Ron Ng’s Romance with Viann Zhang Ends in Heartbreak

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Viann Zhang’s (張馨予) turbulent relationship has finally come to an end! Since their romance came to light more than one year ago, Viann was often blasted by Ron’s fans for being a “plastic doll” who used her boyfriend to boost her own publicity. Due to Viann’s fiery and demanding ways, the relationship was often speculated to end soon. Yesterday, Viann’s manager finally confirmed that she has broken up with Ron!

It was understood that Viann has been upset with Ron because he refused to officially acknowledge their romance. On June 24th, rumors that 25-year-old Viann and 32-year-old Ron’s romance were on the rocks surfaced, after Viann posted alarming blog messages regarding her negative love perspective. However, the drama ensued, as Ron apparently attempted to salvage their relationship.

Disregarding fans’ cautious warnings, Ron indicated that he was “very happy” with Viann on June 29th and asked for the public’s blessing. On July 13th, Ron officially declared Viann as his girlfriend for the first time. However, Ron’s acknowledgement of Viann’s status may have come too late. The couple was rumored to have broken up 3 months ago.

Viann Zhang’s Manager Confirms Split

Asked if Viann and Ron had indeed broken up, Viann’s manager, Jason replied, “Viann hopes to express that they have officially broken up! She will not respond to any other questions. Viann hopes that everyone will focus on her work and not ask any questions regarding Ron Ng.”

When Ron was asked to personally the confirm the break up news, he said tersely, “I have no comment!”

Viann Fell for Another Man?

The timing of Viann’s break up announcement shockingly came 4 days following Ron’s declaration that she was his girlfriend. Speculations quickly spread as to the cause of their breakup.  Mainland actor, Li Chen (李晨), was spotted at Viann’s apartment earlier; it was rumored that she may have fallen for the 33-year-old actor.

Mainland tabloids published photos of Viann and Li Chen  on a midnight date in Beijing earlier. After Li Chen became hopelessly drunk and unable to stand on his own feet, Viann escorted him away. The pair rested in an apartment, which was speculated to be Viann’s home. Viann allegedly helped Li Chen wipe his vomit and did not mind the mess.

Li Chen and Viann are currently filming new mainland drama, Naked Wedding <裸愛>, which is produced by Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝). Li Chen formerly starred in modern mainland romantic comedy, Beijing Love Story <北京爱情故事>. Despite being photographed on a bar date, other news surfaced that Li Chen and Viann were only good friends who have known each other for years.

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Jayne: Viann’s announcement makes it appear as if Ron had tried to salvage their relationship too late. I was surprised by his very direct declaration that Viann was his girlfriend earlier. He was willing to finally speak about their romance in the open, but that was at the threat of a breakup that would occur days later.

In Viann’s blog, she cautioned fans to not believe things that they did not witness with their own eyes, likely referring to rumors that she has already found a new lover in Li Chen. 

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  1. This is probably best news for Ron Ng in a long time.

    1. Larry,
      But Ron loved Viann. It depressing to see that no matter how much he has given in the relationship, it did not work out.

      Viann’s breakup announcement makes it appear as if Ron has been in denial for 2 to 3 weeks that the breakup is going to happen.

      1. The break up may be beneficial to Ron’s career, depending on how he handles it. The best option for him is to remain silent and concentrate on his work, while ‘insider friends’ dropped news of how heartbroken he is but determined to ‘shift his attention’ to work.

        One advise Rom: Don’t go misty eyed in front of media because of this.

      2. I really dont think this relationship last very long since they dont match their personalities at all. Ron tries and fails… he needs to move on.

      3. @Jayne: Apparently, Ron is still in denial because the latest news had him saying that he trusts his girlfriend (Viann) so will disregard the rumors of Viann hooking up with Li Chen.


      4. Claimine,
        “ayne: Apparently, Ron is still in denial because the latest news had him saying that he trusts his girlfriend (Viann) so will disregard the rumors of Viann hooking up with Li Chen.”

        Is there a timing issue with when the above news (Ron trusting that Viann did not hook up with Li Chen) surface? I cannot imagine he would be in such deep denial if Viann’s manager already stated that they have broken up.

        Perhaps the sequence of the events were:

        1. Viann and Li Chen photographed together
        2. Rumors surface of 3 month breakup
        3. Ron still loves Viann, saying he trusts she did not cheat
        4. Viann’s manager said that Viann admitted breakup
        5. Ron replies, “I have no comment!”

      5. @Jayne: Hopefully it is indeed the timing of the news reports.

      6. @ Clamine

        Your news makess Ron sounds like Gregory Lee. Jilted lover in denial.

