“Rosy Business 3” to Begin Filming in March 2013

It is official. Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄> will now become a trilogy! 

While being interviewed for the StarHub TVB Awards in Singapore, two-time TV King, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), revealed that he will begin filming for the third installment of the highly successful Rosy Business franchise in March 2013. 

The 48-year-old Best Actor told the Singapore media, “I trust my company’s arrangements. I also trust Lee Tim Sing (李添勝). He said he wanted to make Rosy Business 3, and I just cannot say no to him!” 

Wayne hopes that Rosy Business 3 will bring together the same cast and crew from the first two installments. However, Wayne’s Rosy Business partner and two-time Best Actress winner, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), has not agreed to film the drama yet. “Of course, I want to work with her again,” Wayne said. “But I don’t want to force her. I heard she still has some reservations. I cannot just call her and ask, ‘What is the problem?’” 

“Rosy Business 3” May Be a Modern Drama 

Wayne professed that he has not received the drama’s script yet, nor does he know what the drama will be about. He admitted, “All I know is that it will be different from the first two series.” 

The first Rosy Business took place in the Qing dynasty. The second installment, No Regrets <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情>, took place in the Republican era. Therefore, it is highly likely that the third installment will take place in modern times. Wayne also did not rule out the possibility that Rosy Business 3 will be a prequel to one of the previous two installments, but he highly dislikes the idea. 

“I really do not like prequels! Why a prequel? Prequels, sequels, midquels… all these ‘quels.’ I really do not like them! Every creator has their own perfect ending for their stories. Actors are also responsible for performing those characters to the end. Sequels and prequels are really not necessary!” 

Wayne Lai: “Acting is Part of My Life” 

Wayne has filmed more than 80 TV episodes this year. Although he believes that an acting career in the Hong Kong television industry is hard work, he does not regret his career choice at all. Acting has become a part of his life, and he enjoys the creative process of working on a drama or film immensely. 

“It’s not that I’m a workaholic, but acting has become a part of my life. Once I go home, my life gets boring.” 

Although Wayne has been in the industry for nearly 30 years, he has not met many close friends in the circle. Wayne’s closest friend in the circle is the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor winner, Sean Lau (劉青雲). “We’ve been friends for more than 20 years. We love acting, and we are both ‘house husbands.’ We go back home once we’re done with work. Although we are very busy all the time, we would still find time to have dinner or get a drink together once a month.” 

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. yay! i hope sheren will star in this… and hopefully they’ll have a good ending (finally).

  2. I know TVB is trying to milk as much money as possible from having more sequels produced but this series definitely deserves another installment to complete the trilogy. I really enjoyed the first 2 and would love to see Wayne and Sheren do another collaboration together.

    The only thing that I dislike is the idea of it being a modern day series. How many sequels have actually succeeded using the modern day concept in comparison to their ancient-based predecessors? For example the direct sequels to Wars of In-laws, Square Pegs and Virtues of Harmony? In my opinion, the originals were all better than their sequels, possibly because of their scripts but I generally just find the modern day version not as captivating and entertaining.

    1. I actual liked all the modern sequels you mentioned. haha. I think the main reason I would prefer a modern version is because they’ve already done ancient and pre-modern so I don’t want it to feel like a rehash.

    2. I agree and since they are at the verge of sinking ship, they are trying to milk as much as they can before the other companies release series. Boy,the cow has been milked dry and they try to keep in milking more and more until they get beef jerky…

      1. Me too…. But not sure that others like beef jerky as a result of overly milked ideas and series…

      2. TVB will diversify its business risk by starting a beef jerky factory, LOL

      3. That would be interesting and if they continue to milk like this then they will definately get a lot of beek jerky.

      4. Another possible venture for TVB is plastics consultancy as most of its artists can be considered as experts already, LOL

      5. Oh yea that is so true. In case they sink ship when it comes to making series.

    3. But if they can make the jump from Qing to pre-modern, then why wouldn’t they be able to jump to modern? I think ending with a modern series is a great way to bookend the trilogy.

