Rosamund Kwan’s Secret Marriage and Divorce

Last year, Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) was speculated to have married Taiwanese billionaire Chen Tai Ming (陳泰銘). To preserve their privacy, the couple chose not to publicly announce their marriage.When it was revealed that Rosamund and Chen ended their eight-year relationship recently, she finally admitted, “We did not break up; we got a divorce.”

An insider revealed that the couple registered for marriage last year and secretly held a wedding reception in Paris. However, their happiness was short-lived. Soon after living together, the couple constantly had arguments over daily incompatibilities.

Although married for over a year, Chen also refused to publicly acknowledge their relationship, claiming that he was protecting his two daughters. Unable to tell even her closest friends about her marriage, Rosamund became increasingly unhappy. The insider revealed that Chen had a very traditional mindset and did not want Rosamund to work, preferring that she stay home. As their marital problems grew, the couple eventually split.

Rosamund Kwan and Carina Lau are at Odds?

Seemingly still bitter about the divorce, Rosamund was also upset at Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) for going hiking with Chen. Tabloids claimed that Carina came between Rosamund and Chen’s relationship. Rosamund said, “In regards to the news reports these past few weeks, everyone can see it for themselves. They are not children, but are adults. They did not think about other people’s feelings.”

Carina later responded, “I am confused too. I just found out today that they had been married and are now divorced. I know only as much as the media does.” Carina stressed that hiking with friends is a very normal occurrence. “We are a group of friends who routinely meet. Everyone talks about their hobbies and many of them enjoy hiking. Firstly, you can take in some fresh air; secondly, you can stay fit and healthy. Since we have similar hobbies, what’s the problem if we set a date and time and meet up for hikes?”

In regards to Rosamund’s divorce, Carina refused to comment. When asked why Rosamund said what she did, Carina expressed, “I didn’t watch the news clip, so I don’t know under what circumstances she said those things. I also do not want to assume. In short, I have nothing to hide.”


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  1. watching Rosamund’s films growing up, i feel bad that her marriage became this way. because of her age, i have doubts that she will want to look for another relationship but who knows. wish her for the best. it seems that her ex was very controlling and that just gets too suffocating.

    i really hope Carina isnt lying about being involved or not with Rosamund’s ex. I respect her for not making an assumptions though.

    1. @akinu , one of the things I hate most in life are controlling idiots. Why do these idiots think they have the right to control the lives of other adults. At least Rosamund had the sense to realize that enough is enough, just like Katie Holmes did with Tom Cruise. Sadly there are women who are stuck with their controlling husbands who seem to be gluttens for punishment. Any man or woman who loves their spouse will not control them, they are not a remote control toy , it is a mark of disrespect. It also can be a mental illness.

      By the way, many women and men find love past fifty. Can you tell me why you said Rosamund may not want another relationship due to her age?. I find it puzzling that you said that. This is 2015, not 1520, where women were made to feel old and discarded after a failed marriage.

      1. @abc123a to answer your question, i have friends from all sorts of age groups (some way younger, same age group, way older). a lot of my aunts that are divorced at her age stops looking for love, and same goes for my much older female friends. while i understand it is 2015, do keep in mind that some women still have that 1520 mindset, at least, the women I know.

  2. nice couple.. hopefully they happy ever after. beauty rosamund I’m a big fans of Her since I was kid

    1. @honeywii I’m puzzled about yr comment. They divorced didn’t they?
      Anyway, isn’t Carina happily married to Tony so how can she be the third party?

  3. Ahhh feel bad for her but happy that she is out of a controlling relationship. Not young anymore but I hope she will still want to find her other 1/2…

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