Rosamund Kwan Releases Statement: “I Do Not Have Cancer”

Retired Hong Kong film actress Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) released a statement to clarify a false media report claiming that she lived with a brain tumor in the last 20 years.

The report claimed that the 51-year-old had been suffering from a small tumor in her pituitary gland for the last 20 years. The report stated that Rosamund discovered the benign tumor in 1994 at 32 years old and has been taking medication to control it ever since. The alleged state of her health condition was discovered after Rosamund was spotted seeing an oncologist.

On September 9, Rosamund clarified that she does not have a brain tumor and only received a teeth cleaning at a dental office. She was puzzled as to how claims of her brain tumor came about.

Despite her clarification, initial news about Rosamund’s tumor continued to spread. On September 17, Rosamund released a statement to clear any misunderstandings regarding her health situation. “Recently, reports claiming that I have cancer have been surfacing online, WeChat, and other social media sites. It is entirely false. I am well; I do not have cancer. I hope the media will immediately stop reporting this false information. Otherwise, I will reserve the right to pursue legal action. This is of great annoyance to me. I am thankful for everyone’s concerns at this time.”

Source: Ming Pao

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    1. If I’m not wrong, tumor just means an abnormal mass of tissue which can be benign or malignant. If it’s malignant, it’s called cancer.

      1. cancer, cyst and tumor are the same, is only another way to say it. but whether the tumor/cancer is malignant (which is cancerous) or benign made the difference.
        Normally in some other Asia country, they said benign as tumor, and malignant as cancer.

  1. What did she do to her face??? Her cheeks look like chipmunk cheeks and her chin looks like a man’s. Why did she even see the need to do anything to her face? She was so beautiful before. Now she looks like Joan Rivers.

    1. the comments would be ‘she looks so old!” and other nasty remarks if she allowed herself to grow old naturally with wrinkles and laugh lines.

  2. is the angle of how the picture is taken.. at angle it look fat, or short or like her very round high cheek…

  3. I wont deny the fact that her face looks a little stiff, but overall she still looks okay.

    1. Yeah, she looks fine to me too. What do you expect for a 50 year? She can’t be forever young. She looks great for her age. Those who criticize her look should do it again when you guys reach her age.

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