Carina Lau’s Nephew Could Inherit Her Million Dollar Fortune

With no children of her own, rumors are saying that Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) plans on having her nephew—her brother’s 25-year-old son Jeff Lau (劉兆恩)—inherit her fortune, which is worth at least hundreds of millions.

On January 11, the 55-year-old shared on social media that she has been celebrating the 51st birthday of her sister-in-law, Laura. Sharing a rare family portrait on social media, Carina wrote, “The weather may be cold, but the heart is warm. Thankful to my family.” In the photo there was Carina’s mother, who is now over 70 years old; Carina’s younger brother and his wife Laura; and also Jeff, Carina’s nephew. 

Carina and Jeff are as close as mother and son. Carina shared a picture of Jeff to the public for the first time in 2016. The 25-year-old is a rookie architect, and graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture at the University of Nottingham, one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.

Tuition at the university is not cheap. According to sources, international students have to pay at least 19,000 to 31,500 pounds per year. 

After receiving his Master of Architecture in 2020, Jeff returned to Hong Kong to work full time as an architect.

Source: TOPick

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  1. Sounds like he is a successful person on his own but still, he’s super lucky if he does inherit her fortune! That kind of money is not comparable to a regular person making regular money.

  2. @seriously If she’s drawn up a will, it won’t automatically go to Tony.

    He probably has hundreds of millions himself too, so there’s no need for him to inherit Carina’s wealth.

    Makes sense for Carina’s money to go to her relatives and Tony’s to his.

    1. @dugdugdug By law marriage guarantees that either husband/wife get possession of their assets. Hence the marriage. Technically if assets are entrusted into entities upon itself separate of the marriage that is a different story. Please do not use your knowledge of drama series to reference of the real world.

      1. @seriously
        Honestly, we do not know if they kept their assets separate from each other or not. If it’s something that is under their name only and they leave it for someone other than their spouse then it can go to whoever they want. Tony has a nephew and niece I think so he may leave something for them too so it would make sense if Carina leaves something for her nephew.

      2. @seriously lol, how would you know? Do you have access to their l wills and their arrangements? Maybe educate yourself before trying to burn other people. You can absolutely not leave anything to the husband if there were pre arrangements on assets earned by both sides. A marriage guarantees nothing, as a legal will supercedes it.

        At this point, ironically, you are speculating just as much as the poster you are belittling.

  3. @seriously
    I remember once reading about how Carina said that she cannot take it all with her when she dies, she said would leave it a part for her family first which of course includes her nephew. I think that is her only nephew and she has no children so he is pretty much like her son. Then whatever is left, she will donate it all to charities.

    Tony has a lot of his own money so I wonder if he even needs hers. I don’t find what dugdugdug said unreasonable.

  4. Does anyone know how come she doesn’t have any children? She doesn’t wants children? or couldn’t have one? I know Sean Lau and Amy Kwok doesn’t wants to have a child?

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