Rosamund Kwan and Chen Tai Ming Secretly Married in Italy?

Fifty-two-year-old retired Hong Kong actress Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) and 58-year-old Taiwanese businessman Chen Tai Ming (陳泰銘) have dated for many years. Although their relationship was confirmed by sources in 2010, they are rarely seen together in public. When they do meet publicly, they would purposely keep a distance to maintain their privacy.

Rosamund KwanHowever, the couple seems to have become less discreet in recent years. On October 22, Rosamund and Chen Tai Ming were spotted at Central’s IFC shopping for glasses. While Chen was getting his eyes checked, Rosamund patiently waited outside in the lounge. When Chen was done with his appointment and went to select glasses, Rosamund tried on some sunglasses. According to gossip reports, Rosamund and Chen were very affectionate and interacted like a married couple—Rosamund helped Chen adjust his tie and Chen pulled out a chair for Rosamund to sit in when she looked at sunglasses.

Half an hour later, Rosamund and Chen left the eyewear shop arm in arm. Despite being public figures, Rosamund and Chen did not seem to mind the attention they were getting. They took ten minutes to walk from the shopping mall to their car outside.

In 2010, an inside source claimed that Rosamund and Chen had already gotten married in 2008. These rumors were later expelled by Rosamund. However, recent developments alleged that Rosamund and Chen had already gotten married in Italy. When Rosamund was asked about their marriage, she did not respond and only smiled.


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  1. I remembered her in Andy Lau and Stephen Chow movie. For kind of young famous couples, I understand why they hide their marriage/engagement,etc but for old couples (who are 40+), I am not quite sure.

  2. congrats rosamund 🙂

    I’m glad you finally settled on someone you find worth it. Only sad thing is – you don’t have any kids and your great genes are lost 🙁

  3. A timeless beauty. She deserves happiness. Hopefully Cherie Chung will find her happiness too.

  4. She is still very pretty to this day Hope she lives a Happy and Wonderful life with her soulmate!!!

  5. she reminds me of queenie chan a little bit. maybe the lips and the similarity of the facial structures.

  6. she is a beauty, only thing i love her natural looks than her botox looks, i bet without botox, in her 50s now, she will still looks beautiful 🙁

  7. For $/@^’s sakes, does it really matter if is married or not? as long as she’s happy with what their “status”is, people need to stop being so nosy. She’s 50+ yrs old and retired from the industry. Reporters need to leave her alone!

  8. Rosamund Kwan has definitely had botox, her skin is wayy to smooth for her age. She’s most likely had had IPL skin lightening treatments (very common in Asia)and had eye surgery to make her eyes bigger. You see in old pictures back in the 80’s her eyes are smaller.

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