    2. “This is probably best news for Ron Ng in a long time.” ………….. Totally agree.

      1. If she is not worth her salt, then I’d say forget her. It is better to end now than later. There is always someone more suited to Ron out there. Choosing a right girlfriend (or even a wife) speaks a lot about a person in the choice he makes.

  2. Poor Ron. The girl was toying with him, and now announcing the breakup publicly? Ouch! If I were Ron, I would shift my focus to reviving my career.

    1. Agreed. Ron should forget her and now time to focus on his career. He’s lagging behind his peers now.

    2. Where was she toying with him? From what we know it looks more like she wanted Ron to commit to their relationship publicly and he wouldn’t. She was sad that Ron continued to hide her away. Eventually, she said ‘enough is enough’ and left. Only then did he acknowledge her.

      A life lesson for Ron – the woman in his life should be #1.

  3. If they had broken up 3 months ago, then either Ron really doesn’t understand viann’s mandarin or he was in denial. Anyway, let the mud-slinging begin! I hope someone leaks some juicy pics to the press.

  4. Fail Fail Fail Ron Ng
    Viann literally kills Ron’s pride as well as fame.
    Their relationship might have ended but all the drama, rumors, gossips about them will not end.

  5. Poor Ron. After giving many troubles to him she made him lose face now after he admit their relationship

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  7. What can you expect from a plastic doll? True love or a steady gf? That’s what he gets for dating someone who thinks beauty is everything for her..

    I hope Lf will console his bro Ron and advise him to be more careful with China enhancements 😉

    1. Veejay,
      Interesting that you mention Raymond’s ex-romance with Mavis Pan here. The media portrayed Raymond as being “burned” by Mavis’ bed photo release and I wonder if they will do the same with Ron and Viann’s breakup.

      Both Ron and Viann had sacrificed in the relationship, to the point where Viann felt that it was not worth it. Her previous messages hinted that life goes on and even if unwilling to let go, she felt this was the best thing to do.

      1. @Jayne,

        You put up alot of good words for Viann’s decision on breakup but I don’t think I can think like you do on Viann though lol..

        To me, Viann seems like someone with “hidden” agenda and she finally got what she wants..and its just time for her to move to another potential “object” which can boost either her reputation or etc. With such alterations done in such a young age and time, you can tell that this woman is not an easy one ;).

        As for Lf, both the brothers have similar taste of gfs mostly from looks. So i thought maybe LF can advise his bro Ron to be more careful when dating this enhancement so there won’t be any backfire later hehe… And I have no interest to see any of Ron & Viann bed photos honestly.. He got what he wanted frm her and vice it’s a fair game.

      2. Veejay,
        I don’t see Viann as a schemer or plotting opportunist. Her outbursts with Ron’s fans indicate a lack of control and level of rashness, more characteristic of a passionate and easily argumentative nature.

        In this respect, Viann reminds me very much of Cecilia Cheung, in which she accused Nicholas Tse of being a “fake man” and plotted against her in their divorce crisis last year.

        However, both Viann and Cecilia seemed to whole-heartedly love their men. But their passionate and irrational nature got in the way.

        Add in the frequent long-distance separation and a “needy, passionate” person as Viann would soon fall apart. Along with Cecilia, Viann strikes me as someone who needs a lot of attention, a lot of “I love you messages” etc.

        I see Viann’s faults too, but I do not doubt that she loved Ron. Since they are both busy celebrities and she has a lack of tolerance for certain things, it did not work out.

        I disagree with the view that Viann had used and abused Ron to achieve greater fame for herself.

      3. @Jayne

        Viann may be someone who require lot of attentions and loves but we can’t deny that her popularity level surged after she dated Ron. Maybe some ppl will say she got it from filming movies in Mainland and her acting that made her famous but honestly speaking..if she didn’t dated Ron, who would have known her in such a short time?

        Anyways, I still don’t think Viann is an easy person that’s all. 🙂

      4. @Jayne

        “Viann reminds me very much of Cecilia Cheung, in which she accused Nicholas Tse of being a “fake man” and plotted against her in their divorce crisis last year.”

        There’s a very good reason for Cecilia for not trusting Nic. In the past, Cecilia helped Nic clean up his obstruction case. She even “borrowed” her father to be the alibi for the case. Both she and her father were pulled in for investigation. After the investigation period, Nic got rid of her and quickly returned to Faye. Perhaps Nic had good intentions when breaking up with her — such as helping her get rid of the press that was hounding her for being the third party. However, putting yourself in Cecilia’s shoes, it really looked like he was only using her. I think ever since then she’s been doubting him; however her love for him paved way for reconciliation.