      I think the RB series work, because they are actually unrelated, i.e. not actual sequels. They just bring together the same (similar) cast with a fresh story (due to the changed time period).

      Anyways. Hope they get Sheren. Contrary to popular belief, I do not think it’s Wayne who anchors the snows.

      1. I think Wayne owes a lot of his success to Sharen as well and hope that Sharen can make it… IF they do film it, I wish that they can come back even further in history like to the Tang or Song dynasty. That would be even better…

  3. Rosy Business shall cover all centuries I hope! I thought Lee Tim Shing retired?

    1. I think he was contemplating retirement earlier but maybe decided on completing the trilogy before his departure.

      1. Sometimes, when ones dream is not fulfilled yet, it is hard to let go. If Mr. Lee has energy to carry on, why not. Rosy Business and No Regrets under his leadership are loved by so many people around, I am sure the next installation will be applauded too. Really hope this one is exceptional well to have everyone’s wish come true. If Wayne & Sheren win again for this drama, it’s a breakthrough and a mission accomplished! Support fully!

      1. LOL I thought he said every year for the last 2-3 years.

  4. I hope it’ll be a modern drama! Love RB and NR so hoping the sequel will be just as good!

  5. Hey if there’s a sequel, will there be some of the cast from Bottled Passion in it? Since they’re BOTH produced by Lee Tim-Shing 🙂

    (hoping for Elaine Yiu)

    1. I like Elaine as well. Haven’t seen her in a series for a while.

      1. I don’t like Elaine Yiu and Natalie Tong, both are annoying

      2. Not Elaine Yiu as lead. She tends to squint and she has very bad posture. Not as ancient beauty. she lacks grace. Not Natalie Tong also. She speaks too loud.

      3. Elaine is not that bad.
        Does she squint or because her eyes are naturally the long, thin shape?
        And she has at least more ancient beauty than the 5 fadans.

      4. I watch King Maker , I dun find Elaine really pull out ancient aura or even ancient beauty.If compare her to current fadan I feel that Fala and Linda have that beauty in CBML compare Elaine and Tavia much more believable in Land of Wealth and most in her past ancient series.

    2. Elaine Yiu is quite good. She has the oriental beauty. Should cast her.

  6. I liked the first two, hope the third will be just as good.

  7. I think TVB loves to make sequel of every drama now days. Now all I am waiting for is them to announce WI to have a sequel too…

  8. It will not be the same if Sheren Tang is not the actress in it. I only watched it for Sheren Tang. I love her acting!

    1. I will be so sad if Sheren Tang is not in the series! Hope she will agree to it! It’s funny how Wayne Lai said he can’t just call her to ask why she has reservations about it! Haha!

  9. I doubt it will be set in modern times. Tim Gor has said multiple times that he dislikes doing modern series because of all the legal limitations of modern society. The last time he produced a modern series was in 2005 and of the past 20 dramas, only 2 were modern. Regardless what time its set in, I’m sure I will enjoy another collaboration between Wayne and Tim Gor (and hopefully Sheren).

  10. Looking forward to see Wayne n Sheren again if she do agree to film for TVB.

  11. I have always wondered about this… Did Sharen and Wayne’s character ever like each other in the “romantic way”?? I was always confused about that… My friend said that they were only close friends but I still felt like Wayne’s character did like Sharen in that way, but she was married… But we can tell that Sharen cared a lot about Wayne’s character. I guess she liked him like a friend/brother??? I can be wrong…

    1. I think they did. Their love wasn’t really the ‘passionate’ type, but more of something that grew out of mutual respect and companionship.

      On another note, I hope RB3 isn’t set in the modern era. For some reason I don’t find Sheren to be a good actress in modern series; she does much better in period dramas.

  12. I only wonder why Tim sir have to mention of retirement every year but end up with one more then one more then one more year?

  13. False news on Rosy Business 3. Lee Tim Sing is not producing RB3 next year. Instead, he will produced a series in February 2013. He is likely producing one series per year for TVB. Casting is still not yet announced.

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