Rosamund Kwan Was Not Legally Married to Billionaire Pierre Chen?

Former Hong Kong actress Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) shocked fans when she revealed her divorce with Taiwanese billionaire Pierre Chen (陳泰銘) in 2015. The couple did not end their relationship on good terms after fighting over everyday incompatibilities. The media recently discovered that Rosamund and Pierre were actually never legally married, as the couple only held a wedding celebration.

Rosamund’s Love Life

When she was 19 years old, Rosamund had a short nine-month marriage with financial services mogul Wong Kwok Sing (王国旌).  She was also linked with top actors such Jackie Chan (成龍), Andy Lau (劉德華) and Wallace Huo (霍建華), though these may only have been baseless rumors as Rosamund seemed to prefer powerful businessmen. Her most notorious relationship was with married businessman Joseph Lau (劉鑾雄), where Rosamund was labeled as a homewrecker.

In 2009, Rosamund’s relationship with the then-married Pierre Chen was exposed after the two were photographed together. After Pierre ended his marriage with his first wife, he and Rosamund traveled to Japan together. Although the couple tried to keep their relationship low-profile, their public sightings together would occasionally grace the gossip pages.

Pierre Wanted to Propose

Together for eight years, Rosamund revealed that she and Pierre got “divorced” in 2015. However, it turns out that the couple only held a small wedding reception, and never completed their marriage registration. As they did not get legally married, Pierre publicly stated that that he has one ex-wife and implied that Rosamund was only a girlfriend.

Despite the complicated turn of events, tabloids reported that Pierre had intended to give Rosamund a grand wedding in a historical castle hotel. To prepare for the proposal, Pierre wanted to purchase the hotel to rename it after Rosamund. However, problems emerged in the relationship and the couple constantly argued over petty matters. Before Pierre could propose, Rosamund had unexpectedly announced the end of their relationship.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. It says Rosamund prefer powerful businessmen that makes her sounds like a gold digger for sure. That’s crazy she used to linked with Wallace Hou? She’s older than him by 17 years that’s a big age gap. Or maybe Wallace are into an older woman? even his wife Ruby are older than him it’s just not that big age differences. I think she can do better than that instead stick with an older man who’s not even good looking. I am imagine being a billionaire but don’t have the look? Michael Miu is one good sample he’s got the look even though he’s not a billionaire at least he age very well and still are.

    1. @cutie777
      You know the saying, women like fortune/talent while men like looks. The age gap between her and Wallace was big but I have seen women older men marry men that much if not even younger. It just depends.

      With Rosamund’s reputation, she can do anything to get what she wants. She even broke up Maggie Chan’s marriage and caused her to get a miscarriage. Some of these women like her and Michele Reis have no shame… They hurt and break up marriages without caring at all. I find that so sad and I guess they do not care until it happens to them.

      1. @hetieshou wow. Never knew these two women’s are that evil until you mentioned it. Yes it is a shame for sure. About Michelle I thought it spells with double l’s no?

      2. @cutie777
        They are and some did not believe it. If karma exists, what goes around comes around. I saw it spelled as Michele. Michele caused the death of the wife of the guy she was the mistress of. These women have no shame.

    2. @cutie777 what is it about the Asian culture about looks, age and money, and social station. I am Asian and I don’t ever wanna fall into that outdated way of thinking. Man I get fed up. Anyway, Rosamund comes across as a gold digger to me, just my opinion. She appears to had a lot of men. Back in the day, she was a side dish of Andy Lau.

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