing you said about using 3rd rate HK actors are those HVD days practice which was more than a decade ago.

  7. Good to hear fellow malaysians!
    Even singaporeans drama make some HK-ers as their actors. i notice one or two veterans in sg drama, ‘love thy neighbour’ and ‘the in laws’.

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