Rosamund Kwan’s Face Appears Old and Stiff?

Hong Kong veteran actress Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) is no longer able to hide her signs of aging. The 53-year-old artiste earlier appeared at a press conference in Shanghai, China, in a beige print dress. Under the bright stage lights, tabloids pointed out that her face has aged considerably.

Rosamund entered the venue surrounded by crewmembers. Despite her light-footed steps and graceful posture, which resembled that of a young girl, reporters claimed they were still able to tell that Rosamund’s face belongs to an old woman. When the actress smiled and pursed her lips together, her facial muscles appeared very stiff. However, her signs of aging were less noticeable when she kept a straight face.

Tabloids further pointed out that Rosamund’s fast aging occurred quite recently. In July, when she uploaded a photo of herself and a friend on Weibo, her face did not appear as swollen and she seemed to be more energetic.


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  1. It’s tough being a celebrity. Snarky comments when they naturally age, and whispers when they get botox to look young.

  2. Ummm she’s aged a lot because she IS old, 53 to be exact. We age, period. How stupid to point out she looks old xD Do they expect her to look like 20 something? Even if she does, they’ll scre bloody hell about plastic surgery, botox, blah blah blah. those Netizens are so funny sometimes. Mo liu!!!

  3. What do they expect a 53 old woman to look like? Geez! I think she looks absolutely fine.

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