Ron Ng and Stephy Tang in Horror Flick, “Bleeding Mountain”

What better way to bring in the New Year than by watching a horror movie. Mainland Chinese film, Bleeding Mountain <凶間雪山>, is an exciting ghost thriller which will release on December 28, and it will sure get the audience’s adrenaline pumping. In addition, the cinematography amplifies the realism of gore and violence that creates a memorable heart pounding experience for moviegoers.

Directed by mainland Chinese director, Zhou Yaowu (周耀武), Bleeding Mountain stars popular idols from Hong Kong, Thailand, and the mainland China, such as Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣), TAE, and Calvin Sun (孫祖楊).

Starring in First Horror Movie

One of the leading actors, Ron Ng, dropped his usual calm handsome image for the first time to star in a horror movie. Ron has many bloody head banging scenes and he even screams from the top of his lungs at one point. With his handsome presence, Ron will surely be drawing ticket sales among female audiences.

Stephy Tang will portray a complex character that is on the brink of sanity. It is a breakthrough performance for Stephy who usually plays sweet and demure roles in romantic comedies.

This is Ron and Stephy’s first horror movie debut, and the audience will not be disappointed with their refreshing roles.  The movie offers eye-candy in its attractive cast, suspense, and gore.


Bleeding Mountain is adapted from a short online ghost story, Who to Believe <相信誰>. This popular 140 word short story has been circulating for a long time and it is finally adapted into a thrilling horror movie.

The story line revolves around a young couple and their friends’ mountain climbing expedition up a snowy mountain. Unexpectedly, the weather conditions turn hazardous. The boyfriend (Ron Ng) leaves his girlfriend (Stephy Tang) to wait at the campsite while he and a few others look for help.

Seven days later, the rest of the mountain climbers come back except for Ron. The remaining climbers tell Stephy that there was an avalanche on the first day, and her boyfriend did not make it back alive. Hopefully he will come in a form of spirit to find her at the campsite.

Surprisingly, in the middle of the night, Ron covered in blood appears in front of her. Ron reveals that during the first day, there was an avalanche, and everyone was killed except for him.   Who should Stephy believe? Are the mountain climbers humans or ghosts?  Most importantly, is Ron now dead or alive?

“Bleeding Mountain” Trailer

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  1. interesting concept, dont know the story but won’t it be weird if she was the dead one too

  2. Since this is a Mainland China movie, there won’t be any ghost in it. Mainland China disallow making ghost movie.

    1. Yup, seriously wonder how some of these trailers even make it out in the open. It shows how lazy they are in coming up with interesting, drawing trailer >_>

  3. Wasn’t Stephys first horror movie debute with In love with the dead?

  4. if ron has done a good job i think this movie can bring him more opps his role sounds like a breakthrough

  5. Not bad of a storyline. I’ve always enjoyed horror movies so this one definitely interests me.

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