Rosamund Kwan On Homewrecking Rumors: “Can’t Stop What He Does For Me”

Rosamund Kwan (關之琳), queen of 80’s and 90’s Hong Kong cinema, is now retired from acting. Though the 54-year-old has detached herself from entertainment and starting a business in fashion, the media is still more interested in reporting about her past and current relationships than anything else.

In an interview on the Chinese talk show A Date with Luyu <魯豫有約>, host Chen Luyu (陳魯豫) boldly asked Rosamund about her thoughts on the paparazzi reporting about her private life—including her gold-digging and homewrecking rumors of the past.

Rosamund, daughter of actors, was quick to clarify. “No one can really know about the difficulties I had to go through for my career. People have assumed that I grew up in a nice household, or that I have princess sickness. I actually have a very tough personality. I am not afraid of suffering. What does it mean to be greedy for money? Who doesn’t want money? Who doesn’t want to eat? If my boyfriend has money, why would that automatically mean that I want his money? Why can’t you say that he wants my fame? The people who make these claims are obviously jealous.”

Rosamund’s parents were the late Kwan Shan (關山) and Cheung Bing-sai (張冰茜), both well known actors from the 60’s. Because of her famous parents, the media had regarded Rosamund as a rich second generation, and that she was expected to follow her parents’ footsteps. But her parents’ relationship grew more estranged overtime, and when Rosamund turn 18 years old, they divorced. After graduating high school, Rosamund immediately went into acting—and it wasn’t because she wanted to do it for fun.

“My house caught on fire, so I had to save it,” she said. Rosamund meant it both figuratively and literally—she recalled a time when her house’s office room had actually caught on fire, and she was the first to run downstairs to extinguish it.

Years ago, there were rumors that Rosamund was the third person in a relationship, which resulted in the couple’s divorce. Rosamund said, “I wasn’t the one who started it. I can’t stop what other people do for me.” Asking if she regretted the decision she made, Rosamund immediately said, “Of course. People got hurt.”

When it came to the topic of costars, Rosamund said the actor who gave her the most emotional connection was Tony Leung Ka-fai (梁家輝). Andy Lau (劉德華), her most frequent collaborator, is more like family. “I would see him more than I see my family,” said Rosamund.

Rosamund recently divorced her husband of seven years, Pierre Chen (陳泰銘). It took a while for her to recover from the loss, but she’s already learned to let go. “My life has been filled with splendor. I have no regrets.”

Source: Mingpao

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  1. “If my boyfriend has money, why would that automatically mean that I want his money? Why can’t you say that he wants my fame?” CONCUR!!!

    1. @jjwong Because men with money won’t date a celeb for fame. They would date a fellow socialite or some rich family’s daughter for prominence and social standing. Celebs date rich men for social standing. No one sees Celebs as improvement of their social standing unless they are of lesser standing.

      1. Rich man dates a celebrity for her beautiful face and sexy body, and perhaps hopes to get more recognition in the social media.

      2. @orchid123
        Firstly it will be an embarrassment for a rich man to be caught with a celebrity. The social circle of a wealthy individual will have negative image of female celebrities. Why would a man with full of recognition from his career success be bothered about getting some notice from social media? Also there are beautiful faces and bodies everywhere. It isn’t limited to just celebrities.

      3. @jimmyszeto rich men wants notoriety. Hence why you see so many rich men dating celebrities. Plus if you think about it, when it comes to wealth, how many everyday women are there that are richer and more beautiful than celebrities? If you have an arm candy by your side, you naturally have people’s attention

      4. @coralie
        Many female celebs ended up marrying rich guys; so somebody must be dating them. LOL!!

        Part of the thrill of getting a “trophy” for these guys is that the luster (fame/notoriety) that comes with it.

      5. Totally agree. It is good to have a celebrity as a wife for two reasons:

        1) Have a beautiful wife
        2) Have beautiful children

        Otherwise, people would not “invest” so much money in dating and marrying a celebrity.

        Loletta Chu Ling-Ling was a good example. She was Miss Hong Kong in 1977 and is the former wife of the late tycoon and philanthropist Henry Fok’s son, Timothy. She married Timothy Fok after a short dating. I heard that a very handsome gift was given to Loletta as her wedding present from the Fok family.

      6. @orchid123 Loletta must have been born under a very very lucky star to enjoy a life of luxury. She remarried another billionaire……….envy, envy………

      7. @isay I wouldn’t there’s much to be envious about. Sure, a life of luxury but at what price? To spend your life in a gilded cage and probably have the other rich people look down at you because you had to marry someone rich to get ahead or watch your actions as to not upset your meal ticket. I’m not looking down at Loletta, I understand it was just the sign of the times and a personal choice.

        It’s a lot easier to be a self-made woman nowadays. Female celebrities have more options to get ahead, corporate endorsements, modeling, etc. that weren’t available in the 70s.

        Now to be born into a billionaire family, that’s luck!

      8. @funnlim I disagree. Wealthy men don’t get look down upon when they date celebs. If anything, they prob get high five’d. They’re ego-centric; if they are looked down upon, there wouldn’t many rich date celebs. IDK how Asia is, but celebs are the socialite in the west. Dating one could mean knowing more fancy people, opening more doors and business opps. There are perks dating a celeb just as there are add ons to date a rich. It’s a give and take, both sides know what they get into and all the shitz that come with it going into the relationship.

  2. Seem to recall reading an article on her involvement with a rich man years ago. The man was at that time married to TVB actress Chan Mei Kei and Rosamund harassed the then pregnant Chan Mei Kei, causing her miscarriage and difficulty in getting pregnant as a result. Chan Mei Kei is now married to her second husband and together, they have adopted two children.

  3. I don’t think Rosamund Kwan answered very well in this case. She kinda sounds like she’s victimizing herself, even though the 3rd party affair issue wouldn’t have been a problem if she had stayed out of it altogether.

    “If my boyfriend has money, why would that automatically mean that I want his money?” There are actually quite a bit of reasons to rebuff this, so I don’t think this explanation is very holistic. But if she’s saying she just wants someone with equal to higher standing than her without hoping for his money, I think that makes sense.

  4. “I wasn’t the one who started it. I can’t stop what other people do for me.”
    She sounds so arrogant. It seems to her that as long as she did not take the first step it is not her fault to be the third party. She will just not stop what the other party was doing for her. Anyone with self dignity will stay away from a married man who was doing things for her and will not accept any of it.

  5. @coralie @vyvy I agree. She surely put a foot in her mouth and came off as classless. The only part I didn’t cringe is the quote that I had posted up above xD

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