Ron Ng Pleads Fans Not to Step on Viann Zhang

The cast of L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, Michael Miu ( 苗僑偉), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Linda Chung ( 鍾嘉欣), Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Oscar Leung ( 梁烈唯), and JJ Jia (賈曉晨) attended a promotional event for the series. Regarding smoking photos of girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張韾予), circulating online, Ron Ng noted that he has long been aware of the relevant information. Ron said that everyone has a past. Since he understood the situation earlier, he did not consider it to be a big problem.

As for Viann Zhang being attacked once again, Ron said that although he did not mind, he was a little unhappy. Ron urged that the outside world should not block out Viann’s hard efforts in her work. Ron pleaded with fans who cared about him to not act in an extreme manner.

Currently pregnant, Yoyo Chen explained that her husband, Vincent Wong (王浩信), purchased a new car due to the impending arrival of their first baby. The new car will offer adequate passenger space for their child.  Yoyo admitted that Vincent’s financial strength was not bad. When their child is older, they will move into a larger house.

Michael Miu was delighted by the positive ratings of L’Escargot. When he stepped outside, fans would call him by his character name in L’Escargot. Michael will be performing in Las Vegas with Eric Tsang (曾志偉) at a later point. Michael’s wife, Jamie Chik (戚美珍), will also be joining them on the trip. Michael vowed to try his luck at the casinos in Las Vegas while there.


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Jayne: The cast of L’Escargot looks very festive wearing all red.

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  1. So much press about this nobody-girl…free promo or what. No such thing as bad press, as long as you have the most column inches…

    1. this is why she can’t blame people for thinking she’s popular because of Ron since she’s now getting all these news because she’s his gf

    1. Wow, that’s a pretty big belly already. Knew it was shot gun marriage all along.

    1. Possibly one of TVB’s stronger dramas in a long long time. I just hope it doesn’t give way after half way…

    1. Cute? Okay lah, but I think she can cry pretty well for a child actress. 🙂

  2. Ron pleads his fans lol…

    Ron, do you know what’re doing? without wont get your popularity rise!

    Viann’s past is definitely something…if someone was clean and good, she wouldn’t have so much of bad news to share/talk about…

    1. they are his fan but they not his parent. You don’t break up people relationship because you deem other person is not good enough for them. He what, over thirty, he know what is good for him and if not, he will face it. Nobody have the right to tell somebody what to do. You may be fan, but there are line you shouldn’t cross. what is this. drama, where the second lead girl find all the bad things about the main girl, hoping the main guy will dump the main girl and date her. So what if she had plastic surgery, implant, do nude blah blah. As long she didn’t hurt other people, what give you the right to judge her.

      1. Well spoken – Ron is a grown man, let him decide his own path.

    2. I don’t know why but I feel that the more Ron defends her, the less likely their relationship will not last… Strange..

      1. Oops meant to say “the more that Ron defends her, the less their relationship will last”…

      2. Another mistake “the less likely”. I think I really need the edit button.

      3. I feel that too~
        I actually don’t think Ron has any future plans with Viann. It seems like they’re only dating for the moment. Viann might be hardworking but her personality is just annoying. She posts all her life on Weibo. How does not scream “attention wh*re”?

  3. Ron fan are crazy! He is an adult, let him live his life and choose his gf…if she not a right fit for him let him break up on his on term. This is why so many artist chose hide their relationship.

  4. It is normal for Ron’s fans to care for him, but it should be up to him who he wants to be with. I do admit Viann has such a bad past. If I were Ron’s mom, I definately would NOT allow my son to date someone like that… Also, since she has so many fake and plastic assets in her body and face, they can break one day and then Ron may be blamed…

  5. L’Escargot is a very good drama. I am watching up to episode 8. I like the couples: Sonija, Michael Miu, and Lam Lam (their daughter in the serie); Ron and Linda.

  6. Is Ron popular in Hong Kong? In Asia, I guess only Chinese speakers know him but even so Andy Lau or even Raymond Lam are much more popular.

    1. Less popular than LF but still more popular than viann and has been popular long before viann

    2. Ron is less popular and famous than Raymond and Andy, but I know he did go to Toronto to participate in a big show a few years back. I like Ron though (and Raymond) thing his acting is really good, but dunno why, not much people notice him for his good acting skills. =(

      1. Well sorry to keep on repeating myself but acting is subjective. You can really like someone and think that their acting is good while others will hate it…

  7. His fans are just as bright as Ron 🙂

    If they use their brain a little they shouldn’t have “attacked” her or get offended by her stupidity.

    Instead they shoud’ve accepted her with open arms. She would’ve lost interest in their relationship already as it’s not exicitng anymore and no more free news which isn’t really newsworthy.

    Ron once again show his intelligence by asking his fans to stop. He should know already it won’t work and they will most likely hate her more. This is becoming a vicious circle!

    BTW, Linda looks great in the picture showing her toned legs 🙂

  8. Poor guy cannot win. If he kept this relationship a secret and the fans finds out, all hell will break open. He tells his fans he is dating the attention seeking wh-ore and all hell breaks out…Now I am starting to understand why Andy Lau was being so secretive about Carol.

    1. At least Carol isn’t annoying like Viann is… But Andy’s situation was different than Ron’s..

    2. Carol is a selfless woman, she gave up half her life time hiding in the shadows for this man. Can viann do it? If Ron hides her away, she will probably break out and give press conference that ron is her man! 😛

      1. Viann needs attention. That’s why she needs Ron to post his wearabouts occasionally on weibo and needs Ron to phone her all the time. That’s also why she accidentally (on purpose) posted her bed photo on Ron’s weibo. =(

  9. Ron must be in quite a tough situation. Stuck between fans and girl.

  10. Poor Ron, talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place.

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