        As for Viann, she may have loved Ron, but Ron has made more sacrifices than she has. He already made the public declaration that she wanted, so why is that too late for them to patch up? He defended her countlessly in public and went against his fans. Can’t she see that’s a gesture of love? To me, having him defended her and went against his fans means so much more than declaring “Viann is my girlfriend.” Unfortunately, she didn’t feel the same, and needed Ron to declare her status to the public. Anyhow, I do think it’s a pity that they have broken up, especially after Ron just declared her status.

      5. i def agree…. viann may be plastic but she doesnt seem like a schemer to me.. sometimes life just like tht.. maybe aftr months of denial viann just couldnt tke it. decided once n for all to do whts best for her. hope ron gets over ths quickly. as u said put his mind into work. tthings work out for the best

      6. I’m with jayne on this. I might not like the “plastic” nature of Viann… but the conspiracy theories being written about her by obvious fans of Ron are really quite far fetched 😛

        If Viann is guilty of anything, it’s being needy. She is high maintenance and wanted attention that Ron wasn’t willing to give, so he lost her. No big deal… it happens all the time in the world.

    2. Yay Veejay,

      the brainless puppet is no match for the evil Chucky, LOL.

      Well a little sorry for Ron though. His ex-fans warned him against Chucky’s evil intentions yet he refused to believe them.

      In the end after being used the puppet is thrown in the garbage compactor. Guess he must be looking for a new doll already, LOL.

  8. I assume next week they will announce their marriage?

  9. Poor Ron 🙁 but i’m glad that they’re breaking up.

  10. Viann post messages…depressingly and poetically to gain attention. She reminds me of those types who are hungry to be noticed. Did she ever love Ron? Maybe. But if she really loved him, she should’ve been more patient as Ron was extremely patient with her intrusive and demanding behaviors. He’s given her ghd status that she was craving for, now

    1. *He’s given her the status she was craving for and now that’s too late. If you’re in love it’s never too late, especially when the other party is willing to sacrifice for you.

      1. Cloud,
        “But if she really loved him, she should’ve been more patient as Ron was extremely patient with her intrusive and demanding behaviors.”

        I think Viann loved Ron in a possessive manner. She lacked the tolerance that he has shown him. But her lack of patience does not indicate that she did not love him.

        Their relationship sounded much more intense than Raymond and Mavis, who was willing to be in the shadows for one year, meeting him quietly in his apartment.

        But Viann was unable to tolerate such a secretive relationship. Otherwise, it may not have ended this way.

      2. I blv PSS really loved LF and dared to do everything for him. That’s why she was kind of crazy angry when it’s over. But in Viann’s case, I sense Viann dun love Ron enough or Ron loves her more. That’s why she dumped him but he wanna salvage. Different love. Viann is a stronger woman than PSS, I can see so. Pretty suitable as PSS was born rich and showed that she is a pink castle dreamer.

  11. This is truly very embarassing for Ron – big lost of face. He will need some consoling and learn his lesson well. He will need time to recover and reflect, and hopefully he will reemerge better.

    It easy to say to be careful of those mainland beauties, but somehow most men will still be lured by their external appereances (albeit artificially enhanced).

  12. Well, well, wellllllllllllll!

    I will be frank, I think emotions were honest in this relationship. Looks like Viann still emerged the victor. After all, SHE dumped Ron AFTER his declaration. haha.

    Jayne, I agree with you. Ron is a big boy, he should have seen it coming. I don’t think Viann ever hid her emotions or thoughts very well 😛 Or even her intentions or ultimatums which she shared with the audience LOL!!

    I think Viann it is unfair that Viann is getting hated on. If I could understand and write in Chinese, I would go FAN her and SUPPORT her on her weibo.

    1. Even if I don’t believe Viann being a honest person and etc..but I still don’t dislike or hate her. To me, she seems like someone who have hidden agenda that’s all 🙂 My impression on her is just 50-50..for eg. she can do whatever she wants and as an audience like me, I will read her news and move on..(not going to throw darts on her pic) haha.

  13. @Veejay: Talking about Viann having a hidden agenda, maybe, just maybe because of Ron’s denial she purposely let reporters take pictures of her with a drunken Li Chen going to her apartment. Just like how reporters somehow snapped those pictures of Ron picking her up at the airport.

  14. I have to personally admit that I am quite *happy* at this news, at the same time rather upset for Ron. Jayne’s right, Ron did in fact love Viann, and perhaps he still do so yes, quite depressing to see this happen.

    I can only hope that Ron can move on from this and focus on his work. A better girl will come soon enough!

