[Celebrity Homes] Inside Rosamund Kwan’s Home

Since Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) got divorced from Taiwanese billionaire Pierre Chen (陳泰銘) in 2015, she has started a new life. The 55-year-old former film star picked up new interests and founded her own fashion lifestyle brand, Rosamund Moiselle. Last year, she purchased a $135 million HKD home custom-designed to suit her needs.

Allowing the press to take photos inside her home, Rosamund explained that her decor taste changes every few years. Her previous home was mainly white, while her current home is more warm. Brown is the dominant color in her living room, which features a stunning view of Victoria Harbor. “When I saw the apartment for the first time, I decided to buy it because of the sea view.”

Rosamund does not cook and eats simply. She usually eats oatmeal and fruits for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and allows herself to eat whatever she craves for dinner. Her maid will prepare soups for her once in a while. To maintain her slim figure, Rosamund exercises three hours every day, five days per week.

The most striking feature in the dining room are two built-in wine coolers, where Rosamund keeps a sizable collection of red wine.

Revamping the 3000- square-feet condo by combining three bedrooms into one bedroom, it now has an expansive walk-in closet and makeup space. An accessories lover, Rosamund has over 100 handbags worth $1 million HKD in total. As for her shoe collection, Rosamund said, “I don’t buy a lot of shoes–just a few pairs each year. Whatever I don’t wear in two years, I’ll give them away.”

Rosamund’s bedroom decor is very simple, resembling a hotel room. She likes to watch dramas and read books there.

The bathroom is marked by a huge bathtub, which Rosamund admits she rarely uses. She prefers to take showers which are faster and convenient.

Aside from her two dogs, Coffee and Whiskey, Rosamund lives alone. While the features of her home are quite minimalist by celebrity standards, there are luxury touches which reveal Rosamund’s refined tastes.

Source: Sina

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. With floor-to-ceiling windows like that, can people still open them? That’s a really high fall…

    But very nice! 3,000 sq feet even by American standards is a sizable property for a family of 4-5. If this is all on one level, that’s like a penthouse property.

      1. @jayne I agree. The hotel-esque decor seems so cold and not homely.

        Also the comment about her only buying a few pairs of shoes and giving the rest away in 2 yrs dont seem to match the picture….

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