Rosamund Kwan Living with a Brain Tumor for 20 Years

Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) was one of Hong Kong’s most prominent and popular film actresses in the 1990s. It was a shock when she announced her retirement from acting in 2007, choosing to instead focus on her investment businesses. Rosamund did not explain why she wanted to retire at the time, insisting that she wanted to keep her reasons a secret. However, it was recently reported that Rosamund had retired due to health concerns.

In 1994, Rosamund discovered that she had a small tumor in the pituitary gland of her brain. Although it was the benign type and not life-threatening, it was alarming enough for her to draft a will at 32 years old.

The pituitary tumor affected her hormonal balance and Rosamund suffered severe chronic migraines as a result. She did not undergo surgery for her tumor, but she has been consistently taking medication to control it.

Rosamund Kwan boyfriendRosamund’s health condition was not made known until recently, when she was discovered introducing a doctor her her close friend who is also suffering from a pituitary tumor. After her condition was exposed, Rosamund immediately clarified that she is in a stable condition and is living happily and healthily without much problems. She asserted that she does not like calling it a tumor, preferring to call it a “little pea”.

She said, “When I was in my late twenties, I discovered I had a little pea growing around the pituitary gland of my brain. It caused hormonal imbalance. I’ve been taking medication for the past few years, and there aren’t any big problems. My body is well. At my age now, I am actually more concerned about how to maintain good skin.”

Rosamund’s tumor has not turned cancerous over the years. However, her hormonal imbalance and chronic migraines are still a problem. The 51-year-old sees her doctor twice a year. On August 29, she was spotted visiting her doctor while accompanied by her boyfriend, Taiwanese businessman Chen Tai Ming (陳泰銘).

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  1. “At my age now, I am actually more concerned about how to maintain good skin.”

    Well, women really put look first than their health. Lol! Well, she still looks great for her age. At least I think she aged rather gracefully…hope she’ll stay that way.

    1. I think so too. She looks pretty good for a 51 year old (soon to be 52).

      1. Growing up, i was always fascinated by her beauty. Shes like fine wine!

  2. Keep fighting lady! Optimism is half the battle. Wish you good health.

  3. I used to like her looks very much. But I think she still look good.

  4. I’m still not clear on why she doesn’t just get the surgery to remove the tumor.

    1. Because all surgeries are associated with a risk. And, brain surgery is “high-high-high-high” risk. Medical experts have probably already discussed the risk/benefit with her and she may have decided not to do surgery, which is not that simple.

      1. Exactly. Brain surgeries are highly invasive and are considered very high risk.

  5. If it’s a benign tumor why didn’t she remove it? All these gorgeous actresses marry really old rich guys. Money is more important I guess. Who wants a hot dude who lives in a van?

    1. It isn’t life threatening and manageable, why taking a risk? She still looks beautiful at age 51. Her boyfrd doesn’t look much old than her. I see a good match couple there.

    2. it’s a benign tumor.. it doesn’t have to be removed unless it’s harming the brain by getting too close to certain areas.. brain surgery has a high risk of infection

  6. I am sure she did weigh the pros and cons about surgery for the benign tumor. Surprise that she did not reinvestigate the surgery nowadays due to the many advancements in cranial and brain surgeries. I guess Rosamund’s thinking is “if the medication is keeping her situstion under control, there is no need to risk the effort of surgery”. Fear of dying now versus later may have an impact on her decision.

    1. Considering the location of the pituitary gland (somewhere buried right smack near the center of the brain, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack and threading it blindfolded), most people would not opt for surgery, especially since “complete” tumor removal is extremely difficult.

      1. I hear that it is now possible to trigger the immune system to attack cancer cells. Not sure how advanced research in this arena has gotten nowadays. Maybe it’s in its infancy and needs much improvement?

    2. Seeing that Rosamund is enjoying such a high quality of life (not just monies but ability to enjoy life), I’d say good for her. Pretty sure she keeps up with her medical check ups. Sometimes death is not the only risk, there are also many potential medical complications.
      My mum had a tumour removed from her pituitary gland in ’92. We were told she’ll be discharged from the hospital in 7 days but she developed what the doctors suspect was a stroke during surgery and ended up 5 MONTHS in hospital. She’s on 2 types of hormone and a anti-epilepsy tablets for life.

  7. Why can’t we see anymore beauties like her in thhe entertainment industry now?

    1. I agree, no more true beauties these days. Oh back in the day…..

    2. Agree. I’ve always like the celebrities like Cherrie Chung, Rosamund Kwan for example. The younger celebrities, hmm some of them are pretty too but I’m not sure whether those were natural beauty or they went through the knife.

      1. I agree with you @Bloom. Very well said.

        A lot of the celebs nowadays are all plastic dolls, and I am speaking about both men and women.

        Rosamund Kwan is classy, self assured, confident , graceful and is a timeless beauty. No wonder she was the love of Andy Lau’s life.

        For a woman who has been through such a physical, mental and emotionally medical ordeal, Rosamund still looks gorgeous, vibrant and youthful. God speed with a full recovery to you Rosamund.

  8. She is lucky that the location of her tumor is not close to her eyes – if that is the case. Someone in my family had the same tumor and it was located right at the center, behind his forehead. The doctor said it was eventually affecting his vision. It didn’t happen yet and he passed away due to another illness/old age. Best wishes to her.

    1. The pituitary gland is right above the optic chiasm where the optic nerves cross in the head. Some pituitary adenomas can compress on both nerves and cause blindness in both eyes.

    2. @J.H

      So sorry to hear about your relative passing. It is still hard and sad to lose a loved one, even if it is old age.

      1. @J.H.

        A bit off topic but there are three more episodes of My Pig Lady out, up to episode 8 now on.

      2. Hi Trini:

        You are very sweet. Thank you. Yes, It’s never easy to lose someone that we love. I didn’t know that you didn’t have this information about the “My Pig Lady” drama – someone shared this link that you can watch it until episode 20 now. What do you think about the drama so far? It’s only ok to me. I love to watch Ady An & Mike He and that’s why I’m watching it. 🙂

  9. @J.H

    Thank you so much. I already watched up to episode 13.

    What do I think?. It is okay so far. I just wish Mike could get the role of a lifetime where he could go deep within himself and give a golden performance. He is getting so many fluff roles, and never gets a chance to really challenge himself and his acting capabilities. He had that in Sunny Happiness and has not had such a role before or since.

    Mike He needs roles where viewers can look beyond his handsome face.

    1. That’s great. For some reason, there is a problem with episodes 21 and up with Maplel’s link. I guess we have to wait for viki to upload the rest of those episodes. Yes, I really like him in “Sunny Happiness” and you are right that they need to give more challenging roles. I also like him with Janine Chang. I’m in U.S.A. Are you in North America or Asia? You have a great day. 🙂

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