  15. so like…….. did this girl force Ron to announce their relationship then after a few days, telling her assistance or whoever to tell the media that they’re over? is this some sort of plan/revenge by her to make ron look embarrassed?

    1. ii dont think it was intentional. maybe the announcement just came too late.she was sick of waiting.

  16. Wow… this girl Viann is not a simple girl!

    I think she out did Ron (those silly men) on this one. She seems aggressive, go-getter and will go all out to get what she wants, be it men, career, looks. And she is gorgeous and hot to boot.

    Although Ron did seem to end up with egg on his face this time, I admire him for doing as much as he did. I think being a celebrity, he did as much as he could to pacify her and tell of their relationship as he could under his obligations and responsibilities as a celebrity.

    Yes, I agree, Ron, no need to play the victim card or cry or rant about how she broke your heart and you are never going to trust women again. All of us have been jilted by people we love before, just take it like a man, swallow it, move on and I am sure your female fans will love you more for it and want to console you!

  17. My feelings about Viann are very complicated.

    I think I both love and hate her.

    I hate her because she seems:
    Overly emphasis on looks
    Materialistic – not above using bfs to climb career

    And yet at the same time I admire her becos she seems:

    Knows what she wants
    Go and gets what she wants
    Not afraid of using men
    Not afraid of fighting w fan girls be’cos she knows they can’t become Ron’s gf and she can sleep w Ron

    Haha… just a tongue in cheek look… no offense to anyone!

    1. Me too. I somehow admire Viann because she carries out as a strong and ambitious woman, yet I dislike her ways in attaining her goals. She falls under the category of “the end justifies the means.”

  18. If a woman really loves a man, she will do all kinds of sacrifices, such as Lam Fung Gill to Jacky Chan (Sing Lung).

    I doubt it very much if Viann loves Ron very much.

    Moreover, it is extremely hard to keep a relationship if they don’t live and work in the same place. Many Hong Kong artistes moved to live in Mainland China because they want to be close to their partners or vise versa.

  19. This is a huge loss for Ron, Where is gonna find that kind of ass?

    1. I thought only her boobs that were “noticable” & didn’t really pay much of attention to her ass LoL..

  20. I sense that Viann’s heart ran to Li Chen so she must draw a line with Ron quickly to avoid being called 2 timer.

    If they really broke up 3 months ago (proving that 2 months ago Viann commented on an interview that her bf wasnt as good as she expected, not mention the name but we can assume. She enhanced it by another interview to say that ppl thought he was protecting her but in fact he only thought of himself), Ron’s recent action is a strong efforts to heal the relationship.

    Or Ron has the Gregory advice.

    But watever, I blv with Viann’s character showed to public, no change of healing.

  21. its its real break-up, i have nothing to say but HOPE TIS IS NOT ANOTHER PUBLICITY GIMMICK!

  22. hahahaha this is too funny.
    he finally admits viann as his gf and then a few days later she says they have officially broken up!!!

    OUCHHHHHHHHHHHH .. maybe he should’ve kept quiet. so viann dumped ron lol

    1. Yah keep quiet is the best. Let LF or other girls talk to press about how heartbroken he is.

      1. LF stepped aside. Ytd he was interviewed and he said he wouldn’t comment on others’ private matters.

  23. Real or not, totally expected it. Just a matter of time.

  24. Look on the bright side. Now Ron is single again and now Ron wont have to deal with angry fans anymore. Now his fans will sympathize because Viann throw egg to his face and will support him again and his career will get better!

  25. Good for Ron! It is quite obvious that Ron cares more about Viann than she does about Ron! She has made rude comments not only to his fans, but her words about Ron being a temnporary BF aren’t that pleasant either.

    Ron can now concentrate on his career now with happy fans.

  26. Poor Ron, he definitely deserves better! It is so selfish of Viann if the manager’s announcement was her idea!

  27. Haha! I guess Ron needed some time to find himself a Mandarin-to-Canto translator so he could finally understand what she was trying to tell him all these weeks.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to watching Naked Wedding. It must be the latest installment of that Wong Jing series: Naked Killer, Naked Weapons….

  28. The more I look at it, Viann really sort of looks like one of my buddies. The only thing is that my buddy is 100% natural…

  29. Ron gives me the impression that he’s stil the sort who has old fashion value when it comes to permanent relationship and it’s good that he stalled on Viann. What’s one year of sleeping together, on-and-off, you don’t get to see a person’s true character. He’s been ‘used, used, used’ . There’ll be lonely nights, teary eyes and hurtful thoughts for a while but he will and must get over it. Let this be a lesson for him….lust doesn’t last **

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